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Excerpts of Vital Statistics Notices, Lists

And Selected General News Excerpts Appearing In

Denver And Surrounding Areas.


Newspapers, Post Offices, City & Business Directories, Cemetery Listings, Marriage Listings

Probate Indexes and Naturalization Records

For The Year




d/o=Daughter of                                  int=Interment location                         FN=Funeral Notice

s/o=Son of                                            Marr.=Married                                      ML=Marriage License

m/o=Mother of                                     f/o=Father of                                         dod=Date of death

Ob=Obit(brief)                                      Bp=Baptized                                         h/o=Husband of

D=Death notice                                    B=Born                                                  b/o=Brother of


                  RMN=Rocky Mountain News                                           DP=Denver Post                 


This information is provided free and may not be reproduced in any format for profit. All items have been transcribed and there are no electronic reproductions in this listing. The transcriber, prior to inclusion in this listing, has transcribed from source books, indexes,

microfilm, original ledgers and card files. When available, original source documents have been viewed as a verification of indexes.

Copyright © 2000 Rita’s Colorado Genealogy Clues


LAAGER,              Lizzie, int Riverside Cemetery 8/23/1895

LABATE,              Jack, and MARINA, Philomena, RMN 1/17/1895 (ML)

LABATI,               Jack, to MARINA, Philomena, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/5/1895

L’ABBE                 & GAVIN, (see *Gavin & L’Abbe) Colorado Business Directory

L’ABBE,                Petrus L., (saleman J. G. Eversman & Co., resides Wolff, se cor Tweed, Argyle Pk.) Denver City Directory

La BORDE,            Pierre, (bartender, resides, rear 2155 Larimer) Denver City Directory

LaBRANDT,         Louise, (Miss), (teacher Vendome Dancing Academy) Denver City Directory

LABRIOLA,          Angelo, (laborer, resides 620 Bell Av.) Denver City Directory

LABRIOLA,          Michael A., (grocer, 3549 Market) Denver City Directory

LABRIOLA,          Peppino, (peddler, resides 440 Gerspach Av.) Denver City Directory

LABRIOLA,          Rocco, (peddler, resides 1333 Bell Av.) Denver City Directory

LABRIOLA,          Rose A., (Mrs.), (resides 3549 Market) Denver City Directory

LABRIOLA,          Ventura, (laborer, resides 451 Gerspach Av.) Denver City Directory

LABUWI,              Joseph, (laborer, (resides ws Columbus, bet 13th & 14th, Colfax) Denver City Directory

LABUWI,              William F., (Labuwi & Co., rooms  Columbus, sw cor 14th & Colfax) Denver City Directory

LACE,                    Anna M., (Miss), (teacher Park School, rooms ws Caribou bet 17th & 18th) Denver City Directory

LACE,                    Anna M., of Cleveland, OH, and FULLER, Isaac M., of Fairbault, Minn. RMN 6/30/1895 (ML)

LACEY,                  Edwin M., to BORDOW, Emma L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

LACEY,                  Frank N., 27 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/28/1895

LACEY,                  James J., (listed under “Saloons” @ Colorado City) Colorado Business Directory

LACEY,                  Narcissa, (Mrs.), (dressmaker, resides 103 26th Av.) Denver City Directory

LACY,                    N., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LACY,                    Ralph, (found in deplorable condition from drink, occasioned by death of wife & child, he’s wandering streets) DP 1/1/1895

LACHTER,            Thomas & brother James, @ Nevadaville, (injured by falling rock @ American Flag mine) DP 3/19/1895

LACKNER,            Jos., (listed under “Saloons” @ Louisville) Colorado Business Directory

LaCLAIR,              Jasper H., to SWAIN, Emma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/20/1895

LaCLAIR,              John W., to BELLOWS, Emma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/10/1895

LACOY,                 Hubert, to MAHONEY, Nora, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/17/1895

LA COSTE            BROS., (241 Equitable block, listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory            

LADIES                 RELIEF HOME, (auspices of Ladies Relief Society-Mrs. Kate L.Gordon, Matron) Denver City Directory

LADIES                 RELIEF HOME, (Logan Av. sw cor 8th Av.) Denver City Directory

LAEKE,                  Christ C., 55 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/28/1895

LAEMMENGRINGER, Albert, (@ Trinidad-killed at explosion @ Sopris-leaves wife & 3 ch.) RMN 5/11/1895

LAFEVRE,             Maggie, to WILLIS, Nicholas W., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 2/25/1895

LAFFEA,               William, (listed under “Saloons” @ Lafayette) Colorado Business Directory

LA FLAMME,      Mary A. E., to McARTHUR, Archibald D., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/27/1895

LAGRANGE,         B. S., (member of Union Colony Organization of Greeley) DP 4/21/1895

LAHMAN             & LEDFORD, (listed under “Saloons” @ Craig) Colorado Business Directory

LAHR,                    George L., to THOMAS, Tillie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/13/1895

LAIDLEY,              Theordore B., to BRYAN, Margaret H., (@Santa Ana, CA), (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/11/1895

LAIRD,                  I. Alice, (Mrs.), (dressmaker, rooms Hotel Abbott) Denver City Directory

LAIRD,                  Isadora Alice, to DITSON, Jesse A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/23/1895  

LAIRD,                  Roy, (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LAITHE,                E. C., (listed under “Saloons” @ Durango) Colorado Business Directory

LAKE,                    C. W., (infant, int city grounds) Golden Cemetery Inscriptions & Records 7/28/1895

LAKE,                    Emma, (Miss), (bookkeeper, Turner Moving & Storage, resides 84 Sherman Av.) Denver City Directory

LAKE,                    Fannie K., (Miss), (teacher Emerson School, resides 84 Sherman Av.) Denver City Directory

LALL,                     Edward, (Sweden-Declaration of intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe County Court) 10/13/1895

LALL,                     Edward, to STROM, Anna, (Boulder County Marriages) 10/24/1895

LALONDE,            Adelade, 8/12 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/5/1895

LALONDE,            Joseph, (clerk, rooms 2239 Lincoln Av.) Denver City Directory

LAMAR,               Leonard, (youth chgd w/ larceny of horse & buggy, sentenced to 7 years hard labor) DP 7/8/1895

LAMARRATO,    Anselino (deputy sheriff charged with assualt by Francisco Serra) DP 4/5/1895

LAMB,                   Emma L., (Miss), (teacher North Side High School, resides 435 Bert) Denver City Directory

LAMB,                   Florence L., to MORSEMAN, Sherman R., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 3/27/1895

LAMB,                   G. W., (is on foreign mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LAMB,                   James & Isabella (suit against Colo. Coal & Iron - son killed clearing track-court disallows-not

a supporting relative) DP 4/8/1895

LAMB,                   M. Adda, (Miss), (tacher Elmwood School, resides 321 12th Av. W.) Denver City Directory

LAMBDIN,           Corona B., to SHORT, Charles F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/1/1895

LAMBDIN,           Robert M., (conductor, Tramway Co., resides 3637 Gilpin) Denver City Directory

LAMBDIN,           Victor R., (draughtsman, F. Riestle, resides 3511 Franklin) Denver City Directory

LAMBDIN,           William R., (expressman, resides 3511 Franklin) Denver City Directory

LAMBERT,           Cora A., to DRAIN, Waler C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/7/1895

LAMBERT,           George W., (laborer Colo Packing & Provision, resides 46th Av. cor Delgany) Denver City Directory

LAMBERT,           George W., to FRAZER, Mary A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/14/1895

LAMBERT,           Harry F., (clerk U P D & G RR, resides 3447 Downing) Denver City Directory

LAMBERT,           Harry F., to MURDOCK, Ada L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/5/1895

LAMBERT,           Joseph, 65 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/27/1895

LAMBERT,           Lewis, to WALLACE, Julia Helen, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/30/1895

LAMBERT,           LuLu, to CREAMER, Clarence F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/27/1895

LAMBETH,           William, (Probate # 3151, adoption by Deitz, Wm. & Annie M.) Denver City & County Probate Index 3/20/1893

LAMBERT,           William T., 27/365, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/27/1895

LAMBERT,           William T., (Pres. Fidelity Trust Co., resides 624 13th) Denver City Directory

LAMBIE,               Alexander, (baker, resides 2033 Curtis) Denver City Directory

LAMBIE,               Alexander, to TOBIN, Maggie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/19/1895

LAMBIE,               Thomas, (prop. Excelsior Bakery, 2012-2014 Larimer) Denver City Directory

LAMDEN,             William R., 57 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/2/1895

LAMON,               David, (jeweler, resides 758 Lincoln Av.) Denver City Directory

LAMON,               Katie, (Miss), (resides 758 Lincoln Av.) Denver City Directory

LAMONT,             Walter A., (physician, resides 56 W. Maple) Denver City Directory

