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Excerpts of Vital Statistics Notices, Lists

And Selected General News Excerpts Appearing In

Denver And Surrounding Areas.


Newspapers, Post Offices, City & Business Directories, Cemetery Listings, Marriage Listings

Probate Indexes and Naturalization Records

For The Year




d/o=Daughter of                                  int=Interment location                         FN=Funeral Notice

s/o=Son of                                            Marr.=Married                                      ML=Marriage License

m/o=Mother of                                     f/o=Father of                                         dod=Date of death

Ob=Obit(brief)                                      Bp=Baptized                                         h/o=Husband of

D=Death notice                                    B=Born                                                  b/o=Brother of


                  RMN=Rocky Mountain News                                           DP=Denver Post                 


This information is provided free and may not be reproduced in any format for profit. All items have been transcribed and there are no electronic reproductions in this listing. The transcriber, prior to inclusion in this listing, has transcribed from source books, indexes,

microfilm, original ledgers and card files. When available, original source documents have been viewed as a verification of indexes.

Copyright © 2000 Rita’s Colorado Genealogy Clues




ABELL,                  E. L., to PRICE, S. E., (Mrs.), (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 11/13/1895

ABETT,                 Frank, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ABBETT,               George W., to LEIS, Emma M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/13/1895

ABBOTT,              Alonzo, (late of 17th St., Highlands, @ Weare, NH, on 12/26) RMN 12/29/1895 (D)

ABBOTT,              Elizabeth, d. 1895, (Leadville, Evergreen Cemetery Records 1879-1980

ABBOTT,              Glenra, (displays art work @ Artists Club)  DP 4/1/1895

ABBOTT,              John F., auspices of  I.O.O.F. DP 3/17/1895 (FN)

ABBOTT,              Mae R., to JOHNSON, Andrew B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

ABBOTT,              Stephen A., (app’td second asst. to City Attorney Seaman, made excellent record as criminal prosecutor) DP 1/5/1895

ABERNATHY,     Eddie, age 14 (reported missing from home, 1451 Platte St.) DP 3/2/1895

ABERNATHY,     Phillip, (claim of $1500 allowed in court) DP 4/8/1895

ABRAHAMSEN, Emma, to HANSEN, Carl Martin RMN 5/25/1895 (ML)

ABRAHAMSON,Emma, to HANSEN, Carl Martin, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/25/1895

ABRAHAMSON/RANSON, Tekla Maria, to PETERSON, John August, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/30/1895

ABEL,                    William M., (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ABENHEIMER,    Albert, (Abenheimer Bros., resides 2346 Welton) Denver City Directory

ABENHEIMER,    Adolph, (Abenheimer Bros., resides 315 23rd) Denver City Directory

ABENHEIMER,    BROS., (Albert & Adolph, whol tobacco, cigars and smokers articles) Denver City Directory

ABENHEIMER,    (sued by Claxton, District Court, case # 22?97, case called) RMN 10/22/1895

ABERNETHY,      F. C., (see *Frost, Albert Sheridan, adoption) Denver City & County Probate Index 3/5/1895

ABLING,                Edgar C. & Rose, (adoption, Harris, baby) Denver City & County Probate Index 1865-1895   4/16/1920

ACERS,                  Robert, age 25, int Fairmount Cemetery  9/19/1895

ACIERNO,             Michael, (arrested, attempt to murder Clyde Cassidente, so he can marry Gerardo Russo, asked by

                                step-mother of Gerardo to get rid of Clyde) RMN 6/6/1895

ACIERNO,             Michael, (sentenced 1 yr, penitentiary, laid in wait for Clyde Cassidente, fired 3 shots at him) RMN 9/29/1895

ACKELBEIN,        Fred, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Westcliff) Colorado Business Directory

ACKROYD,           Elsie May, d/o Ann & Elle of Weld Cnty, DP 1/18/1895 (FN)

ACME                    COAL MINE, (@ Louisville, miners won’t work until demands met) RMN 5/21/1895

ACME                    CONSOLIDATED GOLD MINING CO. (@El Paso Cnty, incorporates; B. E. McNaser, L. S. Harris, A.Y. Gunnell,

                                H. C. Hollister & J. K. Vanatta, capital $1,000,000) RMN 11/26/1895

ADAIR,                 Dora, to HOMSHER, Samuel E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/20/1895

ADAM,                 M., (real estate transfer from Fairmount Cemetery Assoc., $35) Denver Post 1/9/1895

ADAMS,               A. F., (listed under “Mining” @ Dunton) Colorado Business Directory

ADAMS,               Alonzo, (sued by John Frozer to enjoin transfer of account of $3,000 and recover $5,000) RMN 6/7/1895

ADAMS,               Alva, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ADAMS,               Arthur, (appt. as stenographer for Mayor McMurray) DP 4/9/1895

ADAMS,               Arthur R., (b. 1895, d. 1901, see *Adams, Lydia C., same plot) Morrison Cemetery Markings, Colorado

                                Genealogist Vol I 12/1939 #4

ADAMS,               Charles Partridge, (displays art work @ Artists Club) DP 4/1/1895

ADAMS,               Charles Partridge, (artist, 105 Kittredge Bldg, resides 1862 Emerson) Denver City Directory

ADAMS,               David A., (is  Street Commissioner at City of Highlands) Denver City  Directory          

ADAMS,               David, (carpenter, resides 2309 Inversness Av., Highlands) Denver City Directory

ADAMS,               Ella A., to KEMP, Jesse S., both of Morrison, (Witnesses: Nellie M. Kemp &

                                Joe Cruse), @ Confier, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 6/26/1895

ADAMS,               F. M., (is listed under “Saloons “ @ Yuma) Colorado Business Directory

ADAMS,               Frank, (sued by Adolph Zang-Supreme Crt #3477-additional time granted)   DP 4/20/1895

ADAMS,               James, (arrested & fined drunk & disorderly) DP 4/9/1895

ADAMS,               J. C., (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ADAMS,               J. F., (Miss), (is chosen as a teacher in Georgetown for 1895) RMN 6/5/1895

ADAMS,               J. P., (sues Wm. K. Burchinell & First Natl Bank of Ft. Collins, took his property, 800 sheep, 60 tons alfalfa, on

                                Deed of Trust, and Sheriff Burchinell refuses to return) DP 1/5/1895

ADAMS,               J. T., (laborer, resides 752 S. Water St.) Denver City Directory

ADAMS,               Lydia C., (b. 1874, d. 1895, in plot w/ Franklin W., b. 1865) Morrision Cemetery Markings, Colorado

Genealogist, Vol I, 12/1939, #4

ADAMS,               Marguerite Sharp, (b. Liverpool, England, 1895-1933, buried next to Samuel Adams) Golden Cemetery Records

ADAMS,               Marguerite, (is on mail waiting delivery list-Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ADAMS,               Matt, (is Clerk-Denver District Court) Denver City Directory

ADAMS,               Matt, (clerk district Court, resides 1640 13th Av. E.) Denver City Directory

ADAMS,               Meent, to BRECKER, Matilda, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 9/26/1895

ADAMS,               R. F., (Dr.), 82 yrs, (@ St. Luke’s Hospital) RMN 9/30/1895 (D)

ADAMS,               Richard F., (physician, 1829 Welton) Denver City Directory

ADAMS,               Robert Stanley, to BRADLEY, Emma F.F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) @ Jefferson Cnty 12/8/1895

ADAMS,               Samuel B., (Cpl 469 Trans Corp, WWI, b. 1/5/1895-d. 9/15/1947, buried with Marguerite Sharp Adams,)

                                Golden Cemetery Records

ADAMS,               Thomas L., (T. L. & J. T. Adams & Co., resides 751 S. Water) Denver City Directory

