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Excerpts of Vital Statistics Notices, Lists

And Selected General News Excerpts Appearing In

Denver And Surrounding Areas.


Newspapers, Post Offices, City & Business Directories, Cemetery Listings, Marriage Listings

Probate Indexes and Naturalization Records

For The Year




d/o=Daughter of                                  int=Interment location                         FN=Funeral Notice

s/o=Son of                                            Marr.=Married                                      ML=Marriage License

m/o=Mother of                                     f/o=Father of                                         dod=Date of death

Ob=Obit(brief)                                      Bp=Baptized                                         h/o=Husband of

D=Death notice                                    B=Born                                                  b/o=Brother of


                  RMN=Rocky Mountain News                                           DP=Denver Post                 


This information is provided free and may not be reproduced in any format for profit. All items have been transcribed and there are no electronic reproductions in this listing. The transcriber, prior to inclusion in this listing, has transcribed from source books, indexes,

microfilm, original ledgers and card files. When available, original source documents have been viewed as a verification of indexes.

Copyright © 2000 Rita’s Colorado Genealogy Clues


QUAINTANCE,   B. P., (rec’s payment $3.30 for supplies to the Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 8/1895

QUAINTANCE,   Lee, (Mr. & Mrs., see *Edwards, Lucille Hester, granddaughter death notice) RMN 8/24/1895 (D)

QUARTERMAN, W. Palmer, to STONE, Lena May, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/19/1895

QUARTINE,          Catarina, to COMO, Frank, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/25/1895

QUAY                    & WATROUS, (see *Watrous & Quay) Colorado Business Directory

QUAY,                   John Q., (app'td bookkeeper/deputy of supplies by Mayor McMurray) DP 4/20/1895

QUICK,                  Elizabeth M., to BAUGH, Stuart L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/16/1895

QUICK,                  H. T., (rec’d $4.35 for payment of fuel for Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records  10/1895

QUICK,                  Jane to QUICK, William RMN 4/9/1895 (ML)

QUICK,                  Jane, to QUICK, William H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/8/1895

QUICK,                  M. W., (listed under “Mining”, @ Gunnison) Colorado Business Directory

QUICK,                  Robert, (Great Britain, Declaration of Intent) Gilpin Cnty Naturalizations 1863-1910 7/6/1894

QUICK,                  William to Quick, Jane RMN 4/9/1895 (ML)

QUICK,                  William H., to QUICK, Jane, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/8/1895

QUIGLEY,              D. B., to SMITH, Hattie A., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 6/11/1895

QUIMBY,              Lewis H., to BROEN, Anna A., both of Denver, @ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 4/11/1895

QUINBY,               L. H., (old resident of Denver, applies w/governor for position on Fire & Police Board) RMN 1/11/1895

QUINBY,               Louisa, to HAYDEN, Edwin A., (Boulder County Marriages) 10/22/1895

QUINE,                  Polly, w/o Joseph Quine, (drank two-ounce bottle of laudanum, did not survive), married

14 yrs, one daughter RMN 4/5/1895

QUINE,                  Thomas, (listed under “Saloons” @ Coal Creek) Colorado Business Directory

QUINLAN,            A. J., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

QUINN,                  Aura, age 1 4/12  yrs, d/o Menna & Charles Quinn, services from 113 W. Bayaud RMN 7/9/1895 (D)

QUINN,                  B., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Rouse) Colorado Business Directory

QUINN,                  Gust, (is listed under “Saloons” @ cor 15th & Larimer, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

QUINN,                  Mary, to HEIN, Christ, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/1/1895

QUINTRAL,          Clara, 31 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/8/1895

QUINTRAL,          James, 16/365, int Riverside Cemetery 2/15/1895

QUINTRALL,       Charles, to STERNS, Rosa M., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 1/21/1895

QUIRK,                  Catherine, to BISHOP, George, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/27/1895

QUIST                    & JOHNSON, (listed under “Saloons” @ Ridgway) Colorado Business Directory

QUITO                   MINE, (@ Idaho Spgs, formerly the General Taylor, reopened by Robert Allen, begins producing again) RMN 9/30/1895

QUREREAU,         D. W. (testifies in Albert McLain case) RMN 4/5/1895

RAAB,                   Maggie, (see *Jaegler, Ludwig Wilhelm) Salem Church Record 12/15/1895

RAABE,                 Herman, (listed under “Saloons” @ 816 15th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

RABE,                    Frank H., to MORGAN, Jennie A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/4/1895

RABENHORST,   E., (is elected delegate to Trades Assembly, Retail Clerks’ Union # 7) DP 1/11/1895

RABER,                 Sue E., (graduates kindergarten-Denver Normal & Preparatory School) RMN 6/3/1895

RADCLIFF,           Benjamin, (kills Samuel Taylor, L. F. McCurdy & Geo. D. Wyatt, school brd members-talk of his

                                dislike-feels they spoke ill of his family @ Como) RMN 5/7/1895

RADCLIFF,           Benjamin, (story of death of wife and ch. left in his care, Howell age 21, and two daughters,

                                17 & 18, father’s role is questionable) RMN 5/8/1895

RADCLIFF,           Benjamin, (@ Fairplay, lynching is threatened) RMN 5/8/1895

RADCLIFF,           Benjamin, (brought to Pueblo-accused of killing 3 @ Como) RMN 5/9/1895

RADCLIFF,           Benjamin, (claims he shot 3 in self defense-was barred from leaving school house) RMN 5/10/1895

RADCLIFF,           R. E., (approached by E. B. Cooke to bribe John Doe/Richard Roe-Radcliff issues complaint) RMN  4/2/1895

RADCLIFF,           R. E., (is acquainted w/circumstances of electon fraud case-ready to testify) RMN 4/13/1895

RADFORD,           Ed, (dpty sheriff @ Trindad arrests Lou Vaneck) RMN 4/14/1895

RADIGAN,            & CO.,  (listed under “Saloons” @ Breckenridge) Colorado Business Directory

RADINA,              Lena A., to MOLITOR, Nicholas, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/30/1895

RAE,                       Thomas (rec'd 39 head of cattle) DP 4/16/1895

RAEZYNSKI,        K., (is elected inside watchman for Polish Independent Club) RMN 9/13/1895

RAGAN                 & SCHULL, (see *Schull & Ragan) Colorado Business Directory

RAGGL,                 Frank, to MALL, Sabina, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/29/1895

RAIKES,                Joseph Walter, to ATTERBERRY, Clara, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/15/1895

RAINE,                  John (sued by City of Highlands-Supreme Crt. #3425) DP 4/1/1895

RAINES,                D. F., (is elected recorder for Polish Independent Club) RMN 9/13/1895

RAINGER,             Fred S., (age 30, consumption, s/o Mrs. H. E. Rainger, int Columbia Cem.) Boulder Cnty Deaths 2/26/1895

RAINGER,             William J., to ELDRED, Pearl, (marr. 1/1/1896) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 12/18/1895

RALL,                    Sophia, to THOMPSON, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/11/1895

RALSTON,            Dorothy, (see *Fleming, John W. & Mary L. – adoption) Denver City & County Probate Index 9/8/1896

RALSTON,            Lucian H., (RCC #42789, File #252) Probate Records Index-Jefferson Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1895

RAMAS,               Antonio, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/13/1895

RAMSEY,              H. R. (reinstated as patrolman) DP 4/16/1895

RAMSEY,              R. J., (Mrs.), (sister of L. F. McCurdy, killed @ Como, see Radcliff, Benjamin, see Clark,

J. C. (Mrs.) RMN 5/7/1895

RAMSDEN,          Maggie, (Miss), is Town Clerk of Town of Colfax) Denver City Directory

RAMSTETTER,   Albert, to McLELLAN, Mary, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/4/1895

RAND,                   R. Louise, to SHERWIN, John O., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/16/1895

RANDALES,         Allie, (@ S. Akron, MA., consumption) Boulder Cnty Deaths 6/27/1895

RANDALL,           Amanda M., (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RANDALL,           Frederick H., (graduates from Denver University School of Law) RMN 6/5/1895

RANDALL,           Thomas, (buried 3/1/1896 city gounds) Golden Cemetery Records 3/1/1896

RANDOLPH,        Calvin, (Mrs.), (member of Union Colony Organization of Greeley) DP 4/21/1895

RANDOLPH,        G. D., (rec'd building permit- $5,000) DP 4/20/1895

RANDOLPH,        Gertrude A. F., to ELGAN, J. R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