LAMOREAUX,    Christopher, (clerk, J. A. Farrell, resides 1356 S. 11th) Denver City Directory

LAMOREAUX,    Roland B., (clerk, J. Izett, resides 561 S. 13th) Denver City Directory

LAMPERT,           Theresa, (marriage witness-see *Wefing, Julius) Salem Church Record 3/2/1895

LAMPING,            George W., (carpenter, resides 1848 Parkway) Denver City Dirctory

LAMPING,            J. J., (2748 Lawrence St., wife has him arrested to help get medical help for his mother) RMN 8/28/1895

LAMPING,            William O., (resides 1848 Parkway) Denver City Directory

LAMRATO,          Anselmo, (dep sheriff, resides 1115 Murdock) Denver City Directory

LAND                    OFFICE REPORT, (US Gov’t month May report-$2,516 total sales, of which $1,316 cash sales, $1,190 fees

and commissions,  4 desert land entries, 3 mineral, 8 cash land) RMN 6/4/1895

LAND,                   Gordon, (hydraulic engineer, State & Fish Commissioner, State Capitol Bldg) Denver City Directory

LAND,                   Gordon ,(replaces Callicotte as fish & game warden-app'td  by gov'r) DP 3/27/1895

LAND,                   Gordon, (app'td as fish & game warden by gov'r) DP 4/6/1895

LAND,                   James H., to CANNING, Eva M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/7/1895

LAND,                   James Henry, (elevator pilot Boston Bldg, resides 938 ½ S. 5th) Denver City Directory

LANDMESSER,   Otto, (carpenter, resides 2nd Av. ne cor York) Denver City Directory

LANDMESSER,   Paul, (cook, W. Wisch, rooms 1748 Glenarm) Denver City Directory

LANDMESSER,   Paul, to HARTNETT, Kate, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/17/1895

LANDON,             Irene B., (Miss), (teacher Whittier School, resides 2214 Curtis) Denver City Directory

LANDON,             Irene B., to STRICKLAND, David H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/26/1895

LANE,                    infant, 2/12 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/28/1895

LANE,                    J. H., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LANE,                    Laura, to ROBBINS, Charles D., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/18/1895

LANE,                    Martin, (@Leadville-stabbed-perhaps fatally by Hugh Riley) DP 4/12/1895

LANE,                    Nettie, (under the influence-Mike Gatto sends 4 shots into home w/Emma O'Brien) DP 4/15/1895

LANE,                    W. J., (@ Victor, winds split rock competition, 14 9/16 inches) RMN 7/5/1895

LANG                     & CO., C., (listed under “Saloons” @ Victor) Colorado Business Directory

LANG,                    Cora, (see suit by *Jennie Elliott, to recover $4050 damages in furniture deal) RMN 7/27/1895

LANG,                    Emil, s/o Emil and Anna (Barbsch) Lang, (Godparents: Henri Brumer & Maria Maurer)

                                Salem Church Record 8/3/1895 (Bp)

LANG,                    J., (listed under “Mining” @ Lamartine) Colorado Business Directory

LANG,                    Lizzie and KNOEPFLER, Xavier, (marriage witnesses: Knoepfler, Albert & Knoepfler,

                                Augusta), (see*Laux,Lizzie),Salem Church Record 8/15/1895 (Marr.)

LANG,                    Robert, to MERTON, Ethel, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/25/1895

LANG,                    Sang, (Chinese remedies, resides 2041 Market) Denver City Directory

LANG,                    Victor W., to HENRE, Mary E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/5/1895

LANGDON,           John, int Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, CO (Littleton Cemetery Office Records)

 5/1895-Blk 4, lot 1Grave 1-see & *Langdon, Mrs. John)

LANGDON,           John (Mrs.), int Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, CO (Littleton Cemetery Office Records)

11/10/1895 (Blk 4, lot 1, grave 2)

LANGER,               Bertha, to SAUSER, Jacob, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/7/1895

LANGLEY,            Anne E., 40 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/1/1895

LANGLEY,            Arthur, (physician, 3146 Williams) Denver City Directory

LANGLEY,            Lawrence B., (rooms #18, 328 17th) Denver City Directory

LANGLEY,            May Ogden, (physician, # 18 328 17th) Denver City Directory

LANGLEY,            William H., (laborer, ws 19th bet Dawson & Blaine, Highlands) Denver City Directory

LANGLEY,            Margaret, (Benjamin Franks of Des Moines, IA, writes The News seeking her, adopted from Canada, age @ age 4,

                                last heard from Brighton, Michigan, s/b abt 30 yrs old, see New Articles page) RMN 11/25/1895

LANGWORTHY, Andrew B., (clerk, resides 914 Boulevard, Highlands) Denver City Directory

LANGWORTHY, J. N., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

LANGWORTHY, (Mrs.), (rec’d $1.90 worth of coal), Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895

LANGWORTHY, (Mrs.), (rec’d ½ ton of coal from Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 8/1895

LANGWORTHY, Sadie, (Miss), (resides 2042 Arapahoe) Denver City Directory

LANNON,             E. S., to  KINNEY, Winifreda M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/24/1895

LANNON,             Thomas ,(Co. H 11th infantry, 3 yrs. prison for assault) DP 3/30/1895

LANSING,             J., (32 Patterson & Thomas block, is listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory

LANSING,             James L.,(former Utah prisioner-arrested-suspect murder of Al Moore) DP 4/11/1895

LANSING,             James L., (of Pocatello, Id. brought back as suspect in death of Det. Al Moore) DP 4/12/1895

LANSING,             James, (alias "Pretty Bob" chgd w/murder of Al Moore) DP 4/19/1895

LANSING,             James, (released, from chrg of murder of Al Moore, not thoroughly investigated by detectives) RMN 9/29/1895

LANSING,             John, (vice-pres Puzzler Gold Mining & M. Co., resides 931 17th Av.) Denver City Directory

LAPHAM,             Katharine, d/o late Henry K. Lapham, New Bedford, Mass.,  to POWERS,  Charles A., MD, of Denver, @ Colorado Spgs,

St. Steven’s Church RMN 10/6/1895 (Marr.)

LAPPING,              James L., (mining, resides 2027 California) Denver City Direcotry

LAPPING,              James J., to WETHERELL, Ida Kathleen, both of Colorado Spgs, (Witnesses: F. J.

                                Broad & Mrs. A. M. Broad), @ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages, Vol II 10/8/1895

LAPUTOVICH      & MARTINELLI, (listed under “Saloons” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

LAREAU,              Frank C., (b. 2/2/1896, d. 7/15/1976, buried w/Rebecca L.) Crown Hill Cemetery Walk

LAREAU,              Rebecca L., (b. 6/21/1895, d. 12/21/1980, buried with Frank C.) Crown Hill Cemetery Walk

LARGE,                  I. N., (listed under “Mining” @ Navadaville) Colorado Business Directory

LARGE,                  Issac N., (mining, resides Connecticut sw cor 9th, E. Montclair) Denver City Directory

LARGE,                  N. Stanley, (student, resides Connecticut sw cor 9th Av., E. Montclair) Denver City Directory

LARKIN,               baby,  int Fairmount Cemetery 5/12/1895

LARKIN,               Mabel S., to SMITH, Charles H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/11/1895                

LARNARD,           H. A., 52 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/22/1895

LARNARD,           Kate, (Miss), (clerk, resides Byers nw cor S. 10th, Valverde) Denver City Directory

LARONZANA,    Rocco, to BRANZUCIA, Anna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/29/1895

LARSEN,               Alfred, (listed at the county Poor House), Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895

LARSEN,               Alfred, (rece’d assistance from the county Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 8/1895 & 10/1895             

LARSON,              Alfred, (laborer, Grant Smelter, resides 4436 Josephine) Denver City Directory

LARSON,              Anton, 31 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/16/1895

LARSON,              Bertha M., to JOHNSON, Ben, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/6/1895

LARSON,              Carl B., to HANSON, Thora M. C., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 6/1/1895

LARSON,              Carl I., (RCC 72594, File #653) Probate Records Index-Boulder Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1895

LARSON,              Gus, (bartender, L. Green, 2148 Larimer) Denver City Directory

LARSON,              Gus L., (clerk, resides 3557 Williams) Denver City Directory

LARSON,              Gust, (conductor, City Cable Ry, rooms 1 Lee Court) Denver City Directory

LARSON,              Gust A., (Waldorf & Larson, resides 136 Taylor, Highlands) Denver City Directory

LARSON,              Gust, to HOLMBERG, Tilly, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/11/1895

LARSON,              Hans, (laborer, Colo Ore Sampling Co.) Denver City Directory

LARSON,              Hans, 48 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/12/1895

LARSON,              John, to ANDERSON, Hilda Marietty, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/26/1895