ADAMS,               T. L. & Co., (advertises 5 room cottage on car line $1100) DP 4/13/1895

ADAMS,               Walter Fisk, to WOOD, Olive Tressine, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/14/1895

ADAMS,               Wilbur Fisk, (sec & treas. Adams Sartorial Art Co., boards Brown Palace Hotel) Denver City Directory

ADAMS,               W. F., (of Alamosa, appt'd to cattle board) DP 4/3/1895

ADAMSON,         Daniel P., (wife-see*Adamson, Stella) RMN 2/17/1895 (D)

ADAMSON,         Daniel P., (Miller & Adamson-resides Gumry Hotel) Denver City Directory

ADAMSON,         Ida I., to CUMMINGS, Edgar F., (Boulder County Marriages) 12/23/1895

ADAMSON,         O. E., (is Mayor of the Town of Barnum) Denver City Directory

ADAMSON,         Oram E., (produce com. mer, resides Wells nr Bates, Villa Park) Denver city Directory

ADAMSON,         Stella, age 18, w/o Daniel P., dod 2/16/1895, 1408 Adams St. RMN 2/17/1895 (D)

ADAMSON,         Stella, age 19, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/18/1895

ADDIE,                  W. J., (listed under “Saloons” @ 228 16th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ADLERS,               Edwin C., age 24/365 int Fairmount Cemetery 12/9/1895

ADOLPHSON       & PETERSON, (listed under “Saloons” @ Silverton) Colorado Business Directory

ADONEY,              Jude, (@ Colo. Spgs.-injured jumping from train) DP 4/15/1895

AFFOLTER,          Frederick, (RCC # 72589, File # 194) Probate Records Index-Boulder Cnty, Colorado State Archives 1895

AFFOLTER,          Frederick, (age 63, heart disease, h/o Elizabeth) Boulder Cnty Deaths 6/17/1895

AFFOLTER,          Joseph, (works Colo Ice & Storage, resides 329 Willow, Colfax) Denver City Directory

AFRO                     AMERICAN WORKINGMANS CLUB, (organized in 11th & 12th wards) RMN 6/6/1895

AGGERS,               Dora, Miss, (clerk County Assessor-resides 111 Fay) Denver City Directory

AGGERS,               ASSESSOR (app'ts 12 deputies to hand out 1895 tax blanks) DP 4/3/1895

AGGERS,               George L, (County Assessor-resides 111 Fay) Denver City Directory

AGNEW,               Alexander, (conductor City Cable Ry, rooms 13 King Block) Denver City Directory

AGNEW,               Alexander, to SMITH, Mamie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/26/1895

AGNEW,               John, age 40, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/2/1895

AHLERS,               Henry W., to FEULER, Carolie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/24/1895

AHLERS,               Henry, (roofer, C. H. Conner, 9th cor Wewatta) Denver City Directory

AHLSTROM,        Albert, 10/12, (Leadville, Evergreen Cemetery Records 1879-1980) 12/12/1895

AHLSTROM,        Andrew, (buried 5/14/1895, see *Ahlstrom, Lizzie Marie) Golden Cemetery Inscriptions &Records

AHLSTROM,        Lizzie Marie, (b. 3/26/1822, d. 5/11/1896, buried w/Andrew Ahlstrom he was int 5/14/1895) Golden

                                Cemetery Inscriptions & Records

AIELLO,                Charles, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Trinidad) Colorado Business Directory

AIKENS,                Randall P., to REES, Stella W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/17/1895

AIMO,                   D., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Ouray) Colorado Business Directory

AINSWORTH,     Lewis, @ Magnolia, age 72, son arriving, (Boulder Cnty Deaths) 3/4/1895

AIRY,                     James P. (vs the People-@ La Plata Cnty-Supreme Crt sustains) DP 4/20/1895

AKERS,                 Mary Elizabeth, to WEIDMAN, Emile, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 12/28/1895

AKIN,                    Annette, to ELLIS, William E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/1/1895

ALBEE,                  Mrs., (with daughter Mrs. S. A. Griffin, gives reception @ Boulder) RMN 6/8/1895

ALBERT,               H., (arrested for careless driving, accident w/Mary E. Wallace, her buggy destroyed wants damages) DP 7/6/1895

ALBERTSON,       Nathan D., (resides 1330 Glenarm) Denver City Directory

ALBERTSON,       Nathaniel, (RCC 37428, Case #32) Probate Records Index-Gilpin Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1861-1865

ALBI,                     John, (P. Albi & Co.-resides 2051 Delgany) Denver City Directory

ALBI,                     Giovani, (editor of Italian paper-chgd with criminal libel) DP 4/27/1895

ALBI,                     P. & Co., (P. and J. Albi-grocers-2051 Delgany) Denver City Directory

ALBI,                     Pasquala A., (F. Mazza & Co.-resides 414 Gerspack av.) Denver City Directory

ALBI,                     Peter, (Italy-Declaration of Intent to becaome a citizen-Arap. Cnty Court)   2/23/1895

ALBI,                     Pietro, (P. Albi & Co.-resides 2051 Delgany) Denver City Directory

ALBI,                     Vincenzo, (displays art work @ Artists Club) DP 4/1/1895

ALBI,                     Vincenzo, (private, see Italian Consul, 5 Pioneer Bldg) Denver City   Directory

ALBRIGHT,          S., (Mrs.), (real estate transfer to F. H. Randall, $300) RMN 7/19/1895

ALCORN,              Bassett, (Mrs.), (@ Montrose, elected treasurer, Colorado Rebekah assembly) RMN 10//18/1895

ALDERFER,          Jacob D., (vegetables-resides 602 S. 9th) Denver City Directory

ALDERFER,          Wilbur, Jr., et al (Probate #3810-Jacob Alderfer-guardian) 1/7/1895       

ALDERSON,         Thomas, (age 71, @ home 1724 S. Pennsylvania, from Cameron Memorial Methodist Church) RMN 12/18/1895 (D)

ALDERSON,         Thomas, age 71, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/19/1895

ALDERSON,         Jennie, Mrs., (resides 2046 Jay) Denver City Directory

ALDGRIN,             John, (dies in premature blast, @ Lake Cnty, LaPlata Mine) Colorado Pre 1963 Mining Fatalities 3/15/1896

ALDINGER,          Gottlob, to STECKER, Carrie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/27/1895

ALDRICH,             Harry L., to WITKOWSKI, Florence E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

ALDRICH,             Harry L., (loans, 626 Mining Exhg. Bldg, resides 1358 Gilpin) Denver City  Directory

ALDRICH,             Henry J., (loans, 626 Mining Exhg. Bldg, resides 1358 Gilpin) Denver City  Directory

ALDRICH,             John N., to DRAKE, Clara S., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/25/1895

ALDRICH,             Milly O., to KEACH, Elmer E., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 10/7/1895

ALEN,                    Charles, (@Trinidad, is shot & almost killed instantly by Pete Baca & Leandro Martinez, fight over a woman, both

                                men have fled to the mountains, posse is in pursuit) DP 7/8/1895

ALEXANDER,      A., @ Alma, (face and feet frostbiten crossing Mosquito range) DP 3/19/1895

ALEXANDER,      Angeline, to HORN, Henry, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages)  9/17/1895

ALEXANDER,      Charles, (reinstated as patrolman) DP 4/16/1895

ALEXANDER,      Charles, (at Nashville, TN, lived in Boulder) Boulder Cnty Deaths 3/13/1895

ALEXANDER,      James M., to PEEK, Emma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages)  8/1/1895