RANDOW,            Flora/Florence B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/3/1895

RANK,                   Ida F., to VANCE, Austin B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/30/1895

RANKIN,               McKee (secures lease for theater for new company) DP 3/28/1895

RANKIN,               McKee (performs at theater show) DP 4/15/1895

RANKIN,               McKee, (judge declines to issue injuction to stop him from playing “Trilby in Arkansas) RMN 8/27/1895

RANKINE,            Archibald, (Great Britain/Ireland-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 11/2/1895

RANKINE,            Gordon H., (Great Britain/Ireland-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 11/30/1895

RANKINE,            James A., (Great Britain/Ireland-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 9/17/1895

RANKS,                 Lonia, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RANNELLS,          J. R., (sued by M. J. & A. W. Lawrence on $1652 prom. note) DP 4/22/1895

RANSEL,               LeRoy, 14 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 12/9/1894

RANO,                   Madame Marie, (French consul G. Andre Mondehare, visits Chief Goulding on her behalf, her character

                                not above reproach) RMN 6/6/1895

RANSOM,             Harry S., to ZELLER, Lillian E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/30/1895

RANSON,              Anna, to REINHEIMER, Frank, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 10/1/1895

RANSON,              *see ABRAHAMSON/RANSON, Tekla Maria, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/20/1895

RANSON,              William Hershel, to BELL, Ann, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 5/18/1895

RAPP,                    Amanda, to KAUTH, Jacob, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/20/1895

RAPPOLD,            Emma C. Magler, (Mrs.), to SEITZ, Frank B., @ Buffalo, NY, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

RASBACH,           J. A., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RASEMAN,          Alice Mary, 9 yrs, d/o J. H. and Mrs. Raseman, scarlet fever, 511 12th st. RMN 5/29/1895 (D)

RASMAN,            Alice, 9 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/29/1895

RASMUSSEN,      C., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RASMUSSEN,      Dorothea, to HENDRICKSEN, Vesta C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/28/1895

RASMUSSEN,      Fred, Germany, (U.S. District Court-Denver-Declarations of Intention-Record #557) 7/9/1895

RASMUSSEN,      Henry, Denmark, Notice of Intent to become a citizen, (Boulder County District Court) 12/27/1895

RASMUSSEN,      Lars P., (heirs apply for timber culture certificate at U. S. land office) RMN 7/9/1895

RASMUSSEN,      R. C., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 6/25/1895

RATH,                   Kail, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/2/1895

RAU,                      Emma, to MARR, George L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/25/1895

RAUSCH,              O., (see *Gold Farms Mining Co., Arapahoe & Boulder Cnty) RMN 11/26/1895

RAVENHILL,        William T. to McKEON, Sarah V. RMN 4/13/1895 (ML)

RAVIDA,               Victor Paul, to HERBEN, Angeline, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/7/1895

RAWLEY,             B., (Mrs.) (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RAWOLLE,           Katherine Marie, to ROSENBAUM, Otho Bane, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/26/1895

RAY,                      Aaron, (county court case called-Estate of Aaron Ray, # 3115) RMN 10/7/1895

RAY,                      Annie, (widow of Aaron, fails to prove claim to $1800 from estate-disallowed) RMN 10/8/1895

RAY,                      C. F. (incorporates Exchange Invest. Co. @ Pueblo)DP 4/3/1895

RAY,                      D. M. (elected general mgr of United Mines) DP 3/24/1895

RAY,                      James H., (Great Britain/Ireland-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 9/17/1895

RAY,                      J. E. (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/16/1895

RAY,                      John W., to HATHAWAY, Alma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/16/1895

RAYMER,             James H., to HANCOCK, Mary, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/11/1895

RAYMOND,         Horace, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/4/1895

RAYMOND,         Paul, to WOTRING, Maud Mary, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 6/26/1895

RAYMOND,         W. S., (well known real estate man, leaves for CA. due to poor health, Dr. Hawkins w/him) RMN 8/13/1895

RAYMOND,         a nine pound boy to Mrs. Walter Raymond, in Boston, Mass. RMN 3/18/1895 (B)

RAYNARD,          A. D., (listed under “Saloons” @ Glenwood Springs) Colorado Business Directory

RAYNEY,              W. C., 4 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 2/8/1895

RAYNOR,              Olive, to MAMMS, William H., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 6/26/1895

REA,                       Dora, to BRANDYBERRY, Noah, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 5/22/1895

REA,                       Dora, to BRANDYBERRY, Noah, (Rev.), (@ home of W. G. Lea, near Boulder, 5/22/1895)

                                Boulder Cnty News abstracts 5/23/1895

READ,                    Henry (displays art work @ Artists Club) DP 4/1/1895

READ,                    Susan, (Mrs.), to WILLIAMS, Oliver Strawbridge, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 6/18/1895

REAGAN,              E., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

REANO,                 &PRICCO, (see *Pricco & Reano) Colorado Business Directory

REARDON,           F. M., (one of the incorporators of Battle Mountain Power & Light @ Victor) RMN 6/4/1895

REARDON,           Hannah, to MULQUEEN, James J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/27/1895

REARDON,           Julia, to KINSLEY, Frank, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/4/1895

REBMAN,             Robert Lee, (age 19, commits suicide-home of adopted sister-Mrs. Lyneman-had  rec'd letter earlier-

thought to be the cause) DP 4/22/1895

REBMAN,             Robert Lee, @ residence of Mrs. H. P. Lyneman-remains to Richmond, Va. DP 4/23/1895 (D)

RECKLINN,           A. C., (listed under “Saloons” @ Central City) Colorado Business Directory

RECTOR,               Violet, (2), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

REDFIELD,            George S. (court case decision #145) DP 4/8/1895

REDFIELD,            George W. (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

REDING,                Nicholas, a Belgian (attempts suicide-fear of being hanged) DP 3/23/1895

REDING,                Nicholas, a Belgian (attempts suicide-brother arrives) P 3/24/1895

REDMON,             B., (Mrs.) (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

REDMOND,          William B., to PORTEOUS, Florence, (Mrs.), (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/27/1895

REECE,                   Emma S., 42 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/9/1895

REECE,                   Emma Smith, w/o W. S. Reece, 42 yrs, cancer, services from St. John’s Cathedral RMN 6/9/1895 (D)

REECE,                   Lewis H., to BLACKWELL, Cassie R., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 12/18/1895

REED,                     B., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

REED,                     C. E., (member of Ancient Scottish Rite Masons) DP 4/20/1895

REED,                     Elizabeth S., to STAPLES, Laurens E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/8/1895

REED,                     E. W., to GREENLEAF, William A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/27/1895

REED,                     Frank, (serving 8 yrs for robbery in 1891, pardon denied, *see article under Pardons, Scoundrels page) RMN 8/22/1895

REED,                     Fred N., to FANNING, Marie, both of Denver, (Witnesses: Jas. T. Holland & James McGlennon),

@ Denver, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 5/31/1895

REED,                     Gilbert B., (is President Judge-Colo. State Court of Appeals) Denver City Directory

REED,                     J., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

REED,                     James, (age 12, 2916 Blake St., concussion, after being thrown from horse) RMN 7/26/1895

REED,                     L. E., (son of Dr. Reed @ Altman-assualted) DP 4/4/1895

REED,                     Lucetta, to HIGINBOTHAM, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/20/1895

REED,                     Luella, to HEATH, William A., (Boulder County Marriages) 10/31/1895

REED,                     Luella, to HEATH, William A., (at Rev. E. G. Lane, to live w/groom’s parents) Boulder Cnty News

abstracts 11/6/1895

REED,                     Myron W., (Rev.), (holds reception-greeted at his new temple) DP 4/22/1895

REED,                     Sosaline, to CHENEY, Socrates S., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

REED,                     William, (oldest man in Boulder Cnty, age 97, b. Scotland, 1798, int Columbia Cem.)