LARSON,              Lawritz, to PETERSON, Mary, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/29/1895

LARSON,              Oscar, (laborer, U P Ry.) Denver City Directory

LARSON,              Oscar C., to ANDERSON, Mathilda C. RMN 6/2/1895 (ML)

LARSON,              Oscar Linus, to ANDERSON, Mathilda Christina, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/3/1895

LARSON,              Otto, Sweden/Norway, Declaration of Intent, (Boulder Naturalization-District Court) 3/23/1895

LARSON,              Rena, to LAVAGNINO, Givonanni F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/27/1895

LARSON,              Samuel, to RICHARDSON, Annie, both of Urmston, Jeffco Cnty, (Witnesses: David

                                Gemmell), Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 5/17/1895

LARSON,              Victor Emmuanel, 4 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 10/20/1895

LARSON,              Victor A., (printer, Swedish Publishing Co., resides 1227 19th) Denver City Directory

LA SHIELD,          Mary, (fell off a street car and injured spine) RMN 6/6/1895

LASKOWITZ,      Aster, (estate of, case # 2992, final report approved and administrator discharged) RMN 6/27/1895

LASKOWITZ,      Judah, (mgr Farber & Laskowitz, resides se Fairview bet Maine & Platte River, Colfax) Denver City Directory

LASKOWITZ,      S. (Mrs.), (Farber & Laskowitz, resides se Fairview bet Maine & Platte River, Colfax) Denver City Directory

LATCHAM,          Edith Annie, 17 yrs, (@Portland, Ore., d/o Frank & Emma M., services-St. Mark’s Church) RMN 8/30/1895 (D)

LATCHAM,          Edith Amie, from residence 22?? High Street RMN 8/31/1895 (FN)

LATCHAM,          Frank, (resides 2261 High St.) Denver City Directory

LATCHAM,          Frank A., (resides 2261 High St.) Denver City Directory

LATHAM             D. H. & Co., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LATHAM,            Edith R., 17 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/31/1895

LATHAN,             Alexander, (Alderman-12th Ward-Denver) Officials of Denver & CO. 1858-1933

LATHAN,             Alexander, (A. Lathan & Son, resides 168 S. Lincoln) Denver City Directory

LATHAN,             Emma E., (Miss), (student, resides 168 S. Lincoln) Denver City Directory

LATHAN,             William A., (A. Lathan & Son, resides 168 S. Lincoln) Denver City Directory

LATHAN,             William J., (real estate, resides 380 S. Sherman) Denver City Directory

LATORIA,            Marie, (age 14, married to a young Italian, age 19, to live in Marshal.) RMN 6/2/1895

LAUDERBACH,   Al, companion of Chas. H. Appel, arrested for try to beat hotel bill) DP 4/4/1895

LAUDERBAUGH, Al, companion of Charles H. APPEL, (arrested for "flimflam" operations) RMN 4/4/1895

LAUDERBAUGH, Al, companion of Charles H. APPEL, (charged with false  pretenses and circulating indecent literature) RMN 4/5/1895

LAUDERBAUGH, Al, (no evidence against him in trial w/Chas Appel)DP 4/6/1895

LAUDERBAUGH, Al, & Chas. A. Appel (on trial today) DP 4/8/1895

LAUK,                   ….., (d/o John & M. (Butz) Lauk, b 11/25/1895) Globeville/Arvada-First German Congregational Church 11/30/1895 (D)

LAUSTEN,            Peter, (guard, County Jail, resides 1416 Platte) Denver City Directory

LAUSTIN,             Katherine, to JOHNSON, Charles D., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

LAUX,                   Anton, (Mrs.), (saloon, 1448 Blake) Denver City Directory

LAUX,                   Lizzie,(see*Lang, Lizzie), to KNOEPFLER, Xavier, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/15/1895

LAUX,                   Lillie, (Miss), (clerk, H. Z. Salomon, resides 1448 Blake) Denver City Directory

LAUX,                   Mrs., (listed under “Saloons” @ 1438 Blake, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

LAUX,                   William J., (confectionery, 2358 15th) Denver City Directory

LAVAGNINO,      Givonanni F., to LARSON, Rena, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/27/1895

LAVAGANINO,   G., (mining, resides Windsor Hotel) Denver City Directory

LAVERTY,            Edward, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/1/1895

LAVETTE,             George, 2 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/16/1895

LAVIDSON,          Lavid Hans, to JORGENSON, Anne, (Boulder County Marriages) 11/2/1895

LAVIN,                  Bridget Theresa, to MOON, Charles, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/26/1895

LAVIN,                  Charles, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery)7/10/1895

LAVIN,                  John, (saloon, resides 3453 Wewatta) Denver City Directory

LAVIN,                  Thomas W., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery)7/10/1895

LAVORY,              George, (is on committee of East Denver Wheel club race) RMN 3/21/1895

LAVIT,                   Moses, (ragman, resides Paul sw cor Clark, Colfax) Denver City Directory

LAW,                     Billy, (has bicycle stolen) RMN 4/10/1895

LAW,                     Elmer, to HERSEY, Myrtle, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/1/1895

LAW,                     Elmer W., (florist, H. H. Given, rooms 27 E. Dakota Av.) Denver City Directory

LAW,                     James, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Ouray) Colorado Business Directory

LAWLOR,             John Henry, (toolmaker, resides 152 2nd Av. W.) Denver City Directory

LAWLOR,             Patrick W., to BARRETT, Katie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/6/1895

LAWLOR,             Patrick W., (gripman City Cable Ry., boards 1325 Bert) Denver City Directory

LAWN,                  Sabina C. & NORTHROP, Frank Bertram, (marriage wit: Northrop, S. E. & Mary Northrop) Salem Chch Record 9/3/1895 LAWN,                  Sabina C., to NORTHROP, Frank Bertram, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/3/1895

LAWNEY,             Eleanor, (physician, 317 McPhee Bldg) Denver City Directory

LAWRENCE,        Aggie E., to SHEARSTON, Charles W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/20/1895

LAWRENCE,        Amanda, 3 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 12/9/1895

LAWRENCE,        A. W. & M. J., (sue J. R. Rannells for $1662 prom. note) DP 4/22/1895

LAWRENCE,        Daniel L., (teacher, High School Dist. No. 1, resides 1225 Vine) Denver City Directory

LAWRENCE,        Daniel L., Great Britain/Ireland, (U.S. Dist Court-Denver-Declarations of Intention-Record #558) 9/17/1895

LAWRENCE,        James, (deputy sheriff, resides N. Engel Blk, Santa Fe, cor 11th) Denver City Directory

LAWRENCE,        Lillie M., to WOODROW, Frank B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/9/1895

LAWRENCE,        Mary B., to MAYHEW, Daniel B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/8/1895

LAWRENCE,        Mary B., (Mrs.), (dressmaker, boards 159 2nd Av. W.) Denver City Directory

LAWRENCE,        Mortimer J., (pres. Peoples Natl Bank, resides Detroit, Michigan) Denver City Directory

LAWRENCE,        M. J. & A. W., (sue J. R. Rannells for $1662 prom. note) DP 4/22/1895

LAWRENCE,        T. H., (judgement against him by Henry Amy, $5711 promissory notes) DP 4/22/1895

LAWRY,                Thomas H., (listed under “Saloons” @ Bald Mountain) Colorado Business Directory

LAWRY,                Thomas H., (listed under “Saloons”@ Nevadaville) Colorado Business Directory

LAWS,                   Louis V., (conductor Tramway Co., resides 418 35th Av.) Denver City Directory

LAWS,                   Louis V., to LIKES, Bertha, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/12/1895

LAWSHA,            Chester B., (of Altona, to FISHBACK, Ora L., 1/24/1895 community went all out to

celebrate-Chester long time bachelor) Boulder Cnty News extracts 2/7/1895

LAWSHA,            Chester B., to FISHBACK, Ora Lavonia, (Boulder County Marriages) 1/24/1895

LAWSON,             baby, 2 weeks, int Riverside Cemetery 4/5/1895

LAWSON,             David Warren, to BIGELOW, Mary L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/1/1895

LAWSON,             David W., to BIGELOW, Mary L.) RMN 1/3/1895 (ML)

LAWSON,             Nels A., to STEUBEL, Mary Magdelena, (Boulder County Marriages) 2/25/1895

LAWSON,             Sarah E., (#9250, adoption, Joseph E. Hedden) Denver City & County Probate Index 1865-1965 3/22/1905

LAWSON,             Thomas, (killed in the Pike’s Peak Mine @ Cripple Creek, see Obits page) RMN 8/22/1895

LAWSON,             Venie L., to MOREHOUSE, Henry C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/24/1895

LAWTON,            Andrew J., (one of incorporators of Golden Link Mining, capital stock $1,000,000-El Paso Cnty) RMN 6/30/1895

