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FrontPage MMC Snap-in

How the FrontPage MMC Snap-in Works with Different Web Servers

If you work with both Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and other Web servers  such as WebSite or Netscape you may be aware that the FrontPage MMC snap-in works differently with IIS 4.0 or later than it does with the other Web servers, including IIS 3.0.

IIS has a snap-in that snaps into the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The FrontPage MMC snap-in is constructed so that it snaps into the snap-in of IIS 4.0 or later. So if IIS is installed on a computer, then the FrontPage snap-in functionality will be fully integrated with that of IIS. If you have worked with the IIS MMC snap-in before, you may notice that some commands have been added to the Action and shortcut menus, and a Server Extensions property page has been added to the Properties sheet. The FrontPage MMC snap-in has added this new functionality. If there is overlapping functionality, the IIS command appears, not the FrontPage snap-in command. In the console tree, IIS lists all IIS web sites, both FrontPage-based Web sites as well as other Web sites.

If the FrontPage MMC snap-in is installed with a Web server other than IIS 4.0 or later, then its functionality will not be integrated with that of the Web server's; in fact, the Web server might not even have an MMC snap-in that adds its functionality to the console. In such a case, the console tree lists only FrontPage-based Web sites; it does not list all of the Web sites that are on the computer.

Sometimes, both IIS and other Web servers are installed on the same computer. In that case, you will see a top-level item for each Web server, with its Web sites listed below it. When you select a web that's on the IIS Web server and then display the shortcut menu, you see the IIS snap-in commands along with the FrontPage snap-in commands. When you select a web that's on the non-IIS Web server and then display the shortcut menu, the commands for administering the FrontPage Server Extensions are contributed by the FrontPage MMC snap-in only.


  Last Updated June 1999
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