                                Boulder Cnty Deaths 2/21/1897

REED,                     William, (of N. Denver, loaned $50 to woman engaged to, she became cold, referred to Justice Court) DP 1/13/1895

REED,                     William, (app'td to State Cattle Insp. Brd-Pueblo) DP 4/15/1895

REED,                     William G. B., 66 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/8/1895

REED,                     William, (met his death near Silver City, N. M., int from Asbury M. E. Church, North Denver) RMN 12/28/1895 (FN)

REED,                     William, 35 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/29/1895

REED,                     Willie J., (a messenger, lives 3523 Lafayette St., slipped on sidewalk and broke his knee) RMN 11/25/1895

REEDS,                  Catherine, to DUFFY, Alexander, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/10/1895

REEKERS              & VALDEZ, (listed under “Saloons” @ Conejos) Colorado Business Directory

REEL,                     Lynn, 3 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/10/1895

REEL,                     Roy Bob, to CRAM, Minnie Bell, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/23/1895

REEL,                     Roy R., (attached assets of People’s Tribune owned by Dr. Long) RMN 6/6/1895

REES,                     David, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Colorado City) Colorado Business Directory

REES.                     Ike, (is listed under “Saloons@ @ Victor) Colorado Business Directory

REES,                     Jos. E., (Supreme Crt, # 3175, appellee, Colo. Mortgage & Invest. Co., appellant, Dist. Crt. Arapahoe Cnty, rehearing

                                denied) RMN 10/22/1895

REES,                     Stella W., to AIKENS, Randall P., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/17/1895

REESE,                   S. C., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

REESE,                   J. R., (on jury-see *Ronaldson murder trial) RMN 2/1/1895

REESE.                   W., (male), 40 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/2/1895

REEVES,                Bert C., to ISENBERG, Lulu E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/3/1895

REGAN,                 Agnes, to DOANE, Daniel B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/1/1895

REGAN,                 M., (listed under “Saloons” @ Bachelor) Colorado Business Directory

REHDER,               Heinrich, (Germany-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 3/19/1895

REHER,                  August, (see *Grundemann, Robert Friederich), Salem Church Record  9/14/1895 (Bp)

REHER,                  Carl H., 4 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/20/1895

REHER,                  Ernst August, s/o August and Eliza (Lenau) Reher, (Godparents: Martin Lohden and Catherine

Grundermann), Salem Church Record 9/15/1895

REICH,                   Jocobina A. M., (see *Fardig, Louis L. & Mary, adoption) Denver City & County Probate Index 4/22/1899

REICH,                   Mary M., 15 months, int Calvary Cemetery 3/21/1895

REICHART,          G., (real estate transfer from K. Ramey $1.00) RMN 4/2/1895

REID,                      Anderson, (son), (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 172, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 6/15/1895

REID,                      John, to DREW, Margaret, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/6/1895

REID,                      John, to WAXEN, Emelia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/1/1895

REID,                      Simon, (sued by Rachel Metz, et al rehearing denied) DP 4/8/1895

REID,                      W. G., (Private, Co. C, 24th infantry, dishonorable dischg) DP 3/30/1895

REIDY,                   John, (listed under “Saloons” @ 2011 Arapahoe, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

REILEY,                 James, (applies for pardon-Las Animas-robbery-5 yrs) DP 4/1/1895

REILLY,                 Anthony E., (see *Reilly, James T.) RMN 10/9/1895 (D)

REILLY,                 Anna May, DP 4/1/1895 (FN)

REILLY,                 Anna M., 12 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/1/1895

REILLY,                 James, 24 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/5/1895

REILLY,                 James T., (s/o Anthony E. & Mary Jane Costello Reilly, 11/12, from residence 1027 Bell Av.) RMN 10/9/1895 (D)

REILLY,                 Joseph F., 11/12, int Calvary Cemetery 10/9/1895

REILLY,                 Margaret M., to McKENNA, Thomas E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/23/1895

REILLY,                 Mary Jane Constello, (Mrs.), (see *Reilly, James T.) RMN 10/9/1895 (D)

REILLY,                 P. H., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

REIMANN,           Anton, (France-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 9/27/1895

REIMER,                William J., (is on mail waiting list, Adverstised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

REINER,                 Edward F., to EALES, Edith A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/29/1895

REINER,                 Sloete, (Russia-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 7/3/1895

REINERT,              W. F., (description of funeral services, entire lodge marches in procession) RMN 8/12/1895 (Ob)

REINERT,              William F., (members of Denver Lodge #41 K of P, conduct and attend funeral, special car to Fairmount)

RMN 8/11/1895 (FN)

REINERT,              William F., 30 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/11/1895

REINERT,              William F., 30 yrs, from family residence, 1216 Race St., int Fairmount Cemetery RMN 8/10/1895 (FN)

REINHARDT,       Adolph, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1201 California, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

REINHART,          Anthony H., to CARLSON, Engrid, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/7/1895

REINHART,          Peter, (@ Central City, killed in mine accident @ Missoui Lode) RMN 8/29/1895

REINHEIMER,      Frank, to RANSON, Anna, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 10/1/1895

REINHUBER,        Louise, int Riverside Cemetery 8/23/1895

REISS,                    Hattie, (salutatorian @ Denver H. S. #2) DP 4/12/1895

REISS,                    Henrietta, (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

REITHMAN,         J. J.,(& Co., vs P. B. Godsman, Supreme Crt #3415-stipulation for briefs)  DP 4/20/1895

REITLE,                 Katie, to SCHUCKH, Charlie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/20/1895

REITLER,               George William, to ROBINSON, Ada May, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/25/1895

RENFRO,               Eva May, to THOMAS, William H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/31/1895

RENKEN,               Theodore F., (@ Elyria-elected Mayor) DP 4/11/1895

RENKEN,               Theodore, (is Mayor of Town of Elyria) Denver City Directory

RENNICK,             Alex, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Salida) Colorado Business Directory

RENSTROM,        John, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Spring Gulch) Colorado Business Directory

RENTFROW,        Edith, (@ Boulder Sanitarium, from Sigourney, IA, int same) Boulder Cnty Deaths 7/17/1895

RENTFROW,        Grace, to HATCHER, Harry D., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/28/1895

RENTFROW,        Maude, (see *DAVISON, John S., Probate # 4283, adoption) Denver County Probate Index 4/26/1898

RENY,                    Case A., 2 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/19/1895

RETTIG,                 child, John K., 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/29/1895

RETTIG,                 child, John, (male), int Riverside Cemetery 4/30/1895

REUDI,                   Michele, 2/12, int Riverside Cemetery 8/4/1895

REUSBICH,           H. M., (see *Knippel, Eliz.) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/16/1895

REUSBICH,           J., (see *Weichant, Johannes) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 1/27/1895

REVERE,                A. A. (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery)7/13/1895

REVETT,                B. S., (is listed under Mining, @ Breckenridge) Colorado State Business Directory

REX                        GOLD MINING & MILLING CO., (@El Paso Cnty, incorporates: W. A. Davis, Wm. Clark, A. M. Selfridge)

                                capital, $1,000,000) RMN 11/26/1895

REY,                       Berthold, to STEIN, Anna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/31/1895

REY,                       Berthod and STERN, Anna, (marriage witnesses: Shore, I.N. & Nuniz, Clara) Salem Church

Record 8/31/1895 (Marr.)

REYNOLDS,          A. P. (rec’d $5.85 in groceries from Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 8/1895

REYNOLDS,          A. C. (appellant, vs Mary B. Campling-formerly Wetherell-Otero Cnty-State Supreme Crt #3347) DP 4/1/1895

REYNOLDS,          Daniel, (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 165, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 1/3/1895

REYNOLDS,          Mrs., (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 167, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 3/1895

REYNOLDS,          Helen M., (Miss), Woman's Education pres of Women's Club 4/3/1895

REYNOLDS,          J. A. C., (is pall bearer @ services for Willis Stidger) RMN 1/7/1895

REYNOLDS,          J. R., (@Trinidad, injured-burned  in Sopris mine explosion-4 others died) RMN 5/11/1895

REYNOLDS,          Maud, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

REYNOLDS,          Nellie, to HILL, Albert, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/17/1895

REYNOLDS,          Polly, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery)7/10/1895

REYNOLDS,          Robert, (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 179, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 12/10/1895

REYNOLDS,          Roly A., to MILLER, Lulu M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/8/1895

REYNOLDS,          W. P., (rec’d $5.93 in groceries from the Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 8/1895

REZEAN,               Ella Rose, to WEBSTER, Norman E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/17/1895

RHINEHART,       Tom, (testifies in trial of Albert McLain) RMN 4/6/1895

RHINER,                Jackson, (w/Otto Zeller-@ Colorado Spgs-chgd w/kidnapping two men during  Bull Hill strike) DP 4/27/1895

RHINER,                Laura, to HAWLEY, Charles, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/26/1895