LAWTON,            Andrew L., (one of incorporators of Golden Link Mining, $1,000,000 capital stock-El Paso Cnty) RMN 6/30/1895

LAWTON,            Colonel, (insp. gen. of CO. to move hdqtrs to Santa Fe, NM, Maj. Wirt DAVIS to replace as

asst. insp. Gen), RMN 4/4/1895

LAWTON,            Charles, (of West. Union, 8 yr old son attacked by dog) DP 3/23/1895

LAWTON,            H. W., (Lt. Col Major Genl’s Dept U S A, resides Glenarm Hotel) Denver City Directory

LAWTON,            Susie Alice, 3 5/12, from residence, 808 W. 4th Av., d/o Mr. & Mrs. Clarence A. Lawton RMN 8/24/1895 & 8/25/1895 (D)

LAWTON,            Susie A., 3 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/25/1895

LAY,                       William F., (physician, resides 925 S. 9th) Denver City Directory

LAYDEN,              P. H., (listed under “Saloons” @ Georgetown) Colorado Business Directory

LEA,                       Frank, to JOHNSON, Huldah, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/4/1895

LEA,                       Frank, to JOHNSON, Huldah RMN 6/5/1895 (ML)

LEA,                       Rosa A., to BANNINGS, John W. B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/1/1895

LeBLANC,             Manuel F., (sued for $500 for broken tooth during his accused assault on John B. Dunning) DP 1/10/1895

LEACH,                 Lillie, (see *Ezekiel, Kate) Denver City & County Probate Index 12/16/1916

LEADBETTER,     Rev. J. H., (home burglarized) 3/11/1895

LEADVILLE          LEASING CO., (reports making good progress down 135 feet at the Louise shaft) RMN 7/18/1895

LEAGUE,               (vs Sams A. C. C., County Court, case #22608, case called) RMN 6/8/1895

LEAHY,                 J. M., (is listed under Mining, @ Aspen) Colorado State Business Directory

LEAHY,                 Maggie, to DRENAN, Thomas P., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 10/17/1895

LEAN,                    Frank, (@ Boulder-in fist fight w/ R. J. Dennis-jailed) DP 4/15/1895

LEANHIM,            Mr., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LEAPER,                Rose B., 21 yrs, (@ residence 1317 Edmonds St.) RMN 9/25/1895 (D)

LEAR,                    Frank, (performs @ Atheneum program) DP 4/15/1895

LEARY,                  D., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

LEARY,                  Lillian M., 16 yrs, @ residence of A. Douds, 1152 Evans St. RMN 11/24/1895 (D)

LEARY,                  Lillian, (Miss), from residence 1152 Evans, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, int Mt. Olivet, by carriage RMN 11/25/1895

LEARN,                 E. F., (arrested-charge of suspicion of being head of gang of burglars) DP 4/12/1895

LEASE,                  Edward, 40 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/20/1895

LEAVITT,              Mattie J., 38 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/13/1895

LEAYCRAFT,       Mary, to BONNER, Philip, (@Boulder) (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/2/1895

LeBARROW,        Mary, 42 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/3/1895

LEBBER,                Ellen L., (county court case called-Estate of Ellen L. Lebber, #4041) RMN 10/7/1895

LEBERE,                Josephine, to HEIBERGER, Anton, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/6/1895

LeCARPENTER,   Jules, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 6//22/1895

LeCLAIRE,            Clifford G., 10 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/2/1895

LEDBETTER,        Alice, (takes part in Miss Dodd’s School commencement excerises) RMN 6/6/1895

LEDBETTER,        Joseph H., (Rev., pastor St. Paul’s M E Church, South, resides 616 21st) Denver City Directory

LEDFORD,            (see *Lahman & Ledford) Colorado Business Directory

LEDFORD,            Matt, (w/Sheriff Dyer of Boulder-returned to Buena Vista jail for burglary in Longmont) DP 4/19/1895

LEDMON,             Emma, to STROM, Otto, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/9/1895

LEE,                        C. F., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LEE,                        E. Trumball, (of Pueblo, attends Reform convention meeting) RMN 6/5/1895

LEE,                        Frederick, (is on foreign mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LEE,                        Harry, (@ Lake City-one of the incorporators of MIDAS MINING CO.) DP 4/20/1895

LEE                         & HENDRICKS, (listed under “Saloons” @ Seibert) Colorado Business Directory

LEE,                        Henry, (applies for pardon-Arapahoe-rape-14 yrs) DP 4/1/1895

LEE,                        Henry, (applies for pardon-Arapahoe-14 yrs-1901, see Scoundrels page, *Pardons) RMN 6/4/1895

LEE,                        Henry, (pardon hearing-rule on request for appearance of trial judge-Lee 10yrs criminal assault) RMN 6/8/1895

LEE,                        John, 30 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/27/1895

LEE,                        Ralph R., to SHERART, Lizzie D., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/16/1895

LEE,                        Rose, to AUSTIN, John A., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 4/10/1895

LEE,                        Samuel, to TODD, Elizabeth A., (Boulder County Marriages) 7/2/1895

LEECH,                  John, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/16/1895

LEES,                      John G., to BRACKETT, Clara B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

LEES,                      Mattie, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LEET,                     John E., (reception @ town hall for him) DP 4/9/1895

LEET,                     John E., (Alderman 14th Ward-Denver) Officials of Denver & CO. 1858-1933

LEET,                     John E., (former nominal secretary of Denver Business Men’s League, not re-elected, league felt he used

                                it for advertising private enterprise) RMN 1/8/1895

LeFEVER,              David R., to MOORE, Sarah M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/2/1895

LeFEVER,              J. L., (real estate trsf to J. Moore, $1.00) DP 4/22/1895

LeFEVRE,              L. L., (receives 169 head of cattle) 4/3/1895

LeFEVRE,              O. E., (is Judge-Criminal Div. Denver District Court) Denver City Directory

LeFEVRE,              O. E., (is Judge-Denver District Court) Denver City Directory

LeFEVRE,              (Mrs.), (visitor from La Junta, thinks she owns Union Depot, see News Article page) RMN 11/16/1895

LEGG,                     B. M., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LEGGETT,             Ed, @ Ouray, CO., (shot @ Gold Belt Dance Hall by, John Vanoll, recovery doubtful) RMN 4/2/1895

LEHER,                  George, (listed under “Saloons” @ Fort Logan) Colorado Business Directory

LEHMAN,             Charlie, (considered warrant shaver & money shark in cashing warrants issued

                                to coronor's jurors-case continues-see *Martin, Coronor) RMN 4/2/1895

LEHMAN,             Fred, to PEPPLE, Daisy, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/11/1895

LEHMKUHL         BROS., (listed under “Saloons” @ Central City) Colorado Business Directory

LEHNERZ,             Joseph, to WIDHALM, Sophie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/29/1895

LEHRER,                Carrie and WEFING, Julius, (marriages witnesses: Lehrer, Wm. & Lampert,

                                Theresa), Salem Church Record 3/2/1895 (Marr.)

LEHRER,                Carrier, to WEFING, Julius, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/2/1895

LEHRER,                William, (see *Wefling, Julius), Salem Church Record 3/2/1895

LEHRER,                William and BAUER, Louisa, (marriage witnesses: Wefing, Julius & Ganser, Minnie)

                                Salem Church Record 4/3/1895 (Marr.)

LEHRER,                William, to BAUER, Louise, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

LEICHNER,           Lena Elizabeth, (d/o Peter & Eliz. (Trieber), b. 5/11/1895, sponsors: M. Hahn, A. M. Wolf, Leana Kah,

                                Liz Trieber, M. Leichner) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/23/1895 (Bp)

LEICHNER,           M., (see *Leichner, Lena Eliz.) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/23/1895

LEIF,                       Cora E., to BURNHAM, Albert Bruce, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/31/1895

LEIF,                       Joseph, to CARR, Jennie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/13/1895

LEIGHTON,           Winslow, age 21, RMN 3/23/1895 (D)

LEIGHTON,           Winslow,L., from First Baptist Church DP 3/23/1895 (FN)

LEIGHTON,           Winslow L.,  21 yrs, RMN 3/23/1895 (FN)

LEIGHTON,           Winslow L., from First Baptist Church to Fairmount RMN 3/27/1895 (FN)

LEIGHTON,           Winslow, 27 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/27/1895

LEINER,                 Carrie L., (performs @ Atheneum program) DP 4/15/1895

LEIS,                       Emma M., to ABBETT, George W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/13/1895

LEMBACH,           William, to STEFFEN, Hattie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/25/1895

LEMON,                Henry D., to MC INTYRE, Alice A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/5/1895

LEMON,                Iva Myrtle, to JEFFERSON, Gus Adolphus, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/21/1895

LEMON,                S. A., (listed under “Saloons” @ Louisville) Colorado Business Directory

LEMONS,              L. B., (@ Silver Cliff, accused of burglarizing Vorreiter’s safe, exonerated, proven not guilty) RMN 1/4/1895

LENAU,                 Catharnie, (see *Grundemann, Robert Friederich), Salem Church Record 9/14/1895 (Bp)

LENAU,                 Elizabeth, (see *Reher, Ernst August) Salem Church Record 9/15/1895 (Bp)

LENDHOLM,        Alma, to COMMENT, Charles, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/16/1895

LENZ,                     Charles, 28 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 4/24/1895

LEON,                    Isidor, to FANCHER, Stella M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/21/1895

LEON,                    I. @ res. of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. D. Linton, to FANCHER, Stella,

                                d/o Dr. R. B. Francher of TX, 1/21/1895 DP 1/24/1895 (Marr.)