ALEXANDER,      J. H., (see *Durango Pressed Brick Co., Durango) RMN 11/26/1895

ALEXANDER,      Joseph, age 50, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/19/1895

ALGER,                  Frances, (Miss), , (is on mail waiting delivery list-Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ALHAMBRA       (to reach by stage, 14 miles-1 1/2 hrs-advertisement) RMN 3/4/1895

ALKRE,                 Etha, to McCLELLAND, William Frank, (Araphoe Cnty Marriages) 9/3/1895

ALIAS,                  David P., (complaint that Jennie Swabbe stole $20 from him, unfounded allegation-he pays )  DP 4/9/1895

ALL                        SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH, (Rev. F. W. Oakes, Rector, Gray se cor Fairview Av.) Denver City Directory

ALLAN,                 Arlan, very suddenly, dod 3/23/1895, RMN 3/24/1895 (D)

ALLEBAUGH,      Cassius W., to KAY, Maude E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/31/1895

ALLEBAUGH,      C. W., (teacher, Central Business College, resides 846 Broadway) Denver City Directory

ALLEBAUGH,      Cassious W., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ALLEBAUGH,      Henry C., (Roach & Allenbaugh, resides 1211 Sante Fe Av.) Denver City Directory

ALLEE,                  J. F., (representative of Pueblo, is registered at the Windsor) RMN 12/31/1894

ALLEN,                  Adam, (probate #3903-Robert C. Greenlee, Adm.) 4/17/1895 Denver County Probate Index

ALLEN,                  Byron P., (probate #4035-Mattie E. Allen, Adm.) 9/5/1895 Denver County Probate Index

ALLEN,                  Charles, (@ Trinidad, shot by Leandro Martinez, or Pete Baca, result of old grudge while in prison) RMN 7/9/1895

ALLEN,                  C. J., (rec'd building permit-$500) DP 4/20/1895

ALLEN,                  Cora M., , (is on mail waiting delivery list-Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ALLEN,                  Cristobel, (d/o G. E. & J. A., buried 12/9/1894) Colorado Genealogist-Arvada Cemetery Markings,

Vol I, 11/1939, #2,3,4

ALLEN,                  Denny H., (Denver City Clerk) Officials of Denver and COLO. 1858-1933

ALLEN,                  Denny H., (City Clerk, City Hall, resides 217 S. Clarkson) Denver City Directory

ALLEN,                  Eliza, (age 34 @ Milwaukee, former Denver music school owner, commits suicide after several attempts) RMN 7/8/1895

ALLEN,                  Elizabeth C., Mrs., (resides 3939 Market) Denver City Directory

ALLEN,                  Elizabeth C., age 56, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/10/1895

ALLEN,                  Elizabeth C., m/o Hettie M. Drummond, DP 3/9/1895 (D)

ALLEN,                  Elizabeth C., m/o Hettie M. Drummond, dod 3/7/1895, RMN 3/9/1895 (D)

ALLEN,                  Elizabeth C., "She Courted Death" (suicide) DP 3/9/1895

ALLEN,                  Elizabeth C., (Mrs.), int Fairmount, RMN 3/10/1895 (FN)

ALLEN,                  Elizabeth C., (in memory poem tribute by Lydia A Triggs) RMN 3/15/1895

ALLEN,                  Ethel, (takes part in Miss Dodd’s School commencement exercises) RMN 6/6/1895

ALLEN,                  Frank P., (manager Joslin & Park, resides 841 Emmerson) Denver City  Directory

ALLEN,                  F. P.,(diamond appraiser suspects G. W. Kennedy of fraud) RMN 3/7/1895

ALLEN,                  George, (arrested w/James Charles Corbett-see *Corbett-making coins) RMN 5/20/1895

ALLEN,                  George B., (wife gives birth to 10 lb son) RMN 12/31/1894 (B)

ALLEN,                  George W., (judge District Court, Court House-resides 207 S. Broadway)  Denver City Directory

ALLEN,                  George W., (is Judge-Criminal Div. Denver District Court) Denver City   Directory

ALLEN,                  George W., (is Judge-Denver District Court) Denver City Directory

ALLEN,                  George Worsley, Great Britain/Ireland - Oath/Naturalization, Jefferson Cnty

Naturalizations 1862-1920) 2/8/1895

ALLEN,                  Harry C., (app'td as patrolman) DP 4/16/1895

ALLEN,                  Harry C., (clerk Hammond Jackson Coal & Feed Co., rooms Wesley Apartments) Denver City Directory

ALLEN,                  Harry Julian, to MAINE, Orie E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/16/1895

ALLEN,                  H. B., (listed under “Saloons” @ Anaconda) Colorado Business Directory

ALLEN,                  H. Julian, (manager, Colo Esculent Mfg Co., resides 1023 9th Av. W.) Denver City Directory

ALLEN,                  Hattie, (Mrs.) (supposed to be deranged-escapes from friends,  age 30, dark complexion) DP 4/2/1895

ALLEN,                  James G., age 4/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/28/1895

ALLEN,                  John, (Great Britain/Ireland-Declaration of Intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe Cnty Court) 2/25/1895

ALLEN,                  John T., to SEIM, Minnie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/1/1895

ALLEN,                  Laura, (performs @ Crittenton reception) DP 4/1/1895

ALLEN,                  Lee, age 32, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/6/1895

ALLEN,                  Nancy B., (Mrs.), m/o Mrs. C.M. Carrier, grandmother of Mrs. E. S. Worrell DP 4/27/1895 (D)

ALLEN,                  Nancy B., (resides 2244 Williams) Denver City Directory

ALLEN,                  Oscar, (testifies in Albert McLain case) DP 4/5/1895

ALLEN,                  Rhoda A., (Mrs.) @ Hannibal, MO., 2/1/1895, m/o C. P., int Denver  RMN 2/3/1895 (D)

ALLEN,                  R. A., (Mrs.) (from residence of son C. P., 616 Saguache St., Highlands) DP 2/6/1895 (FN)

ALLEN,                  Sadie, , (is on mail waiting delivery list-Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ALLEN,                  S. S., age 38, int Fairmount Cemetery, DP 2/11/1895 (D)

ALLEN,                  S. S., age 38, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/11/1895

ALLEN,                  Sylvanus S., (messenger Pacific Express, resides 900 S 10th) Denver City   Directory

ALLEN,                  T. P., (suspect in store robbery-shots fired) DP 4/8/1895

ALLEN,                  Walter A., (has $90 overcoat stolen by J. H.Harris @ Pueblo) DP 4/6/1895

ALLEN,                  W. F., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ALLEN,                  William H., age 25, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/31/1895

ALLENBY,            H., (is listed under Mining @ Creede (Town of), Colorado State Business Directory

ALLEY,                  Andrea, to HODGKINSON/HODGKINS, Clark B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages)   11/4/1895

ALLEY,                  Bessie, (is Valedictoria, at East Denver high school) RMN 4/2/1895

ALLGAIER,           John, (laborer, Grant Smelter-resides 32 Starr-Elyria) Denver City Directory

ALLGOIER,           John, to GLOTZ, A. Mary, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/16/1895

ALLISON,             Ed, (promotes concept of more African Americans on Denver Fire Dept.) RMN 3/24/1895

ALLISON,             Edward, (resides 1864 Lafayette) Denver City Directory

ALLISON,             Maud, (age 6, d/o Frank & Alta Allison, @ Hastings, Neb.) Boulder Cnty Deaths 1/16/1895

ALLOWAY,          Roy, to FONDA, Mabel, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/14/1895

ALLOWAY,          Roy, (baker, J. L. Sutor, 3423 Market) Denver City Directory

ALMQUIST,         Swan, (apoplexy, h/o Amanda, ch. Paul, Ellen Albert & Emil) (Swedish), Boulder Cnty Deaths 2/16/1895

