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Excerpts of Vital Statistics Notices, Lists

And Selected General News Excerpts Appearing In

Denver And Surrounding Areas.


Newspapers, Post Offices, City & Business Directories, Cemetery Listings, Marriage Listings

Probate Indexes and Naturalization Records

For The Year




d/o=Daughter of                                  int=Interment location                         FN=Funeral Notice

s/o=Son of                                            Marr.=Married                                      ML=Marriage License

m/o=Mother of                                     f/o=Father of                                         dod=Date of death

Ob=Obit(brief)                                      Bp=Baptized                                         h/o=Husband of

D=Death notice                                    B=Born                                                  b/o=Brother of


                  RMN=Rocky Mountain News                                           DP=Denver Post                 


This information is provided free and may not be reproduced in any format for profit. All items have been transcribed and there are no electronic reproductions in this listing. The transcriber, prior to inclusion in this listing, has transcribed from source books, indexes,

microfilm, original ledgers and card files. When available, original source documents have been viewed as a verification of indexes.

Copyright © 2000 Rita’s Colorado Genealogy Clues


TABER,                 Martha J., to GALLAGHER, John A., both of Denver, (Witnesses: Mary A.

                                Eldridge), @ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II  5/22/1895

TABERNACLE     (Olive Branch), (North of 23rd St. viaduct) Denver City Directory

TABOR,                 A. G., (Mrs.), (see* Clark, Mrs. Melvina L., sister) RMN 8/3/1895 (D)

TABOR,                 A. L., (real estate transfer to F. J. Spencer) DP 4/6/1895

TABOR,                 A. L., (real estate transfer to S. G. Smith $750) DP 4/11/1895

TABOR,                 Augusta L., (Mrs.), @ Pasadena, CA, dod 2/1/1895, DP 2/2/1895 (D)

TABOR,                 Augusta L., 60 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 2/8/1895

TABOR,                 Augusta L., (Mrs.), (will on docket for admin. of probate) DP 3/26/1895

TABOR,                 Chester Ferrin, s/o Henry C. & Olive B., age 1 4/12, DP 1/3/1895 (FN)

TABOR,                 Chester Ferrin, s/o Henry C. & Olive B., age 1 4/12, RMN 1/3/1895 (D)

TABOR,                 Chester F., 16 months, int Riverside Cemetery 1/3/1895

TABOR,                 James M., to WRIGHT, Clara, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/24/1895

TABOR,                 John W., to JENNI, Barbara E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

TABOR,                 Maxey, (sued by Nellie Daily in Wm. Daily estate case) DP 4/9/1895

TABOR,                 Maxey, (Mrs.), (with Mrs. Persis Williams to the Great Lakes for summer) RMN 6/2/1895

TAGGART,           John, (to wife a 10 lb boy-first birth atop Pikes Peak in Colorado Spgs) RMN 5/12/1895

TAGGART,           E. E., (advertises anthracite coal sale $1 off per ton, 1602 Arapahoe, phone 348) RMN 9/29/1895

TALBOT,              Ralph, (elected Jr. Warden @ St. Marks Church) DP 4/16/1895

TALBOT,              Ralph, (represents Wm. H. Bolthoff in gold & ore mixing case-see *Bolthoff) RMN 5/23/1895

TALLEDGE,          Thomas W., et al, (#5969, adoption, Hilda M. Heed) Denver City & County Probate Index 1865-1965 2/26/1900

TALLERICO,        Marie, (age 14 @ site of Cemin death) DP 4/15/1895

TALLY,                  Emma, (see * Dobberstein, Fredrich Angus), Salem Church Record 5/14/1895 (Bp)

TANNER,              Grace G., to MILLER, Frank F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/15/1895

TANNRATA,       Anselino, to MINISCI, Maria Francesca, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/6/1895
TAPPER,               Lena, (letter from C. J. Lester , relative of one Loretta Tapper, from Currie, MN, wonders

this is same person) DP 1/10/1895

TAPPER,               Lena, (possible victim of Market St. Stangler *See Demady) DP 4/16/1895

TAPPER,               Lena, (see * Demady, Richard-accused of murder-results) RMN 5/9/1895

TAPSCOTT,         Mattie, to SCHLINGER, Leo E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/22/1895