LEONARD,           Clara A., and PRICE, Samuel C. RMN 5/21/1895 (ML)

LEONARD,           Clara A., to PRICE, Samuel C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/20/1895

LEONARD,           Grace, to DUGGAN, James A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/5/1895

LEONARD,           Maggie, to RICHARDSON, William B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/1/1895

LEONARD,           Margarette, to WILSON, William R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/12/1895

LEONARD,           N. W., (Mrs.) (member of Aux. Order of RR Conductors) DP 4/13/1895

LEONARD,           Thomas, to GILLIGAN, Nora, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/12/1895

LEONI,                   Pienna, to DALSOGLIO, Ermete, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 1/18/1895

LEOPER,                Chester 1/12, int Riverside Cemetery 4/13/1895

LEOPER,                Rosa, 21 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/24/1895

LEPOLE,                Father, (is prosecuting witness in Albi trial-see *Albi, Giovani) DP 4/27/1895

LEPORE,                Father, (of Mt. Carmel Chch, N. Denver, helps fund raising) RMN 2/4/1895

LEPPEL,                 B., (listed under “Saloons” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

LERCHEN,             Charles, to HAGGERTY, Naomi M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/6/1895

LERNARD,            Lawrence, 7/365, int Calvary Cemetery 5/22/1895

LEROY,                  infant, 2/12 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/13/1895

LESEM,                  Dr., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LESENEA,             J. A., (is Trustee at Town of Colfax) Denver City Directory

LESSLEY,              Maude, 18 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/11/1895

LESSLEY,              Maude E., (eldest d/o Eugene & Ella Lessley, from residence 2316 E. 14th) RMN 12/11/1895 (D)

LESSEM                SAM & CO., (owns Old Kentucky Mine) DP 4/27/1895

LESTER,                C. J., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LESTNER,             John C., (is on mail waiting listed, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LETLE,                   Mae E., to SECORD, Courtland, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 1/23/1895

LETT,                     Matilda, to RUGER, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

LEUNGBERG,       Lena or Christina C., 17 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/13/1895

LEVERTON,          James, (RCC 72594, File #667, #668, #672) Probate Records Index-Boulder Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1895

LEVERTON,          Francais, (RCC 72594, File #667) Probate Records Index-Boulder Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1894

LEVI,                      child of George, int Riverside Cemetery 3/29/1895

LEVIN,                   H., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

LEVINE,                 H. C., 2/12, int Riverside Cemetery 9/2/1895

LEVING,                 Sanford, (is Town Treasurer at Town of Globeville) Denver City Directory

LEWES                  & NADOCH, (listed under “Saloons” @ Trinidad) Colorado Business Directory

LEWIN,                  Ed, (listed under “Saloons” @ 2404 Larimer, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

LEWIN,                  Ed, (reports losing $9.90 to flimflam artists) RMN 4/6/1895

LEWIN,                  Ed, (tricksters secure $9.90 from his saloon) DP 4/10/1895

LEVINGS,              Stephen, and O'DONNELL, Sarah, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

LEVIS,                    H. B., (listed under “Saloons” @ Cripple Creek) Colorado Business Directory

LEWIS,                  Alfred, to HUBBELL, Lucia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/27/1895

LEWIS,                  Aaron P., (& wife Amy, custody battle over grandchild w/Alonzo B. Ullery, divorced husband of late Flora Ullery)

                                RMN 9/29/1895

LEWIS,                  Bessie, 1 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/14/1895

LEWIS,                  Billy, (repeater & prize fighter-suspect in Gaffron death *see Gaffron)RMN 4/10/1895

LEWIS,                  Billy, (prize fighter-rumors state 20 votes posted in his name-electon fraud case) RMN 4/13/1895

LEWIS,                  Billy, (of Denver-to box Jim Flynn of Gallup) RMN 4/15/1895

LEWIS,                  Clayton, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery)6/25/1895

LEWIS,                  Clayton E., to JOHANN, Laura, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/18/1895

LEWIS,                  D. Mayne, to THOMPSON, Maud A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/1/1895

LEWIS,                  E. (new trial on suit against Denver City Cable-denied) DP 4/15/1895

LEWIS,                  Edmund H. C., to WILEY, Maggie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/14/1895

LEWIS,                  E. M., (is 3rd ward alderman at City of Highlands) Denver City Directory

LEWIS,                  Ella, to BROWN, Page, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/16/1895

LEWIS,                  Flora E., (Mrs.), home of uncle John R. Ewan, Larchland, ILL., d/o Mrs. A. J. Lewis, sister of A. D. Lewis)

RMN 9/22/1895 (D)

LEWIS,                  Flora C., 32 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/24/1895

LEWIS,                  Frederick C., to FINE, Edna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/23/1895

LEWIS,                  Frederick C., and FINE, Edna, DP 1/23/1895 (ML)

LEWIS,                  Gracie, 3 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/15/1895

LEWIS,                  George F., (is Town Treasurer of City of Highlands) Denver City Directory

LEWIS,                  Gus, (chgd w/stealing $15 from Matt Plaughter) DP 4/3/1895

LEWIS,                  Hattie, (Miss), (graduates from Central City public school)  RMN 6/9/1895

LEWIS,                  Jerome, (listed under “Saloons” @ Holyoke) Colorado Business Directory

LEWIS,                  John, (1352 Tremont, wants to marry and earn a trade, partially blind, applies to Board of Charities

for help, see News Article page) DP 7/6/1895

LEWIS,                  J. P., (listed under “Saloons” @ 514 Bell Av., Denver) Colorado Business Directory

LEWIS,                  Jim, (prize fighter-rumors state 20 votes posted in his name-electon fraud case) RMN 4/13/1895

LEWIS,                  Kate, to HUDDLESON, Archie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/2/1895

LEWIS,                  Mary A., 4 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/30/1895

LEWIS,                  Netty, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LEWIS,                  Norman, (swallows silver dollar while playing with his child-he survives) DP 4/13/1895

LEWIS,                  Robert, 2/365, int Calvary Cemetery 2/22/189

LEWIS,                  W. D., 77 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/15/1895

LEWIS,                  W. J., (is listed under Mining, @ Black Hawk) Colorado State Business Directory

LEWIS,                  William, (@ Salida, 7/29, 49 yrs, funeral from 443 S. Tremont) RMN 7/31/1895 (D)

LEWIS,                  William, 35 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/31/1895

LEWIS,                  William W., (sued by George Tritch for $818.78) RMN 4/9/1895

LIBBY,                   Ellen T., w/o C. M. Libby, from residence 523 S. Water St., int Fairmount RMN 8/4/1895 (D)

LIBBY,                   Ellen T., 52 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/4/1895

LICHTE,                 Mary Elizabeth, to BUNCH, Robert Lee, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/17/1895

LICHTENHELD,   R. W., to KOCH, Dora M., both of Golden, (Witnesses: Henry Klein & Molly

                                Miller), @ Denver, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 6/17/1895

LICHTER,              Anton, to TUOMY, Mary Beatrice, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/17/1895

LIEBERKNECT,    K., (real estate transfer to A. Vetten-$350) DP 3/30/1895

LIEBRICH,             Eugene, (arrested & chgd by AnseimFriedman, w/stealing a cow from him) RMN 5/28/1895

LIEHOLD,              Charles, 25 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/19/1895

LIETZ,                    Hermann, (Germany-Declaration of intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe County Court) 4/22/1895

LIGGETT,              Emma O., (Mrs.), (elected Supt. of Schools, Kiowa Cnty)  RMN 11/24/1895

LIGHT,                   Blanche I., to HOW, William C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/31/1895

LIGHT,                   Don, (clk in drug store "flimflamed" by Frank Moore) RMN 4/10/1895

LIGHT,                   E. B., (secretary of the Chamber of Commerce wants to keep mining expo open) RMN 3/17/1895