ALPS,                     MINING CO. (incorporates w/ Mahr, Wm, Fleetwood, Jas. J. and Fulton, Wm.) RMN 3/7/1895

ALPS,                     Nellie A., to EVETT, Waverly W., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 9/18/1895

ALTFILSCH,         Josie, Miss, (hairdresser Medina Hair Goods Co, resides 1956 14th) Denver  City Directory

ALTFILSCH,         Peter, (harnessmaker-J. J. Wilson, resides 1956 14th) Denver City Directory

ALTFLISCH,         Josephine, (see *Moore, Geo. F. marriage witness) Jefferson Cnty 7/25/1895

ALTFLISCH,         Josephine, to LUDWIG, Henry F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/19//1895

ALMETER,           George F., (Arapahoe Cnty, pardon refused by board, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons) RMN 1/5/1895

ALSPAUGH,         G. W., (int. Alvarado Cemetery) page 167, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index  3/1895

ALSPAUGH,         James, child, (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 181, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 1/15/1896

ALTMAN,            Dora, et al (probate #5923-Rosa Altman, guardian) 5/17/1895

ALTMAN,            M. D., age 47, dod 3/6/1895, (of 2341 Clarkson) RMN 3/7/1895 (D)

ALTMAN,            M. D., age 47, RMN 3/8/1895 (FN)

ALTMAN,            Morris D., (age 45, see Obits page) DP 3/7/1895 (D)(Ob)

ALTMAN,            Morris D., (commercial travel, resides 2341 Clarkson) Denver City Directory

AMENT,                A. J., (listed under “Saloons”, 718 15th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ALUMBAUGH,    Oza E., (#20928, adoption, Rhea Henry) Denver City & County Probate Index 1865-1965 6/17/1917

AMERICUS          MINE,  (@ Central City, 14 men drown at Americus & Sleepy Hollow Mine on Fisk vein 8/29) RMN 8/30/1895

AMES,                   Baynard T., (lumber, Golden av. Colfax, resides 1020 Blvd, Highlands) Denver  City Directory

AMES,                   B. T., (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

AMES,                   Willard L., (Alderman 8th Ward-Denver) Officials of Denver & CO. 1858-1933

AMES,                   Willard L., (president-Arapahoe Paper, resides 3533 Franklin) Denver City   Directory

AMETER,              Mrs., m/o Jacob Ameter, (funeral notice from Illionis), Boulder Cnty Deaths 2/28/1895

AMMANN,          Lizzie, and BAUMGARTNER, Jacob, RMN 2/1/1895 (ML)

AMMANN,          Lizzie, to BAUMGARTNER, Jacob, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/4/1895

AMOS,                  A., (real estate transfer from L. W. Lloyd) RMN 4/2/1895

AMSDEN,             A. J., (Mrs.), (resides 2213 Logan Av.) Denver City Directory

AMSDEN,             Fannie M., to THOMPSON, Robert A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/23/1895

AMSDEN,             Fannie M., (Miss), (stenographer, W. Bayly, resides 2213 Logan Av.) Denver City Directory

AMSDEN,             Frank S., (student, resides 2213 Logan Av.) Denver City Directory

AMSTUTZ,          Daniel, (Switzerland-Declaration of Intent to become a  citizen-Arap. Cnty Court) 8/2/1895

AMTER,                Hattie, Miss, (music teacher-resides 2418 Champa) Denver City Directory

AMTER,                Hattie, age 23, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Marks Amter, RMN 3/30/1895 (FN)

AMTER,                Hattie, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Marks Amter, funeral Temple Emanual DP 4/2/1895 (FN)

AMTER,                Isidor, (boots & shoes, 2005 Larimer-resides 2418 Champa) Denver City   Directory

AMTER,                J. & Co., (J & M Amter-second hand harnesses-1950 Larimer) Denver City  Directory

AMTER,                J., (Mrs.), (J. Amter & Co.-resides 2418 Champa) Denver City Directory

AMTER,                Marks, (J. Amter & Co., resides 2418 Champa) Denver City Directory

AMY,                     Henry, (secures judgement against T. H. Lawrence $5711 notes) DP 4/22/1895

AMY,                     Henry W., (storeroom man-U P Ry-resides 3202 Madison) Denver City Directory

AMY,                     Jessie, (resides 3202 Madison) Denver City Directory

AMY,                     Levi, (teamster-resides 3202 Madison) Denver City Directory

ANDERSEN,         Marie A., to JEPSIN, Jep, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/9/1895

ANDERSON,        Allsworth, (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ANDERSON,        Amanda, (Mrs.), resides 13th sw cor Welton) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        Amanda, age 75, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/25/1895

ANDERSON,        Andrew, (listed under “Saloons” @ Central City) Colorado Business Directory

ANDERSON,        Ann, w/o Charles Anderson, dod 1/22/1895, from residence 832 E. Colfax, DP 1/24/1895 (D)

ANDERSON,        Ann, age 62, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/24/1895

ANDERSON,        Anna, to JOHNSON, Oscar O., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/10/1895

ANDERSON,        Anna, to CULLER, Charles M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/27/1895

ANDERSON,        Anna Louise, to ANDERSON, Franz August, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/9/1895

ANDERSON,        Augusta, (Miss), (resides rear 1215 12th) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        Augusta, to PERSSON, John,  (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/1/1895

ANDERSON,        A. W., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ANDERSON,        Bennie, s/o B. F. and Mary Anderson, RMN 3/4/1895 (FN)

ANDERSON,        Bennie, s/o B. F. and Mary Anderson, DP 3/4/1895 (FN)

ANDERSON,        Bennie, s/o B. F. and Mary Anderson, DP 3/6/1895 (FN)

ANDERSON         & BERGLUND, (E. W. Anderson & H. Berglund, saloon, 2041 Larimer) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        C. (real estate purchase from Fairmount Cemetery-$225) DP 4/19/1895

ANDERSON,        Charles, of Cripple Crk. and TODD, Mary A., RMN 4/4/1895 (ML)

ANDERSON,        Charles E., ("buncoined-flim flamed" out of 50 cents by Frank Moore)   DP 4/6/1895

ANDERSON,        Chrest, 34 yrs, (Leadville’s Evergreen Cemetery Records 1879-1980) 11/12/1895

ANDERSON,        Clara A., (files divorce from Wm. H., chgs drunkard, abusive, married 1887 in Mo.) DP 4/27/1895

ANDERSON,        C. S., (Mrs.), (@ home of W. H. Coe, 1435 Clarkson, asphyxiation by gas, investigated, nothing missing) RMN 9/29/1895

ANDERSON,        David, to PETERSON, Josie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/2/1895a

ANDERSON,        Emanuel, to CARLSON, Alma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/28/1895

ANDERSON,        Emma A., to DEVINE, Charles W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/23/1895

ANDERSON,        Emma C., to DAHLSTROM, Charles F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/19/1895

ANDERSON,        Erik, to NILSON, Mathina, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/30/1895

ANDERSON,        Emil W., (see *Anderson & Berglund, resides 2739 Market St.) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        E. W., dod 2/2/1895 (typhoid fever, 2739 Market St., auspices of Linne Lodge 63, K of P.) RMN 2/3/1895 (FN)

ANDERSON,        E. W., age 38, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/7/1895

ANDERSON,        Frank, (rec'd contract to erect temp. bridge at Lincoln ave) DP 4/4/1895

ANDERSON,        Franz August, to ANDERSON, Anna Louise, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/9/1895

ANDERSON,        Fredrick, to SIZER, Evaline, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 12/28/1895

ANDERSON,        George, to TODD, Mary H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/3/1895

ANDERSON,        Gus, (@ Cripple Crk. injured in fall @ Jack Pot Mine)DP 4/11/1895

ANDERSON,        Gustave A., (coachman bet Woodbury & 2nd-Highlands) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        Gustave A., to MONSON, Baugta, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/27/1895

ANDERSON,        Helma, to CHASE, Solon, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/25/1895

ANDERSON,        Helma, of Pueblo, to CHASE, Solon, of Denver, by Rev. T. A. Uzzell RMN 10/30/1895 (Marr.)

