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This study of the year 1895 is designed to be simple to use and bring sources to researchers that they might not otherwise know are available. The format of a listing is used so one might peruse the complete surname letter and possibly find a different spelling for an ancestor’s name. On occasion you will find names not in exact ALPA listing, as I prefer to manually include folks that are the same, but different spellings. I would also like to think the listing is interesting to read.



So many folks made themselves well known in the city, but there where those who lived and worked here that might not have made the history books, these are the folks I search for. The farmers, tradesmen, saloon keepers, the dressmaker, teachers, and the Mom's and Dad's of everyday life. (Even some of the scoundrels and criminals, they had families as well.)


The selection of 1895 was made with consideration of what was available for the surrounding years.  Colorado had a state census in 1885, and we know there is no 1890 census. The year 1895 sits comfortably between the 1885 State census and the 1900 Federal census. At this same time we acknowledge the researchers who have come before us in submitting this information without the aid of the Internet.



 Additional information is added as my own inquisitive nature kicks in, as well as a love of old newspapers. In learning different sources I found so many surname and family matches that the challenge was to match these sources and events and present them as “clues”.  My hope is that I have accomplished this thus far.


 Since all of my ancestors are back East, information is more difficult to obtain. Having no ancestors in Colorado, I thought this the best way to contribute to the search of others. I continue to add sources and names and events. I doubt the year will ever have every name, but I can try.  As you view new databases that come on line from other contributors, we can hope that this information will create more clues for further research.