LIGHTFOOT,        Harry L., to SMITH, Henrietta Ellis, both of Lakewood, Jefferson Cnty,

                                @ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 3/21/1895

LIKES,                    Bertha, to LAWS, Louis V., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/12/1895

LILGA,                   Axel, to JONSON, Mary, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/20/1895

LILLEY,                  John G., (Mrs.), int Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, CO (Littleton Cemetery Office Records) 4/26/1895

LILLIE                    GOLD MINING CO., (@El  Paso Cnty, incorporates; F.  H. Moriey, A. P. Mackey, J. P. Pomeroy, J. W. Monteith,

                                & W. A. Otis, capital $1,000,000) RMN 11/26/1895

LILLIE                    MINE, THE, (@ Cripple Creek, adjoining the Vindicator, sold to Frank O. Wood & Assoc. of Colo. Spgs) RMN 7/27/1895

LIMB,                     John A., 42 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/24/1895

LIMB,                     John A., (prominent member Chirst M. E. Church, @ from residence 2922 Marion St. RMN 10/24/1895 (D)

LIMBACH,            Edmund C., (Monument, rec’s diploma from State School of Mines) RMN 6/7/1895

LIMBACH,            H., (listed under “Saloons” @ Monument) Colorado Business Directory

LINCE,                   Mary B., to EARLS, Charles H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/29/1895

LINCK,                   Emma K., to FERBER, Bernhard C. RMN 6/2/1895 (ML)

LINCOLN,             child of F. J.,(stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 6/16/1895

LINCOLN,             Sam, (listed under “Saloons” @ El Moro) Colorado Business Directory

LIND,                     Ellen, 22 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/19/1895

LIND,                     Gust, (listed under “Saloons” @ Anaconda) Colorado Business Directory

LIND,                     Peter, (sues Gustave Lind for Divorce, marr. 1871, Bostel Soken, Sweden, left her in 1881, due to her bad temper

                                and extreme cruelty) RMN 8/21/1895

LIND,                     Susannah, 18 months, int Riverside Cemetery 3/27/1895

LINDBLADE,        B. C., (Mrs.), 55 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 1/1/1895

LINDEN,                Alfred, (court decision #766-John R. Black) DP 4/8/1895

LINDGREN,           Peter J., to JOHNSON, Christina, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/9/1895

LINDLEY,              Katie, to MARKO, Andrew, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/31/1895

LINDQUIST,         Axel Wilhelm, 2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/20/1895

LINDSAY,             Annie, to CAMPBELL, William D., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/7/1895

LINDSAY,             Joseph, to KANE, Maggie, (married @ Georgetown by Rev. Father Howlett) RMN 7/26/1895 (Marr.)

LINDSAY,             M. S., (purchased 58 hogs) RMN 1/19/1895

LINDSAY,             Z. T., (vs W. H. Moore, case #22070-dismissed, plaintiff's costs) RMN 2/6/1895

LINDSTEDT,        Simeon, (Sweden/Norway-Declaration of intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe Cnty Court) 1/17/1895

LINDSTROM,       Mary, to OKERSTROM, Charles, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/28/1895

LINDSTRUM,       A., (listed under “Mining” @ Empire) Colorado Business Directory

LINES,                    Frank, (Mrs.), card of thanks to D.R.G. Ry kindness during illness & death of husband RMN 5/18/1895

LINGHAM,           Richard, 84 yrs, from residence of daughter, Mrs. John Hubbard, 2720 Lawrence RMN 12/7/1895 (D)

LINK,                     George, (adjudged insane 1885-night watchman-recovered-found to have a brain abcess) Boulder

                                Cnty Deaths (Insane section) 2/7/1895

LINK                      & PENNOCK,  (see *Pennock & Link) Colorado Business Directory

LINN,                     George W., to DE WILDE, Adelaide B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/10/1895

LINN,                     George W., to DE WILDE, Adelaide B., RMN 7/10/1895 (ML)

LINSCOTT,           E. May, to ROBINSON, William Francis, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/17/1895

LINSCOTT,           May, (d/o Samuel K., of 320 Kent St.), to ROBINSON, William Francis, Attorney at Law RMN 7/18/1895 (Marr.)

LINTS,                   S. Willard, (granted divorce from Mamie C., grounds of desertion) RMN 5/26/1895

LINTZ,                   Daniel, 36 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/18/1895

LINTZ,                   Daniel, age 36, @ St. Anthony's DP 4/16/1895 (D)

LINTZ,                   Daniel, (Retail Butchers Assoc. req. attendance @ funeral) RMN 4/18/1895

LIPE,                       Elizebeth, (sued by Emeline Fox-Arap. Cnty Sup.Crt. #3382)DP 4/20/1895

LIPPERD,               Maud Edith, 21 ½ yrs, from family residence 1208 S. 8th RMN 10/8/1895 (D)

LIPPERD,               Maude E., 21 1/2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 10/9/1895

LIPPERT,               C. H., to GRIFFITH, E. F., (Boulder County Marriages) 6/5/1895

LIPPINCOTT,       Anna, to SEYMOUR, Thomas H., (Araphaoe Cnty Marriages) 8/14/1895

LIPPOLD,              Charlie R., to BOYNTON, Hattie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/17/1895

LIPPS,                    J. J., (real estate to H. B. Sessinghaus) DP 4/15/1895

LIPSCHITS,           Louis, (app’t by fire & police-makes arrest of Sam Miller w/club-Miller chgs assault) RMN 5/3/1895

LIPSEY,                  Maggie, to VAN DEREW, Frank Wallace, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 7/23/1895

LIPSEY,                  Maggie, to VAN DEREN, Frank, (@ home of bride in Lafayette, 7/23/1895-to live in Marshall, long

                                article about gifts & givers (per original author) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 7/25/1895 (Marr.)

LIPSHEETS,          Louis, (app'td as patrolman) DP 4/16/1895

LISBON,                Sophia, to KERRIK, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/4/1895

LISSENBERGER,  Marx, (is on mail waiting listed, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LISSOLO,              B., Italy, Declaration of Intent, (Boulder Naturalization- District Court) 5/22/1895

LISTMAN,            Katie, (parents charged T. S. Peatee with assault on her) RMN 8/22/1895

LITAVECY,           Andro, Austria, Declaration of Intent, 3/1/1895, naturalized 10/26/1904, (Boulder County Distict Court)

LITTLE                  ALBERT MINE, (near Donaldson Mine, recently started up by leasers) RMN 9/30/1895

LITTLE                  EMMA SALOON, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1700 19th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

LITTLE,                 Gus B., to DUFFY, Kate, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/3/1895

LITTLE                  JOHNNY MINE, ("Dod Rollo, jailed for participating in robbery of guard house) DP 2/7/1895

LITTLE,                 T., Jr., (is listed under Mining, @ Aspen) Colorado State Business Directory

LITTLEFIELD,      Lon, (thieves break in-steal pants & $7.50 from house)DP 4/12/1895

LIVERMAN,         L. L., (real estate tnsfr to G. Stroh) DP 2/20/1895

LIVERMORE,        Edward, (home of uncle Jos. Wolff, age 30, to Boulder 19 yrs ago) Boulder Cnty Deaths 3/5/1895

LIVERMORE,        Edward, @ home of uncle, Joseph Wolfe @ Boulder, see Obits page) DP 3/7/1895 (Ob)

LIVERMORE,        P. P., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/16/1895

LIVESAY,              J. McDonald, (lawyer represents Wm. H. Bolthoff-see *Bolthoff) RMN 5/23/1895

LIVEZAY,              Emma E., to ROGERS, Edward C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/14/1895

LIVING,                  Emma, to DAHL, Nels, (see * Dahl, Emma, 2/21/1900-Boulder County Marriages) 1/24/1895,

LIVINGSTON,       J. N., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LIVINGSTONE,    Joe, (questioned about gunney sack he carried) DP 4/3/1895

LIVINGSTONE,    Joe, (arrested for having stolen grip owned by W. L. Burson of San Luis Valley) DP 4/5/1895

LIVINGSTONE,    Joe, (member of the juvenile gang headed by Chas. Gavin) DP 4/16/1895

LLIGGINSON,       Frances, to COLLIE, Gerald, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/8/1895

LLOYD,                  Albert, (injured-burned in mine explosion @ Sopris, @ Trinidad-4 died) RMN 5/11/1895

LLOYD                   & JONES, (see *Jones & Lloyd) Colorado Business Directory

LLOYD,                  Mrs., (age 84, one of oldest residents of Boulder Cnty) Boulder Cnty Deaths 11/8/1895

LLOYD,                  W. A., of Colo Spgs (attends natl YMCA meeting in Denver) DP 3/25/1895

LLOYD                   & WALTON, (*see Walton & Lloyd) Colorado Business Directory