ANDERSON,        Herbert G., to NEXSEN, Genevieve H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriage) 2/27/1895

ANDERSON,        Herbert, (weaver, boards 338 S. 9th-Manchester) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        Hilda Marietty, to LARSON, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/26/1895

ANDERSON,        Hilma, to OLSON, Andy, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/31/1895

ANDERSON,        Horace G., to YOUNKIN, Lulu, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/6/1895

ANDERSON,        Ida J., to DINGMAN, Manly M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/8/1895

ANDERSON,        Ida Maria, (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

ANDERSON,        J., (listed under “Mining” @ Lamartine) Colorado Business Directory

ANDERSON,        James W., (of apoplexy) RMN 4/16/1895 (D)

ANDERSON,        James W., DP 4/16/1895 (D)

ANDERSON,        J. W., ( social by Co. E. First reg. infantry C.N.G. cancel-due to his  death) DP 4/15/1895

ANDERSON,        J. W., (General), (vet of Civil War, age 55, apoplexy) RMN 4/15/1895 (D)

ANDERSON,        Johanna, of Spokane, WA, to MINDLE, Wm. A., of Abingdon, VA,  @ Golden,  Jefferson Cnty

Marriages Vol II 2/21/1895

ANDERSON,        John, (RCC #43112, Case # 2-070 & 2-094) Probate Records Index-Clear Creek Cnty, Colorado State Archives 1895

ANDERSON,        John A., to OLESON, Hannah Sophie, (Arap. Cnty Marriage) 4/20/1895

ANDERSON,        John K., age 3, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/21/1895

ANDERSON,        John M., Sweden-Oath/Naturalization, (Jefferson County Naturalizatiion  Records) 10/5/1895

ANDERSON,        J. S., (is Trustee of Town of Argo) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        Jugeborg , (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ANDERSON,        Kate, (Mrs.), (dressmaker, resides 778 S. 11th) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        Kate, to ROGERS, John A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/8/1895

ANDERSON,        Lewis, age 42, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/8/1895

ANDERSON,        Louisa, to NICHOLL, John J., (both of Denver), (Witnesses: J. C. Wells &  Alex Kerr),

                                Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 10/26/1895

ANDERSON         & LUEDERS, (see *Lueders & Anderson) Colorado Business Directory

ANDERSON,        Luella C., to SALMON, Hedley, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/22/1895

ANDERSON,        Mary, to STROBERG, John, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 4/10/1895

ANDERSON,        Mary, to KILLENG, Olaf, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 3/9/1895

ANDERSON,        Mary, to NELSON, Hans, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/4/1895

ANDERSON,        Mary E., int Fairmount Cemetery 7/13/1895

ANDERSON,        Mathilda  C., to LARSON, Oscar C. RMN 6/2/1895 (ML)

ANDERSON,        Mathilda Christina, to LARSON, Oscar Linus, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages)  6/3/1895

ANDERSON,        Mildred, to HEDDEN, John M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

ANDERSON,        Mitchell, (w/Oscar Miller-brought from MO.- chgd w/ stealing 80 horses @  LaJunta) DP 4/15/1895

ANDERSON,        Mitchell, (w/Oscar Miller-@ LaJunta-on trial for stealing 4 carloads  of horses) DP 4/27/1895

ANDERSON,        Nellie, (see *Fairchild, Ezra A. & Margaret-adoption Probate # 5008) Denver City & County Probate Index 3/7/1898

ANDERSON,        Nelson, (@Leadville-attempted murder, August Nordstrom-claims he was intimate with his wife-jailed) DP 3/25/1895

ANDERSON,        Nelson, (@Leadville, convicted-assault to murder) DP 4/6/1895

ANDERSON,        Nelson, (sentnced to 14 yrs @ Leadville, attempted murder of August  Nordstrom) DP 4/8/1895

ANDERSON,        Nils Peter, Sweden/Norway, Declaration of Intent, (Boulder Naturalization- District Court) 3/23/1895        

ANDERSON,        Otilia, to CARLSON, Solomon L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/5/1895

ANDERSON,        Otto Wilhelm, to SUNDGREN, Emma (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 4/28/1895

ANDERSON,        Otto Wilhelm, (of Niwot), to LUNDGREN, Emma, (of Longmont), (in Ryssby 8/28/1895), Boulder

                                Cnty News abstracts 9/4/1895

ANDERSON,        Peter E., to OLINE/OLIVE, Hilma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/4/1895

ANDERSON         & PETERSON, (see *Peterson & Anderson) Colorado Business Directory

ANDERSON,        Presley, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ANDERSON,        Swan,  43 yrs, (Leadville’s Evergreen Cemetery, 1879-1980) 6/20/1895

ANDERSON,        Victor, (is Marshal for Town of Argo) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        Victor L., (sampler, Argo Smelter, resides Argo) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        Walter E.,  age 4, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/26/1895

ANDERSON,        W. H., 65 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 12/11/1895

ANDERSON,        (child), William, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/26/1895

ANDERSON,        William H., (chgd in divorce by Clara A., drunkard & abusive-marr. 1887 in MO.) DP 4/27/1895

ANDERSON,        William W., (lawyer, 7 to 10, 1631 Curtis, resides 1108 Highland Av., Highlands) Denver City Directory

ANDERSON,        William W., (honorably acquitted of charges by Elizabeth Hart-claimed proceeds of notes not given to

                                her, court finds notes never delivered to Anderson from realtor) RMN 6/4/1895

ANDREWS,          Alice M., (sues Charles E. Hawkins - $200 notes) RMN 4/10/1895

ANDREWS,          A. H., (Mrs.) int Fairmount Cemetery 6/28/1895

ANDREWS,          A. H. & Co., (M. Hayken special agent 701 Equitable Bldg.) Denver City  Directory

ANDREWS,          J. B., (is Asst. Secretary of Denver & Rio Grande, honored) DP 4/3/1895

ANDREWS,          John B., (secretary to Pres. D & R G RR-rooms 205 20TH) Denver City   Directory

ANDREWS,          M. A., (chged w/ larceny as bailee, by Spencer & Sloan, pottery dealers, chgs the company w/conspiracy)

RMN 11/25/1895

ANDREWS,          Mary, to MARKINSON, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/25/1895

ANDREWS,          Mary, to MARKINSON, John, Boulder, RMN 11/26/1895 (ML)

ANDREWS,          W. L., age 60, w/o C. B. Andrews, 824 Homer, Highlands RMN 2/17/1895 (D)

ANDREWS,          Wealthy L., age 60, int @ Fairmount Cemetery 2/17/1895

ANDREWS,          child of W., still born, int Riverside Cemetery 11/20/1895

ANDRUSKY,        Anna, to CRAMER, Albert L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/17/1895

ANFENGER,         Emanuel, (resides 2230 Champa) Denver City Directory

ANFENGER,         Henry C., (stenographer D & R G Express-resides 2230 Champa) Denver City  Directory

ANFENGER,         Joseph, (resides 2900 Champa) Denver City Directory

ANFENGER,         L., (real estate trsf to F. Diana @ $675) RMN 2/6/1895

ANFENGER,         L., (real estate trsf to M. Schrowsky) DP 4/22/1895

ANFENGER,         L. & CO., (W.H. Stewart,G. Schirmer,D.S. Lehman-ins & loans) Denver City  Directory