RHOADES,           Abraham & John D., (& Hickman, P. J. Sheriff Bent Cnty-vs Wm. Hughes-State Sup Crt-affirms)DP 4/1/1895

RHOADS,              Fred H., (Mrs.), (holds meeting of W. C. T. U. at home) DP 4/29/1895

RHODES,               B. E., (shot & killed by John J. Ritchey/Richey @ Poor Man’s mine @ Gold Cliff) Boulder Cnty

                                Deaths 5/11/1895

RHODES,               Benton E., (@ Gold Cliff-shot & killed by J. J. Ritchie-mine ownership dispute) RMN 5/12/1895         

RHODES,               B. F., (his killers Ritchie & Truitt, are held in Ft. Collins) RMN 5/19/1895

RHODES,               C. W., (appears at court to testify in electon fraud-deputy ignores) RMN 4/13/1895

RHODES,               Earl M., to HUNTER, Augua DP 4/22/1895 (ML)

RHODES,               Earl E., to HUNTER, Angie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/22/1895

RHODES,               Frank P., to ROOT, Bertha C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/2/1895

RHODES,               Halney, (accepts donations for Colo. G.A.R. pensioners) DP 4/8/1895

RHODES,               U. S. District Atty, (to prosecute Victor robbers) DP 4/9/1895

RICARDO,            Martin, (body discovered @ Sleepy Hollow mine disaster, @ Central City, on 8/29, see * Sleepy Hollow

Mine, see News Article page, *Sleepy Hollow Mine) RMN 9/29/1895

RICE,                      Charles, (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RICE,                      E. S., (displays art work @ Artists Club) DP 4/1/1895

RICE,                      Georgianna, to RUNDLE, Ed H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/11/1895

RICE,                      Harvey, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/10/1895

RICE,                      J., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

RICE,                      James, (one of the incorporators of Nontahala Gold Min. Co. *see Nontahala) DP 4/22/1895

RICE,                      John T., (sued by Peoples Nat'l Bank-$4500-verdict) DP 4/27/1895

RICE,                      Margeretta, (vs Jennie Taylor-motion to leave to prosecute as poor person-denied) DP 4/8/1895

RICE,                      Nathan, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery)7/10/1895

RICH,                     Albert B., (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

RICH,                     B. F., (listed under “Mining” @ Robinson) Colorado Business Directory

RICH,                     Ethel May, (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

RICH,                     George L., (burial cost $25.00) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895

RICH,                     J. C., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

RICH,                     Mr., (“died at Boyto Crossing”, buried city grounds) Golden Cemetery Records 7/31/1895

RICH,                     William, (W. S. Ritchie of Aspen, acquitted by U S Court of holding a letter for him, no evil intent) RMN 6/2/1895

RICHARD,            Thos. (qualified as state geologist) DP 4/11/1895

RICHARD,            Henry, 64 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/8/1895

RICHARD,            Lucinda, to MARSH, Thad C., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 6/25/1895

RICHARD,            Warren A., 56 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/2/1895

RICHARDS,          Chas. D., (is chgd w/perjury by Sylvester A. Snyder, coal dealer, @ Elyria) RMN 6/14/1895

RICHARDS,          Hattie M., to SIPLE, John H., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 2/14/1895

RICHARDS,          Henry, (RCC #42790, File #252) Probate Records Index-Jefferson Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1896

RICHARDS,          child, S. J., 3 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/31/1895

RICHARDS,          Margaret, 11 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/20/1895

RICHARDS,          May B., 3 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/26/1895

RICHARDS,          Norman P., (Judge), (one of the oldest residents of Pueblo County dies) RMN 5/26/1895 (Ob)

RICHARDS,          William J., to MAY, Mary J., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 6/27/1895

RICHARDS,          William, (is Trustee at Town of Elyria) Denver City Directory

RICHARDSON,    Annie, to LARSON, Samuel, both of Urmston, Jefferson Cnty, (Witnesses: David Gemmell), Jefferson

Cnty Marriages Vol II 5/17/1895

RICHARDSON     BROS., (listed under “Saloons” @ Westcliff) Colorado Business Directory

RICHARDSON,    F. A., (is Baliff of Supreme Court of Colorado) Denver City Directory

RICHARDSON,    Frank P., to JUNKIN, Alice E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/30/1895

RICHARDSON,    George, (is Police Magistrate for Town of Argo) Denver City Directory

RICHARDSON,    George, (is Trustee of Town of Argo) Denver City Directory

RICHARDSON,    John E., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/4/1895

RICHARDSON,    Milton, (getting Tip Top Mine ready) DP 4/8/1895

RICHARDSON,    R. B., (pardon granted on condition he go home to Missouri, ground was excessive sentence of 13 yrs,

                                For larceny, *see article under Cresswell, on Soundrels page) RMN 8/22/1895

RICHARDSON     & RICHARDSON, (listed under “Saloons” @ Rockvale) Colorado Business Directory

RICHARDSON,    Ruby, 23 months, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/24/1895

RICHARDSON,    Russell, to DELF, Mattie M., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 11/3/1895

RICHARDSON,    William B., to LEONARD, Maggie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/1/1895

RICHART,             Hellen M., 60 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/4/1895

RICHDALE,          Collins (resident of  Overland-arrested-chgd with receiving stolen goods) DP 1/24/1895

RICHEY,                G. U., (real estate transfer to C. A. Wallace) DP 4/27/1895

RICHIE,                  Josephine, 12 1/2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 7/29/1895

RICHMOND,        Charlie L. to WALTER, Mary E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/31/1895

RICHMOND,        G. Q., (ex-judge of supreme crt app'td chief asst to City Atty) DP 4/11/1895

RICHMOND,        Mary, 57 yrs, (@ residence of daughter, Mrs. Boggs, 957 9th, services from residence) RMN 10/11/1895 (D)

RICHMOND,        Mary, (Mrs.), int Riverside Cemetery 10/11/1895

RICHTER,              Bernard, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1905 Larimer, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

RICHTER,              J. M., (chrgd w/assualt on D. M. White-White drunk-case dismissed) DP 419/1895

RICHTER               MERC CO., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Trinidad) Colorado Business Directory

RICHTER,              O. A., (Professor), (directs First Regiment Band @ City Park) RMN 9/29/1895

RICHTER,              Paul, (Germany-Declaration of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 10/15/1895

RICHTER,              Paul, to HERPICH, Margaret C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/27/1895

RICHWEIN,          Mamie, to MELS, Anton T., (both of Golden), (Witnesses: John Richwein, Jr. & Celia McLaughlin),

Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 10/21/1895

RICHIE,                  J. E., (is on committee planning annual meeting of Denver Life Underwriters) DP 1/5/1895

RICKARD,            Forbes, to MEHLING, Annie Kingman, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/24/1895

RICKARD,            Ruben, (Mrs.) (@ Central Cty, from Berkeley, of consumption) DP 3/30/1895 (D)

RICKER,                Netty M., to GALAHER, Marshall, (of Lawrence, Mass.) @ Golden, (Witnesses: Judith Sophia Ricker &

Ella Brooks), Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 9/25/1895

RICKERBAUGH,  Lucinda, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery)7/1/1895

RICKETTS,           T. G., (rec'd physicians certificate) DP 4/3/1895

RICKMAN,           J. C., from Gallon, OH., (drunk, disorderly, concealed weapon) DP 3/15/1895

RICKMERS,          Annie, to HIRZEL, Walter C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/18/1895

RICONO,               Martino, (drowns, see *Sleepy Hollow Mine, 14 die, miner, west stope, leaves wife and family) RMN 8/30/1895

RIDDELL,              Harvey,(speaks @ court on compensation for property taken/damaged for public use-involves Canon

City Benedictine Sisters-school distruction) DP 3/28/1895

RIDDELL,              Minnie, 30 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/19/1895

RIDDLE,                Esther, 24 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/1/1895

RIDGEWAY,         Eugene, (on bond on suspicion of stealing pocketbook, arrested for concealed weapon) DP 1/12/1895

RIDGEWAY,         John E., to HUTCHINSON, Edna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/27/1895

RIDINGER,            Mary, to BRUHN, Peter F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/27/1895

RIELY,                    Ella L., to DOTY, Wallace F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/19/1895

RIEMER,                Frank, (Germany-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 3/23/1895

RIGAUD,               Felix, (barkeeper killed in hotel explosion) DP 4/5/1895

RIGOUS,                George E., 30 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/16/1895

RIGTIN,                 C., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RILEY,                    child, S.A.,(male), int Fairmount Cemetery 8/31/1895