LLOYD,                  William H., to WELLS, Anna M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/13/1895

LOBB,                    Sidney W., (Great Britain/Ireland-Declaration of intent to become a citizen- Arapahoe Cnty Crt) 10/5/1895

LOCKE,                  Edgar R., to WALKER, Martha R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/26/1895

LOCKE,                  J. G., (Dr.), (is on mail waiting listed, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LOCKFORD,         George, (election judge accused of violations) DP 4/8/1895

LOCKHART,        J. A. (@ Rocky Ford, 300 tons hay destroyed by fire) DP 4/8/1895

LOCKHART,        William M., to MC ENIRY, Mary Ellen, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/28/1895

LOCKHART,        Adelia, 54 yrs, from residence cor 3rd & Josephine, Harman RMN 9/21/1895 (D)

LOCKHERT,         Adelia, 54 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/21/1895

LOCKWOOD,       Robert C., dod 3/7/1895, RMN 3/9/1895 (D)

LOCKWOOD,       Robert C., DP 3/9/1895 (D)

LOCKWOOD,       Robert C., RMN 3/10/1895 (FN)

LOCKWOOD,       Robert C., 48 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/10/1895

LOCKWOOD,       Robert C., (RCC 42790, File #269) Probate Records Index-Jefferson Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1895

LOCKWOOD,       Senator, (from Boulder, is registered at the American House) RMN 12/31/1894

LOCOCK,              Wilfred, age 18, @ Lafayette, CO. (killed by falling coal @ Otis mine) RMN 4/5/1895

LOEB,                     Ben, (listed under “Saloons” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

LOFTUS,               Mike, (listed under “Saloons” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

LOHDEN,              Lilie Dora, b. 6/22/1891,  d/o Martin and Amanda (Baasch), (Godparents: August Reher &

Dora Baasch), Salem Church Record 9/15/1895 (Bp)

LOHDEN,              Martin, (see Reher, Ernst August), Salem Church Record 9/15/1895 (Bp)

LOGAN,                 John, (to the wife of John Logan, 3553 Wynkoop, 11/4, a son) RMN 11/5/1895 (B)

LOGAN,                 Edna, 7 1/2 months, int Riverside Cemetery 4/25/1895

LOGAN,                 Walter S., (stockholder in Coml Coal  Co., petitions court to appt reciever-capital stock $700) RMN 5/22/1895

LOGUE,                  Mary E., to CAMPBELL, Michael J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/7/1895

LOICONO,             E., (real estate transfer from Italian Colony & Land Co.-$50) DP 3/30/1895

LONDON,              Ed, (see *Chrystal Rock African American Land & Improvement Co., Montezuma Cnty) RMN 11/26/1895

LONDONER,         Wolf, (to Jerusalem w/Denver Shiners , Mystic Shriners excursion, for three months) DP 1/10/1895

LONERGAN          & JONES,  (see Jones & Lonergan) Colorado Business Directory

LONG,                    George W., to HEPKIN, Amanda, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/20/1895

LONG,                    Jay, (see *Long, Ruby Mae) RMN 11/17/1895 (D)

LONG,                    Jay,  (Card of Thanks from Jay Long and Mrs. Grace Long) RMN 11/20/1895

LONG,                    May, to Barnard, Edwin W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/25/1895

LONG,                    R. A., (appellant, vs James W. Sullivan, heard at Supreme Crt, from case in Arapahoe Cnty) DP 4/5/1895

LONG,                    Robert A., (vs James W. Sullivan-@Arap. Cnty-Supreme Crt #3303) DP 4/20/1895

LONG,                    Ruby Mae, 8 yrs, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Jay Long, funeral from North Presbyterian Church RMN 11/17/1895 (D)

LONG,                    Ruby M., 8 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/18/1895

LONG,                    W. T. (appointed by gov. to Board of pharmacy) DP 3/26/1895

LONGBECK,         William, (Germany-Declaration of intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe County Court) 5/13/1895

LONGEAY,            Marie E., (takes part in Miss Dodd School commencement excercises) RMN 6/6/1895

LONGFELLOW    GOLD MINING & MILLLING CO, (@El Paso Cnty, incorporates; Sylvester Johnson, W. R. Jenkins, C. Hemenway,

                                capital $100,000) RMN 11/26/1895

LONGHREY,         William, (listed under “Saloons” @ Canon City) Colorado Business Directory

LONGTIN,             Maud, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LONNSBURY,      George F., to WILLIAMS, Alice M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

LONQUIST,          C., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

LONSDALE,         Alfred, Great Britain/Ireland, 10 yrs in U. S., (Jefferson County Naturalization

                                Records-Naturalized) 11/29/1895

LONSDALE,         Frank, Great Britain/Ireland, Declaration of Intent, Nodaway, Co. MO., 12/18/1890,

                                (Jefferson County Naturalization Records-Naturalized) 11/29/1895

LONSDALE,         Frank, (Rev.), (of Golden, attends Reform convention meeting) 6/5/1895

LOOMIS,               A. M., (on jury-see *Ronaldson murder trial) RMN 2/1/1895

LOOMIS,               C. B., (is on mail waiting listed, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LOOMIS,               Charles A., 4 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 1/11/1895

LOOMIS,               Chas., (a witness from Ft. Logon to testify at court martial in Wyo.) DP 4/13/1895

LOOMIS,               G., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

LOOMIS,               Guy E., to EDWARDS, Irene C., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 9/1/1895

LOOMIS,               William, (app'td city detective) DP 4/16/1895

LOPER,                  Prudence R., to ARENDALE, Dell R., (Arap. Cnty Marr.) 1/25/1895

LORAIN,               Richard, (from Mesa Cnty, 10 yrs burglary, applies for pardon, feels “jutice has been satisfied”, see Scoundrel’s

                                page, *Pardons) RMN 1/5/1895

LORD,                    Alice, (see *McDonald, Mary, sued by Mary for malicious swearing to her sanity in earlier case) DP 7/6/1895

LORENZ,               John, (Geo. H. Breitschererdt of Canada writes Mayor seeking whereabouts  of John,

                                who came to Denver in 1892) DP 4/11/1895

LORENZEN,          Olga, 5/12, int Riverside Cemetery 4/23/1895

LORIMER,             T. R., (listed under “Saloons” @ Cripple Creek) Colorado Business Directory

LORING,                Charles, (@ Longmont, age 65, h/o Mary F.) Boulder Cnty Deaths 3/25/1895

LORTY,                  Mr., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LOS                        ANGELES MINE, THE, (s. of the Blue Bird, @ Cripple Creek, small claim-could develop to great mine) RMN 7/27/1895

LOTHROP,            Wilbur C., (court case decision #774-John S. Flower) DP 4/8/1895

LOT,                       Hadda Mathilda, (to GUSTAFSON, Gustav Adolf, 1/21/1895 at Pres. Church of Boulder, to live

                                in Niwot) Boulder Cnty News extracts 1/30/1895 (Marr.)

LOTZ,                    Wm., (to attend national YMCA convention in Denver) 3/25/1895

LOUD,                    George, to BOPE, Maud, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/24/1895

LOUDERBAUGH,G. W., (is seated as juror on Demady murder trial-*See Demady) DP 4/19/1895

LOUDERBAUGH,G. W., (age 68, Colo. resident 15 yrs, selected to Demady jury) DP 4/19/1895

LOUDES,               (warrant- arrested for thrashing alleged kidnaper of sister) DP 4/5/1895

LOUGHRAN,        Paul J., (Great Britain/Ireland-Declaration of intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe Cnty Court) 6/27/1895

LOVE,                     John V., (tried for cursing at S. H. Petitt for stone throwing) DP 3/23/1895

LOVELAND,         Frank W. (vs Chas. A. Treat to prevent sale of property from Loveland estate) DP 4/3/1895

LOVELAND,         William A. H., (RCC 42790, File #262) Probate Record Index-Jefferson Cnty-Colorado State Archives

LOVELY,                L., (real estate transfer from J. L. Sullivan) DP 4/27/1895

LOVETT,               Annie Jane, to PROVENCE, John Wesley, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/1/1895

LOVETTI,              G. S., 21 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 6/1/1895

LOY,                       Lucinda, to BALDRIDGE, Hiram, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/18/1895

LOYND,                 Mary E., 84 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/8/1895

LOWDENZE,        M., (is elected to board of trustees for Polish Independent Club) RMN 9/13/1895

LOWE,                   Harry A., to EASTWOOD, Martha L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/16/1895

LOWE,                   John Hackett, (Great Britain/Ireland-Declaration of Intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe Cnty Crt) 4/30/1895

LOWE,                   L. C., (listed under “Saloons” @ Creede-Town) Colorado Business Directory

LOWE,                   vs. Lowe, (divorce, show cause why no punishment for failure to pay alimony) RMN 4/6/1895