ANFENGER,         Louis, (L. Anfenger & Co.,-resides 2900 Champa) Denver City Directory

ANFENGER,         Louis, (see *Filley, Bessie I., et al) Denver City & County Probate Index 4/9/1898

ANFENGER,         Louis E., Jr.,(bookkeeper-H.Z. Salomon, resides 2230 Champa) Denver City  Directory

ANFENGER,         Milton L., (student-resides 2900 Champa) Denver City Directory

ANGERMAN,       Ferdinand, to GRAFF, Lydia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/24/1895

ANGIUM,              John, (advertises "steel & penny royal pills $1, sent by mail) RMN 4/9/1895

ANGLUM,             John, (druggist-1401 15th, resides 1312 Champa) Denver City Directory

ANGLEBARGER, Rev., (pastor of Seventh Day Adventists , @ Alamosa, dedicates new church bldg) RMN 1/8/1895

ANHEUSER          BUSCH, (listed under “Saloons” @ Cripple Creek) Colorado Business Directory

ANSON,                (young man swears out warrant against "flimflammers", is threatened)  RMN 4/10/1895

ANSTEEL,             Frank, age 53, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/12/1895

ANTHONY,          George, (Sheriff @ Pueblo-house burglarized by  Bert Jones & Jas. McMahon -sentenced 5 ½ yrs) RMN 5/23/1895

ANTIOCH             BAPTIST CHURCH, (Africian American-Wazee, cor 23rd, Rev. E. D. Davis, Pastor) Denver City Directory

ANTRAM,            E. M., (Mr. & Mrs.) (entertained Sigma Alpha fraternity) DP 4/12/1895

ANTRIM,              Euguene M., (student-resides 804 Clarkson) Denver City Directory

APP,                       Emma C., to DIXHEIMER, William J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

APP,                       Emma, Miss, (printer-resides 644 Clear Creek av.) Denver City Directory

APP,                       Gotfried, (flagman City Cable Ry, resides 644 Clear Creek av.) Denver City Directory

APP,                       John, (printer-resides 644 Clear Creek av.) Denver City Directory

APP,                       Oliver O., (printer-resides 644 Clear Creek av.) Denver City Directory

APP,                       STOTT PRINTING, (Jere B. Stott, pres, P. W. Capron sec-1633 Arapahoe) Denver City Directory

APPAL,                 Amy, (child-attends costume ball-Feast of Purim) RMN 3/11/1895

APPEL,                  Charles H., (arrested for beating hotel bill) DP 4/4/1895

APPEL,                  Charles H., (arrested for "flimfam" operations) RMN 4/4/1895

APPEL,                  Charles H., (charged with false pretenses and circulating indecent  literature) RMN 4/5/1895

APPEL,                  Charles H., (worked row to publish vile book) DP 4/5/1895

APPEL,                  Charles H., (description of court room trial) DP 4/6/1895

APPEL,                  Charles H., (& A. C. Louderback on trial today) DP 4/8/1895

APPEL,                  Charles H., (fined $10 plus court costs) DP 4/9/1895

APPEL,                  Herman, (b. 6/16/1879, Chechenowitz, arriv. 1895/N.Y.,) NatualizationRecords of Immigrants

from Russia in Colorado, Vol I.

APPEL,                  I. M., (& family, attend costume ball-Feast of Purim) RMN 3/11/1895

APPEL,                  Israel A., (Treas.-Appel Clothing, resides 924 th) Denver City Directory

APPEL,                  Jacob S., (gen'l mgr Appel Clothing, resides 800 Colfax) Denver City  Directory

APPEL,                  J. S., (appointed by gov. to Board of charities) DP 3/26/1895

APPEL,                  Leslie, (child-attends costume ball-Feast of Purim) RMN 3/11/1895

APPEL,                  Louise, (child-attends costume ball-Feast of Purim) RMN 3/11/1895

APPEL,                  M. S., (Pres. Appel Clothing, resides 1349 California) Denver City Directory

APPEL,                  Simon, (with Appel Clothing, resides Metropole Hotel) Denver City Directory

APPEL,                  Walter, (child-attends costume ball-Feast of Purim) RMN 3/11/1895

APPELBAUM,     Harry Louis, (b. 7/18/1883, Grodno, Russia, Poland-arriv. 7/18/1895 NY) Naturalization Records of Immigrants

From Russia in Colorado, Vol I.

APPELQUIST,      Bertha Emelia (Sweden/Norway-Declaration of Intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe Cnty Crt.) 11/21/1895

APPLE,                  Edwin, et al (probate #4013-Kate Apple, adm, gdn) 8/13/1895 Denver Probate Court Index

APTED,                 Arthur E., (messenger-Pacific Exchg-reside 752 1st Ave) Denver City  Directory

APTED,                 Eugene A., and MITCHELL, Martha RMN 6/25/1895 (ML)

APTED/APET,     Eugene A., to MITCHELL, Martha, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/26/1895

APTED,                 Eugene A., (truckman-Union Depot-resides 2551 16th) Denver City Directory

APTED,                 James F., (news agent-Barkalow Bros.-resides 2551 16th)Denver City Directory

APTED,                 John K., (messenger Pacific Exchg-resides 2551 16th) Denver City Directory

ARAPAHOE         COUNTY COURT, (meets first Monday-Jan-Mar-May-Jul-Sep-Nov), Denver  City Directory

ARAPAHOE         COUNTY HOSPITAL, (Dr. M. H. Mack, physician, Wm. Clark, Supt.) Denver City Directory

ARATA,                Annie, (Mrs.), (resides 1543 Wewatta) Denver City Directory

ARATA,                Annie, (Mrs.)., (Arguments are being made for the probation of the late Mrs. Anna Arata) DP 1/5/1895

ARATA,                Catherine, (case of validity of will, court issues decision, she was mother of Daniel Arata, hung by mob, 1893,

                                see News Article page) RMN 1/8/1895

ARCHER,              Frank, dod 1/1/1895 at Zellwood, FL., DP 1/3/1895 (FN)

ARCHER,              George W., (Dr.), (see Watson, Dr. David S. @ Telluride) RMN 1/14/1895

ARCHER,              Harry, (El Paso Cnty, pardon refused by board, application not approved by trial judge or Dist. Atty.,

see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons) RMN 1/5/1895

ARCHIBALD,       H. S., int Fairmount Cemetery 7/16/1895

ARCHIBALD,       Ann, age 82, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/29/1895

ARCHULETA,      J. M., Jr., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pagosa Springs) Colorado Business Directory

ARCHULETTO,   Toribio, (applies for pardon-Pueblo-5 yrs-October 1897, see Scoundrels page, *Pardons) RMN 6/4/1895

ARCHULETTO,   Toribio, (second timer-pardon denied-serving 5 yrs, from Pueblo, larceny) RMN 6/8/1895

ARDNER,              George, (listed under “Saloons”, 2523 19th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ARENDALE,         baby, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/27/1895

ARENDALE,         Dell R., to LOPER, Prudence R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/25/1895

ARENZ, H. H.,      (and family return from Los Angeles) RMN 5/5/1895

ARGALL,              (child of P.), int Fairmount Cemetery 2/18/1895

ARGALL,              Phillip, (mining engineer-resides 2700 Humbolt) Denver City Directory

ARGO                    METHODIST CHURCH, (nw cor Amanda, Argo) Denver City Directory

ARIANO,              Antonio, (applies for pardon-Huerfano-murder-life) DP 4/1/1895

