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                                            Step back in time to 1895, some 30 years after the first pioneers arrived in Colorado. Come along as I travel Denver and some of the surrounding counties and learn about the people, places and events.

      My thanks to so many volunteers who over the years have presented their research in books, indexes, card files, microfilm and handwritten ledgers.  The surnames are many, as in 1895 the population of  the Denver area was 145,000.

      Name by name and line by line I have gotten to know these folks. My interest in different sources came from a wanting to know more about the people and events during this year. Each line item is a story in itself, from the dramatic mine disasters, to the deaths of young ones from fever, to the growth of a city. It was all in the newspapers, marriage certificates, death notices, including events outside the Denver area.

      Come back often as the list continues to grow and new sources are added. Perhaps you will find that elusive ancestor or a new source to search. Maybe a few might find out what great great grandpa or great great grandma did for a living.

      So, off we go, perhaps a quick stop at Herr’s Drug Store for wild cherry phosphate will be a good start to our trip.

 Happy Hunting!! 

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