RILEY,                    F. May, (female), 6/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/27/1895

RILEY,                    Geroge J., (falls about 75 ft., from cupola of First Methodist Church, @ LaJunta, while painting, injuries may

                                be fatal, single, family in the East) RMN 10/9/1895

RILEY,                    George W., to GAINES, Mattie C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/26/1895

RILEY,                    Hugh, (@ Leadville-stabs Martin Lane-may be fatal) DP 4/12/1895

RILEY,                    Mrs., (listed under “Saloons” @ 2538 Market, Denver) Colordado Business Directory

RINDER,                Joseph D., to McCALL, Minnie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/18/1895

RING,                     Annie Margurite, to ELANDER, Leonard, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/16/1895

RING,                     Edward, (guardian for Clara E. Bosworth-rec’d permission to sell securities for her support) RMN 6/5/1895

RINKLE,                Willard, (see *Perry, Daniel-damage suit) RMN 8/21/1895

RIPLEY,                 Eddie, (rec’d $1.50 pair of shores from Poor House), Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895

RIPLEY,                 Hubbard, 72 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/23/1895

RIPLEY,                 Laura A., w/o Hibbard Ripley, dod 1/14/1895, DP 1/16/1895 (D)

RIPLEY,                 Laura A., age 65, dod 1/14/1895, RMN 1/16/1895 (D)

RIPLEY,                 Laura A., 70 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/10/1895

RISCHE,                 Josephine, (12 yrs, d/o August & Minna Rische, from residence 1659 Boulder St.) RMN 7/28/1895 (D)

RISCHE,                 Josephine, (12 yrs, d/o August & Minna Rische, from residence 1659 Boulder St.) RMN 7/29/1895 (D)

RISING,                  A. G., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RISLEY,                 Carrie C., (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

RISSMAN,            H. A., (chrgd w/using cigar boxes 2nd time, not buying revenue stamps) DP 3/23/1895

RISSMAN,            H. A., (chrgd w/using cigar boxes twice, fined $100) DP 3/27/1895

RISSMAN,            Oscar A., to JORDAN, Pearl I., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/12/1895

RITCHIE/RITCHEY,J. J., (sentenced 20 yrs murder of B. E. Rhodes-released on technicality-acquitted-new

                                trial ordered) Boulder Cnty Deaths 7/12/1897

RITCHIE,               Jack, @ Victor, CO., (injury to both eyes, explosion at Summit mine)DP 3/21/1895

RITCHIE,               W. S., (of Aspen, acquitted by U. S. Court of holding letter for William Rich, no evil intent shown) RMN 6/2/1895

RITEFISH,             Emma A., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery)7/4/1895

RITTER,                 Elsie M., 4 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/16/1895

RITTER,                 John, (suspect along w/Nellie Wilson, in death of Det. Al Moore) DP 3/23/1895

RIVELLO,              infant, 2/12, int Riverside Cemetery 10/8/1895

RIVELLO,              Lucid, 41 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 8/22/1895

RIVERSIDE           CEMETERY ASSOC., ( one mile northeast of city limits) Denver City Directory

ROARK,                Elizabeth A., to ROWLEY, Jessie B., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 4/29/1895

ROBB,                    Newton, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 6/22/1895

ROBB,                    W. E., (from SD going to Cripple Crk, claims robbed by Cora Spencer) RMN 7/26/1895

ROBB,                    William B., to BAKER, Ella, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/30/1895

ROBBINS,             Charles D., to LANE, Laura, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/18/1895

ROBBINS,             Clara, (Miss) (sister of Mrs. Phillip Gaffron speaks to reporters-see *Gaffron) DP 4/10/1895

ROBBINS,             Isaac, to FEARN, Mary Ann, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

ROBBINS,             Martha M., w/o E. A., and m/o F. S. Robbins, Jamestown & Westfield, N. Y . papers pls copy) RMN 11/24/1895

ROBBINS,             E. A., (Mrs.), m/o F. S. Robbins, services Miller’s Undertaking, Curtis St. RMN 11/26/1895 (FN)

ROBBINS,             Winfield, formerly of Denver, @ New York City, suddenly 12/1, RMN 12/3/1895 (D)

ROBERT,               Josie, to HASTIE, John, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 2/25/1895

ROBERTS,             Anna B., to ISAACS, William, (Boulder County Marriages) 4/2/1895

ROBERTS,             C. A., (on Chamber of Commerce committee to nominate new officers for next year) RMN 1/6/1895

ROBERTS,             Charlotte E., to EVANS, James Charles, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/19/1895

ROBERTS,             Edward, to BROWN, Ada, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/12/1895

ROBERTS,             Elizabeth, to HUSTED, Leslie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/21/1895

ROBERTS,             Frank B., to PENNINGTON, Lou L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/27/1895

ROBERTS,             Frank B., to PENNINGTON, Lou L. RMN 8/28/1895 (ML)

ROBERTS,             H. W., (on jury-see *Ronaldson murder trial) RMN 2/1/1895

ROBERTS,             Lillie P. G., to ROOT, Bert, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/31/1895

ROBERTS,             Lizzie E., to STEVENS, John M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/11/1895

ROBERTS,             Mary, to BAKER, Samuel H. (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages)  1/2/1895

ROBERTS,             May, to BAKER, Samuel H., RMN 1/3/1895 (ML)

ROBERTS,             Nellie, (dipthera, 1 3/12, d/o Mr. & Mrs. George Roberts, int Hygiene Cem.) Boulder Cnty Deaths 2/2/1895

ROBERTS,             Phyllis Mona, age 4 2/12, d/o William E., dod 1/10/1895 RMN 1/11/1895 (D)

ROBERTS,             Phyllis M., 3 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/10/1895

ROBERTS,             Phyllis Mona, (4 yrs, d/o Fire chief Roberts, died of scarlet fever after brief illness) DP 1/11/1895

ROBERTS,             Una G., (see *Ferguson, Harry Malcolm, adoption) Denver City & County Probate Index 10/19/1901

ROBERTS,             William, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 6/22/1895

ROBERTS,             W. T., (Arapahoe Cnty, pardon refused by board, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons) RMN 1/5/1895

ROBERTSON,       child, Alex, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/2/1895

ROBERTSON,       Cora J., to SCHWARTZ, Sheridan N., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/25/1895

ROBERTSON,       D. S., (is Town Clerk at Town of Valverde) Denver City Directory

ROBERTSON,       Hugh J., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/2/1895

ROBERTSON,       James A., to GRIFFITH, Grace, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/16/1895

ROBERTSON        & THRANE, (see *Thrane & Robertson) Colorado Business Directory

ROBINS,                Walter W., to HUNTER, Lillie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/24/1895

ROBINSON,          Ada May, to REITLER, George William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/25/1895

ROBINSON,          A. J., (Dr.), (wins school board election @ Aspen over Dr. Hills) RMN 5/7/1895

ROBINSON,          Charles, (testifies in Albert McLain case) RMN 4/5/1895

ROBINSON,          Charles R., (@ New York-large interests in Colo. mines-Aspen/ the Smuggler Mine) DP 3/29/1895 (D)

ROBINSON,          child, Edward W., int Fairmount Cemetery 4/3/1895

ROBINSON,          E. S., (Rev.), (opens North Side HS, graduation excercises with prayer) RMN 6/14/1895

ROBINSON,          Ewing, to BALLARD, Cora M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/1/1895

ROBINSON,          Francais E., to LOWE, Milton C., (Boulder County Marriages) 3/13/1895

ROBINSON,          Frances  E., (d/o D. A. Robinson, of Boulder, to LOWE, Milton C., of Colo. Spgs., s/o J. H. Lowe of

                                Boulder, 3/13/1895) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 3/14/1895

ROBINSON,          George, (arrested @ Salt Lake- forgery, bigamy & more, Det. Sam Howe to go to Salt Lake to get him) DP 3/2/1895

ROBINSON,          Isabella, int Riverside Cemetery 11/25/1895

ROBINSON,          James E., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ROBINSON,          Jud K., to RUECK, Frances, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/2/1895

ROBINSON,          Leonard, (Mrs.), (@ San Francisco, 10/21/1895 nee: Anna Snedaker) RMN 10/23/1895 (D)

ROBINSON,          Minnie, 1 yr, int Riverside Cemetery 1/27/1895

ROBINSON,          Mr., (buried county grounds) Golden Cemetery Records 3/21/1895

ROBINSON,          Rosie, (Mrs.) (elected chaplin of Denver Woman's Legion)RMN 3/13/1895

ROBINSON,          Roy, to FONDA, Ella B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/4/1895

ROBINSON,          S., (is listed under Mining, @ Carson) Colorado State Business Directory

ROBINSON,          Sarah, (sues Dr. P. V. Carlin-he diagnosed broken leg that wasn't broken) DP 4/11/1895

ROBINSON,          T. M., (is Reporter of Supreme Court of Colorado) Denver City Directory

ROBINSON,          William Francis, to LINSCOTT, E. May, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/17/1895

ROBINSON,          William Francis, (Attorney at Law), to LINSCOTT, May, (d/o Samuel K., of 320 Kent St.) RMN 7/18/1895 (Marr.)