ARIANO,              John, (applies for pardon-Huerfano-murder-life) DP 4/1/1895

ARKELL,               MacMILLIAN & STEWARD, (listed under mining @ Aspen) Colorado State Business Directory

ARKINS,               John, (Mrs.), (is Pres. of Foundlings’ & Orphans’ Home, at Denver) Colorado Business Directory (1896)

ARLINGTON        HOTEL, (@ Montrose-owner Mrs. E. H. Smith-precarious condition) RMN 5/9/1895

ARLINHEMER,    William, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ARMITAGE,         A. C., (Mrs.), (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

ARMOR,               E. M., (accused of assault on landlady at boarding house for non-payment of bill, see

Scoundrels page) RMN 5/29/1895

ARMSTRONG,     EX-POLICE CHIEF, (testifies he saw Milton Smith pull a gun on Boykin)  DP 3/25/1895

ARMSTRONG,     E., (age 60, from Osage Ks, became insane, jumped from train-no injuries)   DP 4/12/1895

ARMSTRONG,     E. J., age over 70, (jumps from train, thought insane, may die  from injuries) RMN 4/13/1895

ARMSTRONG,     E. W., (listed under “Saloons”, 510 W. Colfax, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ARMSTRONG,     Ella V., to VAN NESS, Alonzo C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/6/1895

ARMSTRONG,     Elsie, (testifies in the Demady trial *see Demady) DP 4/23/1895

ARMSTRONG,     Elsie, (resides rear, 1421 19th) Denver City Direcorty

ARMSTRONG,     Freddie, age 3, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/19/1895

ARMSTRONG,     Henry C., (Mrs.) age 24, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/13/1895   

ARMSTRONG,     Lillian M., to CRAMPTON, Bert T., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/7/1895

ARMSTRONG,     Lillie J., to DREYFUSS, R. H., both of Salt Lake city, (Witnesses: J. W. Wells & J. A. Ferris),

@ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 6/26/1895

ARMSTRONG,     (see *Metz & Armstrong) Colorado Business Directory

ARMSTRONG,     Ralph L., to SWEM, Clide M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriage) 6/24/1895

ARMSTRONG,     Ralph J., Loveland, and SWEM, Clide M., Denver RMN 6/25/1895 (ML)

ARMSTRONG,     Susie, (graduates kindergarten-Denver Normal & Preparatory School) RMN 6/3/1895

ARMSTRONG,     William Jackson, (delivers speech on Italy) RMN 4/15/1895

ARMSTRONG,     William Jackson, (delivers speech on “Gambetta and France” @ Unity Church) RMN 5/3/1895

ARMSTRONG,     William, int Riverside Cemetery 7/19/1895

ARNETT,              Frances, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/22/1895

ARNETT,              Frank, (Deputy Sheriff, old assault case heard in court, held on $200 bail for trial-assaulted H. B. Marvin) RMN 8/3/1895

ARNOLD               (child) Frank, age 5, int Riverside Cemetery 8/2/1895

ARNOLD,              George F., to ELLSWORTH, Mary M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/1/1895

ARNOLD,              George F., (fireman-DRGRR, resides 863 S. 9th) Denver City Directory

ARNOLD,              Jacob F., to KENNERSON, Flora, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/1/1895

ARNOLD,              John S., (is secretary of Keeley Inst. for alcholics)DP 4/5/1895

ARNOLD,              Mary, (Mrs.), 73 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 12/19/1895

ARNOLD,              Mary, (Mrs.), (resides 1526 Central), Denver City Directory

ARNOLD,              R., (Mrs.), (rec’d $5.00 in groceries), Jefferson County Poor House Records 7/1895 & 8/1895 & 9/1895

ARNOLD,              William D., to JOHNSON, Charlotte, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/30/1895

ARREST                REPORT,(Chief Goulding states-2018 arrests, 1 murder, 267 vacrancy, 1st qtr 1895) DP 4/22/1895

ARREST                REPORT,(Chief Goulding reports for May, 690 arrests, 590 where male, 100 female) RMN 6/4/1895

ARTHUR,              Edwin F., (Denver City Treasurer) Officials of Denver and COLO. 1858-1933

ARTHUR,              Edwin F., (city auditor, resides 1316 14th), Denver City Directory

ARTHUR,              Edwin F., (as receiver for Gold Nugget Mining & Milling, to make final report) RMN 6/6/1895

ARTHUR,              Elizabeth S., to WOOD, Frederick G., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications)  12/6/1895

ARTHUR,              John, (listed under “Saloons” @ Florence) Colorado Business Directory

ARTIGNE,             Rosaline, 19 months, int Calvary Cemetery 10/11/1895

ARTIQUE,             Barnard, (chef-American House, resides 1145 Welton) Denver City Directory

ARTMAN,            Jennie A., to CANFIELD, Henry E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/2/1895

ARTZ,                    Anna C., to MANN, James W., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 1/15/1895

ARUTZEN,           Bernard E., to BAUMAN, Gertrude, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/11/1895

ARVISON,             Thomas, 7yrs, (Leadville’s Evergreen Cemetery Records 1879-1980) 4/8/1895

ASBURY               METHODIST ESPISCOPAL CHURCH, (Fay nw cor Bert) Denver City Direcorty

ASCHEMBOLDT,George, (has buggy stolen by Ed McDonald-he held for trial) DP 4/22/1895

ASH,                      Thomas, (probate #3792-mental) 12/20/1894  Denver City & County Probate Index 1865-1965                                      

ASHALL,              Fred C., (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

ASHALL,              Frederick C., (hardware, resides 1321 Blaine, Highlands) Denver City Directory

ASHFORD,           Effie C., to WILCOX, Orrin W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/18/1895

ASHARD,             Corinne, to POPE, Charles E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

ASHLEY,               Mrs. E. M., (elected President of Woman's Guild) DP 4/6/1895

ASHLEY,               Eli M., (Pres. Western Chemical-resides 1460 Grant) Denver City Directory

ASHLEY,               Mrs. Emily M., (resides-540 S. 10th) Denver City Directory

ASHLEY,               Frank R., (sec & treas-Western Chemical-resides 1460 Grant) Denver City  Directory

ASHLEY,               George S., (applies for pardon-Pitkin-robbery-5 yrs) DP 4/1/1895

ASHLEY,               Geroge S., (applies for pardon- Pitkin Cnty-6 yrs-March 1897, see Scoundrels page, *Pardons)

RMN 6/4/1895

ASHLEY,               George S., (second timer-pardon denied-serving 6 yrs, from Pitkin Cnty-robbery) RMN 6/8/1895

ASHLEY,               Minnie, (listed at the county Poor House), Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895

ASHMORE,           Ida, to KETELSEN, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/19/1895

ASHWILL,            W. C., (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

ASHWILL,            William C., (printer-CJ Kelly-resides 909 S. 6th, Highlands) Denver City Directory

ASHWORTH,       Marguerite, 3 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 7/24/1895

ASHWORTH,       Marguerite Ell, 3 yrs, (d/o J. G. & Lizzie E. Ashworth), from residence, Sacred Heart Church, int Calvary

 RMN 7/24/1895 (D)

ASKEW,                Jack, (w/Chas. Eacock, accused of attempting to kill Deputy Sheriff  White, in West side court) RMN 6/25/1895

ASKEW,                John, (motion for new trial-convicted of larceny, in West Side Court-denied) RMN 11/15/1895

ASMUSSEN         & ERICKSEN, (listed under “Saloons” @ Cripple Creek) Colorado Business Directory

ASMUSSEN,        E. H., (listed under “Saloons”, 1620 Wazee, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ASPELL,                Thomas F., to PHILLIPS, Nellie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/2/1895