LOWE,                   Milton C., to ROBINSON, Francais E., (Boulder County Marriages) 3/13/1895

LOWE,                   Milton C., (of Colo. Spgs, s/o J. H. Lowe of Boulder, to ROBINSON, Frances E., d/o D. A. Robinson,

                                of Boulder, 3/13/1895) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 3/14/1895

LOWEDU,             Annie, Great Britain/Ireland, (U.S. District Court-Denver-Declarations of Intention-Record #560) 11/29/1895

LOWELL,              Evelyne A., to BANGS, James E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/22/1895

LOWELL,              Frank Horatio, to BENNETT, Mildred, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/4/1895

LOWERRE,           John W., (father-in-law of Geo. Kroening, appt. admin. of estate valued @ $4,000 *see

Kroening murder) DP 3/26/1895

LOWERY,              Carrie E., to KEACH, Elmer E., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 1/1/1901

LOWN,                  Guertha May, to BEALS, John Borden, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 7/31/1895

LOWNEY,             John, (@ Leadville, escapes injury from dynamite blast) RMN 10/7/1895

LOWREY,              Annie, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LOWREZE,           F., (is elected to board of trustees for Polish Independent Club) RMN 9/13/1895

LOWRIE,               John, 40 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/2/1895

LOWRY,                Edith, to CHARLTON, James J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/31/1895

LOWRY,                Sadie E., to THOMAS, John A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/19/1895

LUBAUN,              John, (@Trinidad, killed at Sopris mine explosion, unmarried) RMN 5/11/1895

LUBERS,                Anna, 37 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 7/17/1895

LUBERS,                Anna, age 37, w/o Charles Lubers,  on 7/16/1895, funeral from Olinger’s Undertaking, 2409 15th RMN 7/17/1895

LUCAK,                 William, (@ Lafayette, age 17-killed @ Durant Mine cave-in) DP 4/5/1895

LUCAS,                 Jonas E., (files $10,000 bond for position of Cnty Comm.  of Sedgwick Cnty) DP 4/23/1895

LUCCHESI,           John, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1301 Blake, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

LUCKETTS,          Amedeo, to LUGCHAGI, Merri, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 7/1/1895

LUCOCK,              Wilfred, (age 17, lot of coal fell on him @ Otis Mine) Boulder Cnty Deaths 4/4/1895

LUCOK,                 William, age 17, @ Lafayette (instantly killed by caving in rock at the  Otis Mine) DP 4/5/1895

LUCORE,               Ladena, (is robbed by Mamie/May Biglow, of $70, *see Biglow, Mamie) DP 1/5/1895

LUDLOW,             Julia, to MORRELL, Anthony, 11/4, @ old Ludlow farm, brides home, Boulder Cnty News abstracts 11/6/1895

LUDLOW,             Julia, to MORELL, Anthony, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/4/1895

LUDWIG,              Henry F., to ALTFLISCH, Josephine, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/19/1895

LUEDERS              & ANDERSON, (listed under “Saloons” @ Idaho Springs) Colorado Business Directory

LUFGREEN,          Clara Augusta, to SHEPPERSON, Thomas, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/10/1895

LUFLOW,              Frederick Hebert, age 9/12, grandson of Mr. & Mrs. F. G.  Hitzfeld, int Fairmount, RMN 3/30/1895 (D)

LUGCHAGI,          Merri, to LUCKETTS, Amedeo, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 7/1/1895

LUKE,                    James, 35 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/25/1895

LUKE,                    Minnie E., (displays art work @ Artists Club) DP 4/1/1895

LUNAIN,               Fia, 28 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 12/27/1895

LUND,                    Amanda M., to HOLMAN, Carl T., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/3/1895

LUND,                    baby, (ch. of Mr. & Mrs. John Lund, 7/365) Boulder Cnty Deaths 12/1/1895

LUNDBURG,         child of Charles, (stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 4/6/1895

LUNDBIAD,         G. F., (buys property from  H. Schlingman) RMN 2/6/1895

LUNDGREN,         Chrissie, to VEST, Geroge W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/18/1895

LUNDGREN,         Emma, (see *also Sundgren), of Longmont, to ANDERSON, Otto Wilhelm, of Niwot, @ Ryssby, 8/28/1895,

                                Boulder Cnty News abstracts 9/4/1895

LUNDGREEN,       Lillie, (tried on her sanity, contracted sick spells from over work, causing mild insanity, jury finds her insane,

see News Article page, *Insanity,) DP 1/3/1895

LUNDIN,               Nellie, to JOHNSON, August, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/30/1895

LUNDLE,               P., (listed under “Mining” @ Lamartine) Colorado Business Directory

LUNDQUIST,       Victor G., to JOHNSON, Theckla M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/14/1895

LUNDY,                 Mabel, to SHROTE, John M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/7/1895

LUNGREN,            baby, int Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, CO (Littleton Cemetery Office Records) 5/10/1895 (Public)

LUNNEY,               Elizabeth, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 6/22/1895

LUNNEY,               George, (is Trustee for Town of Colfax) Denver City Directory

LUNTEY,               W. H., (teamster @ Blake commission house, thrown from wagon-injuries not life threatening) DP 3/26/1895

LUPINE,                 Myrtle A., 25/365, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/9/1895

LUPLOW,              Carl R., to BLESSING, Elizabeth R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/12/1895

LUPLOW,              Frederick, 9/12 yrs, (*see LUFLOW, F.), int Fairmount Cemetery 4/3/1895

LUPTON                BROS., (listed under “Saloons” @ Aspen Junction) Colorado Business Directory

LUPTON,               Herbert, (applies for timber culture certificate at U. S. land office) RMN 7/9/1895

LUSTIG,                 Joseph, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1501 Blake) Colorado Business Directory

LUTITO,                Rosina, 16 days, int Riverside Cemetery 7/8/1895

LUTZ,                    John George, to MURRAY, Bertha May, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

LUTZ,                    Plus, (bricklayer's German relatives try to find him to rec' his share of family estate) DP 3/26/1895

LYDEN,                  Patrick J., 7 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 5/31/1895

LYMAN,                Clarence A., to SWETT, Idella, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/2/1895

LYMAN,                Hattie A., to BLOOM, B. F., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 5/25/1895

LYNCH,                 Daniel, (thrown from wagon 2 yrs ago-poor health since) Boulder Cnty Deaths 11/15/1895

LYNCH,                 Daniel L., (RCC 72594, File #669) Probate Records Index-Boulder Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1895

LYNCH,                 Helen, to OLSEN, Richard, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/27/1895

LYNCH,                 Humphrey, (Great Britain, Declaration of Intent) Gilpin Cnty Naturalizations 1863-1910 3/16/1895

LYNCH,                 John, (is elected financial secty, Rocky Mountain Athletic Club) RMN 11/15/1895

LYNCH,                 Joseph H., (of New York @ St. Anthony’s Hospital), int Mount Olivet, DP 2/11/1895 (FN)

LYNCH,                 Mary, (Mrs.), to GRIER, Frank, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/17/1895

LYNCH,                 Owen, (is on mail waiting listed, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LYNDS,                  Arthur B., to DICKERSON, Pauline, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/15/1895

LYNDSAY,            Robert, @ Pine Crove, (accidentally shot/killed by school friend Frank Steele while shooting snow birds) DP 3/24/1895

LYNEMAN,          E. Pauline, to SCHOLLARY, George, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/10/1895

LYNEMAN,          H. P., (Mrs.), (adopted sister of Rebman, Robert Lee, see *Rebman) DP 4/22/1895

LYNES                   & SLATTERY, (listed under “Saloons” @ Red Mountain) Colorado Business Directory

LYONG,                 Robert J., (@ Colo. Spgs. makes bail-suspected of being leader in Strong mine riot) RMN 5/12/1895

LYON,                    Budd, (is on mail waiting listed, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

LYONS,                  David M., 56 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/9/1895

LYONS,                  Father, (deceased pastor of St. Mary’s Cathedral, funeral service description, int Mt.Olivet, *see Lyons

Obits  page) RMN 6/4/1895

LYONS,                  Harry K., (admin. of estate of Gustave C. DeBronkart, sued by Marsland & Marion

& heirs to partition real estate) RMN 4/4/1895

LYONS,                  Olive (files suit against Wm. R. Young & David Cinnamond-to recover $230 notes) RMN 4/10/1895

LYREMAN,           Victor, 2 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/24/1895

LYTLE,                   George, (Mr. & Mrs.), (see *Worrick, O. P., (Mrs.), death of daughter @ Magnolia, see Obits page) RMN 1/8/1895 (Ob)

LYTTON,               Alfred P. to BEANE, Mary J., both of Denver, (Wit: J. W. Barnes), @  Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 7/5/1895