ROBSON,              Charles, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1705 Champa, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ROBSON,              Thomas, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ROBST,                  H. C., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Rockvale) Colorado Business Directory

ROBY,                    Tessie May, to SNYDER, Joseph F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/29/1895

ROCAP,                 Frank, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ROCHE,                 B. M., (Miss), (real estate transfer from Mrs. Sampieri, $80) RMN 7/19/1895

ROCHE,                 Ethel, 10/12, int Calvary Cemetery 3/25/1895

ROCHE,                 Ethel F., from parents’ residence, 2835 Welton RMN 5/12/1895 (FN)

ROCHE,                 Martin J., (listed under “Saloons” @ 2863 Larimer, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ROCOCOMICH,   Blas, (@Trinidad, killed by explosion @ Sopris-leaves wife & 3 ch.) RMN 5/11/1895

ROCT,                    W. I., (sues Joanna Chamberlain, et al for $150, alleged upaid on note) RMN 12/5/1895

RODDA,                Maud M., to COOK, Paul, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/17/895

RODE,                    Albert, 21/365, int Riverside Cemetery 4/13/1895

RODERICK,          John C., to GREEN, Margaret, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/1/1895

RODGERS,            Annie, to GIBSON, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/31/1895

RODKEY,              Mary, 62 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/23/1895

RODMAN,            B., services from residence 2623 Stout St., RMN 7/19/1895 (D)

RODRIGUEG,        (sic?), Lucia A., to HARCOURT, Charles F., of Denver, (Wit: Nellie Drummond & Laura A.

                                Parshall), @ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 4/30/1895

ROE,                       Clark W., (representative returns free transportation, does not believe in good taste to ride on passes,

                                while making attempt to fight legislation favorable to the railroads) DP 1/12/1895

ROE,                       Clyde, (boy unloading porcelain jugs, A. M. Brown smashes, see *Brown, A. M.) RMN 6/27/1895

ROE,                       Harry C., int Riverside Cemetery 5/20/1895

ROE,                       J. William, to SEELEY, Sarah E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

ROE,                       Ruth, (see *Elder, John W., see *Moore, Tom John, adoption) Denver City & County Probate Index

10/27/1898 & 1/22/1906

ROE,                       Thos., (rec'd 21 head of cattle) DP 3/26/1895

ROE,                       Thos., (purchased 26 head of cattle) DP 3/26/1895

ROEDER,               A. L., (5-6 Tabor, is listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ROEMER,              Frank, to SMITH, Katherina, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/13/1895

ROESCH,               Ida Freida Johanna, to PALZGRAF, Harry, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/14/1895

ROESSLER,           Antoni, 6 1/2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 1/29/1895

ROETHENBACH, Friedrich Peter, s/o Fr. And Maria (Christensen)Roethenbach, (Godparents: Peter Tramm, Mrs.

                                Hengstenberg) Salem Church Record 12/8/1895 (Bp)

ROETHER,            Louis, (advertises help wanted-barbers for his Workingman's shop) RMN 4/9/1895

ROGERS                BROS., (listed under “Saloons” @ Black Hawk) Colorado Business Directory

ROGERS,               Carrie, to GERBER, Edgar A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

ROGERS,               C. C., (applies for pardon-Hinsdale-assault to kill-7 yrs)DP 4/11/1895

ROGERS,               C. C., (applies for pardon-Hinsdale-7 yrs, Apr 1897, see Scoundrels page, *Pardons) RMN 6/4/1895

ROGERS,               C. C., (third timer-pardon denied-serving 7 yrs, from Hinsdale Cnty-assault to kill) RMN 6/8/1895

ROGERS,               C. C., (first term in for murder, pardoned by Gov. Cooper @ end of 5 yrs) RMN 6/8/1895

ROGERS,               Edward C., to LIVEZEY, Emma E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/14/1895

ROGERS,               E. N., (is listed under Mining, @ Aspen) Colorado State Business Directory

ROGERS,               George, (see *Gold Farms Mining Co., Arapahoe & Boulder Cnty) RMN 11/26/1895

ROGERS,               George, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Victor) Colorado Business Directory

ROGERS,               Henry T., (to St. Louis as atty for Midland) DP 4/29/1895

ROGERS,               John A., to ANDERSON, Kate, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/8/1895

ROGERS,               Joseph F., 50 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/5/1895

ROGERS,               Lila, to CLONKEY, Edward G., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/27/1895

ROGERS,               & PHILLIPS,  (listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

ROHAN,                ......, int Calvary Cemetery 1/2/1895

ROHAN,                Charles, (of Rocky Ford, declared sane, declared insane and sent to asylum 2 yrs ago, rancher) RMN 6/30/1895

ROHAN,                Patrick, s/o Michael & Elizabeth, @ Pueblo, DP 1/1/1895 (D)

ROHAN,                Patrick, age 24, s/o Michael & Elizabeth, RMN 1/2/1895 (D)

ROHDER,              Freddie L., 21/365, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/8/1895

ROHER,                 Charles E., (age 35, remains from San Diego, services from brothers’s residence 415 S. 14th) RMN 6/28/1895 (Ob)

ROHR,                    Benjamin, (1845 Colfax Av., uses base ball bats, tin cans and fists in fight w/J. P. Saunders, 1282 S. 5th) RMN 7/20/1895

ROHRBAUGH,     G. E., (Prof.) (removed from school dist. office via false affidavit *see Shilling) DP 4/16/1895

ROHRER,               C. E., 33 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/28/1895

ROHBUCK,           Cornelia, to HART, Anthony, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/15/1895

ROLFE,                  Mabel O., to BARTLE, Fred C., both of Denver, (Witnesses: James Stevens & Viola M. Rolfe),

@ Denver, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 2/17/1895

ROLIN,                   Mamie, to ENGLAND, Erick, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/7/1895

ROLLINGER,         Joseph, (RCC #42790, File #286) Probate Records Index-Jefferson Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1896

ROLLINS,              Clara, (Mrs.), (sister of wife of Phillip Graffon-testifies at inquest)  DP 4/12/1895

ROLLINS,              Fannie, to BUCKNER, Felix, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/30/1895

ROLLINS,              Frank P., to GILLHAM, Florence, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/20/1895

ROLLINS,              Julia, to FRAIZZIN, Frank, RMN 7/27/1895 (ML)

ROLLINS,              Rosa, 2/12, int Calvary Cemetery 3/25/1895

ROLLO,                  "Dod" @ Leadville, (jailed for part in robbery @  Little Johnny mine-$10,000 in ore) DP 2/7/1895

ROLLO,                  "Dud" @ Leadville, (charged with burglary) DP 3/19/1895

ROMERO,             A. M., (pardon denied, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons”) RMN 8/28/1895

RONALDSON,     Charles N., (shot and killed John J. Sullivan, 9/19/1894-trial-claims protecting himself) RMN 2/1/1895

RONALDSON,     Charles N., (trial continues-jury retired) RMN 2/3/1895

RONE,                    Chancey, 1 yr, int Riverside Cemetery 1/6/1895

ROOD,                   Luella, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ROOF,                    Fred, to CARLSON, Emma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/13/1895

ROOK,                   Charles E., to SELF, Ethel, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/25/1895

ROOK,                   Charles E., to SOLFE, Ethel, RMN 11/26/1895 (ML) 11/26/1895 (ML)

ROONEY,              Alex, (buried on Masonic grounds) Golden Cemetery Records 12/23/1895

ROONEY,              Alexander, (RCC #42790, File #281) Probate Records Index-Jefferson Cnty-Colorado State Archives 1895

ROONEY,              Joseph, to KLEIN, Emma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/11/1895