ASTE,                    A. J., (Mrs.), (see *Jones, Margarete D.) RMN 12/29/1895 (D)

ASTE,                    A. J., (has cut rates at his Clifton House) DP 3/27/1895

ASTE,                    Albert J., (prop. Clifton House) Denver City Directory

ATCHESON,         Mary, to GEORGIA, Adam R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/27/1895

ATCHISON,          Harriet, 47 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 12/26/1895

ATHER,                 W. G., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

ATKINS,               T. S., (208 Mack Bldg, is listed under “Mining” @ Dallas) Colorado Business Directory

ATKINS,               W. S., (208 Mack Bldg, is listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ATKINSON,         Annie, d/o John & Margaret funeral service from Mt. Olivet church, 46th St. & Thompson Av RMN 7/16/1895

ATKINSON,         John, to CURTIS, Addie M., both of Creswell, (Witnesses: A. P. & Bertha  Curtis), @ Golden,

Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 12/23/1894

ATKINSON,         John J., (laborer-UP Ry, resides 4522 St. Paul) Denver City Directory

ATKINSON,         J. Clem, (clerk D & RG Express-resides 3047 Marion) Denver City Directory

ATKINSON,         Mary V., to THOMAS, Louis, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 1/6/1895

ATKINSON,         Sadie, to McGEE, James W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/16/1895

ATKINSON,         Thomas, (sad case-taken to Pueblo asylum-former prominent citizen of Greeley) RMN 4/9/1895

ATTERBERRY,    Clara, to RAIKES, Joseph Walter, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/15/1895

ATTO,                   Charles N., (s/o G. F. & M. A. Atto, b. 12/20/1895 d. 1/6/1896) Golden Cemetery Inscriptions & Records

ATWOOD,            Carrie M., (testifies in murder trial of Richard Demady-*see Demady)  DP 4/27/1895

ATWOOD,            Carrie M., (resides-2233 Clarkson) Denver City Directory

ATWOOD,            Cyrus, (mgr Mrs. C.M. Atwood-resides 2233 Clarkson) Denver City Directory

ATWOOD,            vs Wendling Cattle, (answer required in 20 days) DP 3/28/1895

ATWOOD,            G. N., (is reapp'td superintendent of Fairmount Cemetery) DP 4/3/1895

ATWOOD,            George N., (Wyman & Atwood-resides 1472 Filmore) Denver City Directory

ATWOOD,            Mary Elizabeth, to EAGLE, Joseph Scott, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/25/1895

ATWOOD,            M. T., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ATZ,                      Julius, to VANDERVORK, Florence, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 4/17/1895

ATZ,                      Robert, (machinist-resides 712 Market) Denver City Directory

AUBREY,              Jim, (member of juvenile gang headed by Chas. Gavin) DP 4/16/1895

AUBREY,              John, (resides 1217 Champa) Denver City Directory

AUGUR,                Cecelia Hall (files divorce from Chas. M.-extreme cruelty) DP 3/26/1895

AUGUR,                Chas. M., (wife Cecilia Hall files divorce-extreme cruelty) DP 3/26/1895)

AUGUR,                Charles M., (agt-Q M Dept USA, resides 241 S. Lincoln) Denver City Directory

AUGUST,              Herbert, (child-attends costume ball-Feast of Purim) RMN 3/11/1895

AUGUST,              Leo, (mgr Appel Clothing-resides Abbott Blk) Denver City Directory

AUGUST,              M., (& family attend costume ball- Feast of Purim) 3/11/1895

AUGUST,              Moe, (August & Graber Fuel-resides 1307 Champa) Denver City Directory

AUGUST,              Otis, (listed under “Saloons”, 1934 Larimer) Colorado Business Directory

AUGUSTA,           Peter, (has last reprieve-to hang next week-killed Harry Sullivan 1892) RMN 5/3/1895           

AUGUSTA,           Peter, (description of murder and time line to the execution day) RMN 5/12/1895

AUGUSTINE,       (see *Friendly & Augustine) Colorado Business Directory

AULT,                    Alexander, (Mrs.), (@ Ft. Collins, long an invalid, one of best known in city) RMN 6/7/1895

AURORA              BEER HALL, (listed under “Saloons”, 1529 Larimer, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

AUSTEEL,             Frank, from residence of daughter, Mrs. J. W. Thomas, 1333 18th RMN 6/12/1895 (FN)

AUSTIN,               "Bob" (& Frank Dall open Leadville house-craps, roulette & faro)  DP 3/29/1895

AUSTIN,               C. H., (auditor for D. R. R. R., leave-oversee wife's half int in Cave of Winds, Manitou Spgs) RMN 4/10/1895

AUSTIN,               Charles H., (trav auditor D & R G RR-resides 1745 Penna. Ave) Denver  City Directory

AUSTIN,               John A., to LEE, Rose, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 4/10/1895

AUSTIN,               Mary M., to BURRITT, Charles A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/18/1895

AUTER,                 Abram T., (car repairer-resides Pearl sw cor Iowa) Denver City Directory

AUTER,                 Ned, (fugitive from Idaho Spgs.- arrested w/ David Holstein, chd w/ grand larceny) DP 3/2/1895

AUTER,                 Thomas, (stenographer Republican-resides 1460 S. 12th) Denver City Directory

AUTHUR,             Edward P., Jr., ( of Cripple Creek, rec’s diploma from State School of Mines) RMN 6/7/1895

AUTREY,              James S., (@ Calgary, Canada, f/o Edward Autrey, Boulder Cnty Deaths

AUTREY,              Sarah, age 9, scarlet fever, (d/o Thos. & Maria (Minks) Autrey), b 2/20/1886, Boulder Cnty Deaths 11/20/1895

AUTREY,              Sarah, (@ Boulder, 80 yrs, @ residence, husband died in Canada about two months ago) RMN 8/3/1895

AUTREY,              Sarah, (RCC #72589, File #191) Probate Records Index-Boulder Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1895

AVANSINNI,        Acilo, (drowns, see *Americus Mine, 14 die, leaves wife and 4 children) RMN 8/30/1895

AVENSIUNI,         Acilo, (drowned in flooding of mine, @ Gilpin Cnty-Americus Mine) Colorado Pre 1963 Mining Fatalities 8/29/1895

AVERY,                  (child of Keith) age 4/365 int Fairmount Cemetery 3/9/1895

AVERY                  vs Shorey, (County Court case #23217, case called) RMN 6/8/1895

AVRIL,                   August, (tailor-resides 3718 Franklin) Denver City Directory

AVRIL,                   Charles, (carries P. O.-resides 1474 S. Washington) Denver City Directory

AVRIL,                   Elizabeth, to DAILEY, Murt, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

AVRIL,                   Lizzie, (Miss), (resides 3718 Franklin) Denver City Directory

AVRIL,                   Frank, (clk-Daniels & Fisher-resides 2716 Marion) Denver City Directory

AXELSON,            Andrew, to BERG, Anna E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/24/1895

AXELSON,            Andrew, (laborer Denver Paper Mills-resides Manchester) Denver  City Directory

AYEN,                    George, (is Town Marshal at Town of Globeville) Denver City Directory

AYEN,                    George, (butcher, Colo Pkg & Prod.-resides Globeville) Denver City Directory

AYERS,                  Arthur, of Durango (attends YMCA natl convention in Denver) DP 3/25/1895

AYLOR,                 James, (son-in-law of Mrs. John Bourne, b/o Mrs. Mary J. O’Donnel, from residence 3011 Humboldt) RMN 10/15/1895

AYLWEST,           Tom, (Mrs. & Mrs.) (chrg w/haunting and other unpleasantries on neighbor  Annie Steinbach) DP 4/4/1895