ROONY,                 Alexander, (found dead on Jefferson Av.,) Jefferson County Coroners Records,1/21/1892-9/9/1907, 12/18/1895

ROOS,                    Mary, to DISERNIA, Antone, (Boulder County Marriages) 6/1/1895

ROOT,                    Bert, to ROBERTS, Lillie P. G., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/31/1895

ROOT,                    Bertha C., to RHODES, Frank P., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/2/1895

ROOT,                    C. P., (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

ROOT,                    Maude M., to KLEIN, John E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/31/1895

ROOT,                    W. A., (elected Pres. of Soldiers Home @ Monte Vista) DP 4/11/1895

ROOTH,                 Walter, (is elected Presiden of Polish Independent Club) RMN 9/13/1895

ROSALEWIN,      G. E., (forms new corp. United Bicyclists’ Protective Assoc.) RMN 5/13/1895

ROSCHOFSKY,    (sued by Burton, Division II, District Court Case # 22397, case being heard today) RMN 10/7/1895

ROSCOE,               Frances, 1/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/22/1895

ROSE,                     Alexander E., to BELL, Lela, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/3/1895

ROSE,                     Allie, to JOHNSTON, James I., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 10/16/1895

ROSE,                     B. H., (vagrant-pleads guilty-6 hrs to leave town) DP 4/11/1895

ROSE,                     Catherine Ann and EADS, George M.,  RMN 4/4/1895 (ML)

ROSE,                     Charles, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/27/1895

ROSE,                     Della May, to MULLETT, George H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/12/1895

ROSE,                     Jack, (from Ft. Worth-falls on sidewalk-cuts scalp) RMN 5/3/1895

ROSE,                     Sadie, (one of the incorporators of Glenarm Hotel & Investment Co., see *Bacon, G. W.) RMN 8/22/1895

ROSE,                     Victor, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ROSE,                     William A., to BLAMEY, Sarah A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/17/1895

ROSENBAUM,     Otho Bane, to RAWOLLE, Katherine Marie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/26/1895

ROSENBLOOM,   Nathan (applies for pardon-Arapahoe-larceny-3 yrs) DP 4/1/1895

ROSENBLOOM,   Nathan, (applies for pardon-Arapahoe Cnty-3 yrs, Aug. 1896, see Scoundrels page, *Pardons) RMN 6/4/1895

ROSENBLUM,      N., (pardon denied-serving 3 yrs-burglary-Arapahoe Cnty) RMN 6/8/1895

ROSENBERG,       R., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Silver Plume) Colorado Business Directory

ROSENBURG,       Ettie and ZEROBNECK, Jake, RMN 2/2/1895 (ML)

ROSENBURG,       Ettie, to  ZEROBNECK, Jake, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/3/1895

ROSINSKI,            M., (is elected to board of control for Polish Independent Club) RMN 9/13/1895

ROSS,                     Amanda, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ROSS,                     Arena L., to HOWARD, Barley/Farley, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/31/1895

ROSS,                     Arthur (discharged-accused of issuing forged checks) DP 3/27/1895

ROSS,                     baby, (stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 11/15/1895

ROSS,                     B. H., (pleads guilty to vagrancy-given 6 hrs to leave town) DP 4/11/1895

ROSS,                     Beth, (performs @ Lyceum Show-d/o Dr. Ross of North Denver) DP 4/21/1895

ROSS,                     Catherine Ann, to EADS, George M., (*see Rose) , (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/3/1895

ROSS,                     Charley, (age 4, lost, police can't find his home) DP 4/19/1895

ROSS,                     Frederick R., (sued by Tritch Hardware, to recover $129) RMN 12/5/1895

ROSS,                     George E., from McGovern’s, at St. Dominick’s, remains to Dayton, Ohio RMN 5/7/1895 (FN)

ROSS,                     Hugh S., 4 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/27/1895

ROSS,                     James, (@ Anderson, IND., 9/8, formerly of Pueblo & Denver, int Greenville, OH.) RMN 9/10/1895 (D)

ROSS,                     John W., (Aldersman-2nd ward-Denver) Officials of Denver & Co. 1858-1933

ROSS,                     L. E., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

ROSS,                     P. H., (young boy-chrgd w/suspicion of burglary) DP 3/28/1895        

ROSS,                     Uriah E., 38 yrs, heart disease, on 10/27, of Thompson, Conn., late of Denver RMN 10/30/1895 (D)

ROSSELL,              Anna, (Mrs.), (see *Hanson, Olaus, @ Greeley, death of brother) RMN 8/14/1895 (Ob)

ROSSER,                Robert, to BROWN, Margaret Ellen, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 7/27/1891

ROSSER,                Robert, to GOYN, Eva, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 8/17/1897

ROSSER,                Samuel, to CLEARY, Lizzie S., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/9/1895

ROSSER,                Samuel, to CLEARY, Lizzie S.,( both of Marshall, in Boulder, 11/9/1895), Boulder Cnty

News abstracts 11/13/1895 (Marr.)

ROSSER,                Thomas, to DUNN, Ellen, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 1/20/1897

ROSSER,                William, to CHATTEN, Grace, (Boulder Cnty Marriages 2/18/1895

ROSSER,                William, (of Marshall, to CHATTEN, Grace of Louisville, 2/18/1895, @ Boulder) Boulder

Cnty News abstracts 2/25/1895 (Marr.)

ROSS LEWIN,      G. E., (elected director & cashier First Natl Bank) DP 1/9/1895

ROSS/LEWIS,       G. E., (real estate transfer from Fairmount Cemetery $200) RMN 1/16/1895

ROSSMAN,          Anna, (found wandering in semiunconscious condition-chronic condition)DP 4/22/1895

RUSSO,                  Gerardo, (age 15, infatuated w/Clyde Cassidente, step-mother, Mrs. Santopietro ask Michele Acierno

                                to kill Cassidente and Acierno can marry Gerardo, see *Cassidente, see * Acierno) RMN 6/6/1895

RUSSO,                  Leonardo, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

ROSUS,                  T., 26 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/29/1895

ROTH,                    Carl, (listed under “Saloons” @ Colorado City) Colorado Business Directory

ROTH,                    Charles, (Secretary of the German America Central) DP 3/26/1895

ROTH,                    Charlotte, (Miller), (sister of Mrs. Amellia Perry and Mrs. Js. B. (Harriett) Foote,

m/o Fred & T. Pearl, heart disease) Boulder Cnty Deaths 4/9/1895

ROTHENBUECHER, a son, to Mr. & Mrs. Rothenbuecher, RMN 3/24/1895 (B)

ROTHRICK,          Charles C., to HYLE, Mary C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/31/1895

ROTHWELL,        E. J., (Dr.) (elected vestreyman @ Trinity Meth. Chch) DP 4/16/1895

ROUSE,                  W. T., (sued by Charles E. Kennedy-at demurrer of Frank W. Loveland-sustained as to Loveland and

proceeded as to answer) DP 4/20/1895

ROUTH,                 Emma, to DAWRIES, Samuel, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/12/1895

ROVER,                  Lilly, 26 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/14/1895

ROVER,                  H. W., (Mrs./Dr.), from residence 4th & Fairview, Highlands RMN 9/14/1895 (FN)

ROWE,                   Dick, (and friend-run poker & roulette games) DP 3/29/1895

ROWE,                   Edward E., (of Golden, rec’s diploma from State School of Mines) RMN 6/7/1895

ROWE,                   James, (resident of "the row" chgd w/vagrancy) DP 4/19/1895

ROWE,                   Mrs., (indigent circumstances, leaves young crippled dau. cared for by cnty, buried by

                                County) Boulder Cnty Deaths 12/10/1895

ROWE,                   Peter, (f/o Mrs. Austin Berkley, int Boulder Cem) Boulder Cnty Deaths 5/1/1895

ROWE,                   Robert, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/13/1895

ROWE,                   Thomas J., 63 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/22/1895

ROWHOUSE,       Frederick A., (Germany-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 3/11/1895

ROWLEY,              Jessie B., to ROARK, Elizabeth A., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 4/29/1895

ROWLEY,              Percy, to OLIS, Alice, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 4/16/1895

ROWLEY,              Mabel, 3 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/26/1895

ROY,                       E. C., (13 Pioneer block, is listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ROY,                       George Vic, (slated to become police clerk) DP 4/3/1895

ROY,                       Lucinda, (Mrs.), 30 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 10/23/1895

ROY,                       Lucinda, (Mrs.), on 10/22 @ 3:30 a. m., w/o J. G. Roy, 828 Clifton Av., from residence RMN 10/23/1895 (D)

ROYER,                  Anna, to WILDER, Fred William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/13/1895

ROYER,                  Grace, (performs @ Crittenton reception) DP 4/1/1895

RUBIDGE,             child, Alfred D., (female, stillborn), int Fairmount Cemetery 1/30/1895

RUBIDGE,             Daniel, (@ Lake City-one of the incorporators of MIDAS MINING CO.) DP 4/20/1895

RUBLE,                  William, (divorce suit against Annie, canceled-marr. @ Brighton 11/1894,made up) DP 4/8/1895

RUBY,                    J. W., (of Golden-elected Treas. Colo. School of Mines) DP 4/12/1895

RUCKER,               Ethel, to DORR, Frederick R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/6/1895

RUCKER,               Sudie D., to GARD, Joseph L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) @ El Paso Cnty-7/11/1895

RUCKER,               Thomas, (Hon.), (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RUDDELL,            Willard, to BUCKLES, Maud, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 2/21/1895

RUDEN,                 John L., (Great Britain/Ireland-Notice of Intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 4/16/1895

RUDOLPH,            Bert, 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/17/1895

RUECK,                 Frances, to ROBINSON, Jud K., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/2/1895

RUEFFEL,              Henry, (German, 34 yrs, committs sucicide) DP 4/19/1895

RUEFFEL,              Henry, 34 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/20/1895

RUEFFEL,              Henry, (coroner holds inquest on his suicide) DP 4/20/1895

RUEFFLE,              Henry, (John Schwab app'td administrator for his estate see *Rueffel) DP 4/23/1895

RUETER,               George, (see *Rueter, Harry Earl) Salem Church Record 10/23/1895

RUETER,               Pearl Marie, d/o George and Susie (Masker) Rueter, (Godparents: Mrs. Rueter, Mrs. Masker,

Mrs. Feeney) Salem Church Record 10/23/1895 (Bp)

RUETER,               Harry Earl, b. 11/11/1893, s/o Frank and Addie (Burton) Rueter, (Godparent: George Rueter)

Salem Church Record 10/23/1895 (Bp)

RUGER,                  William, to LETT, Matilda, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

RULAND,              Adda, (Miss), of Augusta, KS., to BRAENDLIN, Fred C., of Burlington, IA @ Kansas City, MO RMN 10/27/1895 (Marr.)

RULE,                     Frank R., to BISHOP, Ellen, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 4/10/1895

RUMMELL,          J. W., (listed under “Saloons” @ 908 21st, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

RUMSEY,              James B., (Col.) (2), (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RUNDLE,               Ed H., to RICE, Georgianna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/11/1895

RUNDLE                & MARTIN, (listed under “Saloons” @ Telluride) Colorado Business Directory

RUNGE,                 Elsie Mytrle, d/o G. W. and Sophia (Bauer) Runge, (godparents: Elhne/Echne & Eliz Page)

Salem Church Record 12/15/1895 (Bp)

RUNQUIST,          C., to HEDMAN, Alma, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 11/23/1895

RUNYON,              child of  B., (stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 7/30/1895

RUNYON,              J. W., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 6/25/1895

RUOTE,                 Rocce, (is on underpaid mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RUPPERT,             Peter, (Germany-Notice of intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 8/5/1895

RUSCETTA,         Vittoria, to PEETRAROIN, Donato, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/9/1895

RUSH,                    John A., to DODD, Elsie Emily, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/12/1895

RUSSELL,              A. J., (crossed the plaines in 1858, dies in Alaska, relatives advised in Central City) RMN 7/10/1895

RUSSELL,              baby, 3 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/19/1895

RUSSELL,              Blanche (wants divorce from Joseph, marr. 5/1888-failed to support, abusive & jealous anger) DP 3/28/1895

RUSSELL,              Edith E., to CHUBB, Robert H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/9/1895

RUSSELL,              Flossie, 24 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/9/1895

RUSSELL,              Isa R., 9 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/1/1895

RUSSELL,              John, (Mrs.), (to Montana to visit relatives) RMN 6/2/1895

RUSSELL,              John William, to EVELAND, Martha Isabella, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/13/1895

RUSSELL,              John William, Terre Haute, Ind., to EVELAND, Martha Isabella, Denver RMN 6/14/1895 (ML)

RUSSELL,              Joseph, (divorced by Blanche-marr. 5/1888-failed to support) DP 3/28/1895

RUSSELL,              Stephen H., (fireman on Burlington & Missouri, from residence 1545 Lowell St.) RMN 8/23/1895(D)

RUSSELL,              Stephn H., (card of thanks to B & M boys for kindess, from wife, mother & sisters) RMN 8/27/1895

RUSSELL,              Stephen, 35 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 8/24/1895

RUSSELL-ORR,    Annie Ellen, to CALKINS, Almon, (Boulder County Marriages) 12/10/1895

RUSSMAN,          Annie (found wandering around Denver) DP 4/8/1895

RUSTER,               Emma, (see *Nones, Harry Deal), Salem Church Record 3/18/1895 (Bp)

RUTHERFORD,    Alice J., to PIERCE, Arthur J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/23/1895

RUTHERFORD,    A. W., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

RUTHERFORD,    Fred, to JONES, Laura Christine, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 7/17/1895

RUTHERFORD,    John B., to GOLDIE, Joanna, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 4/11/1895

RUTT,                    Charles, (see *Knippel, Eliz.) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/16/1895

RYAN,                   Annie, (robbed H. Parsons of $115-arrested) DP 3/16/1895

RYAN,                   Catherine P., to HEBERT, Alfred S., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/21/1895

RYAN                    & COSGROVE, (see *Cosgrove & Ryan) Colorado Business Directory

RYAN,                   J. A. (Mrs.) (member of Aux. Order of RR Conductors) DP 4/13/1895

RYAN,                   James, (arrested as a “pick pocket” by Pinkerton Patrolman) RMN 6/3/1895

RYAN,                   James H., (listed under “Saloons” @ Dillion) Colorado Business Directory

RYAN,                   John, (chrgd w/blurgiarizing and plundering a home, case to be heard in West Side Court) RMN 11/15/1895

RYAN,                   John, (@ St. Anthony’s Hospital, age 31, funeral info later) RMN 6/2/1895 (D)

RYAN,                   John F., from residence of brother Thomas B., 1229 10th, at St. Leo’s Church RMN (FN)

RYAN,                   John F., 31 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 6/4/1895

RYAN,                   John M, miner, @ Victor, dod 3/7/1895, DP 3/8/1895 (D)

RYAN,                   Lucy Veronica, to SMITH, George E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/18/1895

RYAN,                   Mary Aurelia, to TAYLOR, Grant Noble, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/28/1895

RYAN,                   Mary B., (Mrs.), from residence RMN 5/14/1895 (D)

RYAN,                   Mary B., age 70, from residence 2016 Larimer, Church of Sacred Heart RMN 5/14/1895 (FN)

RYAN,                   Mary B., 70 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 5/14/1895

RYAN,                   Michael, (Suspreme Crt case-plaintiff in error #3086-Arap. Cnty) DP 4/20/1895

RYAN,                   Mike, (Supreme Crt., grants new trial-complaining witness died) DP 4/20/1895

RYAN,                   "Paddy" (reports Standard Mine drives crosscut) DP 4/8/1895

RYAN,                   Theresa, to BRADY, Joseph A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/9/1895

RYAN,                   William, 40 yrs, services Logan Ave. Church-int Calvary-Boston papers pls copy RMN 5/24/1895 (D)

RYAN,                   William, 40 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 5/25/1895

RYAN,                   William, 35 yrs, on 10/24 @ St. Anthony’s Hospital, services St. Mary’s Cathedral, Stout St. RMN 10/25/1895  (D)

RYBERG,               Fannie, to SANDELL, Gus, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/9/1895

RYDHOLM,          John, to JOHNSON, Bertha, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 12/30/1895

RYDLUND,           Peter J., to GUSTAFSON, Ida E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/11/1895

RYLANDER,         J., (real estate transfer from J. A. Ycalan) DP 3/28/1895

RYLEY,                  J. E. & Henrie L., (Probate # 9499, Ruth Dawson, adoption, see  also*Dawson, James) Denver County

Probate Index 8/3/1905

RYMEN,                W. T. (rec'd 32 head of cattle) DP 3/26/1895