TARR,                    Ella H., (Mrs.), dod 3/11/1895 RMN 3/13/1895 (D)

TARR,                    Ella H., 44 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/14/1895

TARSNEY,            Susie, (niece of Congressman John C. Tarsney of KC, he here from KC for event) DP 4/15/1895

TATUM,               Hannah B., w/o David Tatum, RMN 3/23/1895 (D)

TATUM,               Hannah B.,  age 72, w/o David Tatum, (well known minister of Society of

                                Friends), dod 3/21/1895, RMN 3/25/1895 (FN)

TATUM,               Hannah B., 71 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/25/1895

TAUGHENBAUGH,G.F. (court decision #744-Ben S. Saule, Geo. Clark) DP 4/8/1895

TAUGHENBAUGH,Franklin M. (court decision #744-Ben S. Saule, Geo. Clark) DP 4/8/1895

TAYLOR,              Abe, (on trial for killing city Marshal Emerson last Jan., @ Alamosa) DP 3/6/1895

TAYLOR,              Abe, Alamosa, CO., (murder trial see * Abraham Taylor Harrell) DP 3/6/1895

TAYLOR,              Abe, (will be sentenced to hang for death of Chas. H. Emerson-marshall @ Alamosa see

*Abraham Taylor Harrell) RMN 5/19/1895

TAYLOR,              Abe, (wife Jennie Taylor asks Gov. to spare her husband’s life, see Scoundrels page *Pardons) RMN 6/4/1895

TAYLOR,              Abe, (@ Alamosa, papers ready to file appealing case on error of state vs Abe Taylor, stay of

execution) RMN 6/13/1895

TAYLOR,              Abe, (Supreme Crt, # 3542, plaintiff in error vs, The People, defendants in error, Dist Crt Conegjos, rehearing allowed,

                                Atty Gen. to answer brief in support of rehearing, 5 days, oral arguments 10/28) RMN 10/22/1895

TAYLOR,              Alex (former owner of Eureka mine, ready under new owners) RMN 3/13/1895

TAYLOR,              Alice M., 23 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/25/1895

TAYLOR,              baby, 7/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/26/1895

TAYLOR,              C. H., (listed under “Mining” @ Red Cliff) Colorado Business Directory

TAYLOR,              Charles E., to SCOTT, Maggie A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/20/1895

TAYLOR,              Cora E., (graduates North Side High School) RMN 6/14/1895

TAYLOR,              Cora E. (member North Side H. S. graduating class) DP 4/12/1895

TAYLOR,              Cora, (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/10/1895

TAYLOR,              Edward B. (Priv.) (found guilty of absence from roll call and drunkeness) DP 4/12/1895

TAYLOR,              Ethelyn May, to NANCE, Fred Henry, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/18/1895

TAYLOR,              E. V., (Miss), (graduates from The Deaf Blind Institute @ Colo. Spgs, essay and valedictory on “Opportunity”)

                                RMN 6/5/1895

TAYLOR,              F. J. (Mr. & Mrs.)(props of Hotel Colorado-advsertise) DP 2/1/1895

TAYLOR,              George E. to GUILBAULT (GULLBAULT), Katie L., RMN 2/6/1895 (ML)

TAYLOR,              George E., to GUILBAULT, Katie L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/6/1895

TAYLOR,              Grant Noble, to RYAN, Mary Aurelia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/28/1895

TAYLOR               Harry, (with Chas. Newport-sentenced 3 yrs for breaking into Donahue’s grocery @ Pueblo) RMN 5/23/1895

TAYLOR,              Harry L., to BEVELL, Grace, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/11/1895

TAYLOR,              Hugh (Dr.)(performs autopsy on Thos. Devaney- see * Devaney) DP 4/15/1895

TAYLOR,              Hugh L., (is Town Physician at Town of Globeville) Denver City Directory

TAYLOR,              Jennie (motion by Margerretta Rice to prosecute as poor person denied by court) DP 4/8/1895

TAYLOR,              J. B. (purchases Lot 68 blk 9 from Fairmount Cemetery) DP 4/2/1895

TAYLOR,              Joseph, Great Britain/Ireland, Declaration of Intent to become a citizen, 2/27/1891, (Jefferson

                                County Naturalization Records-Naturalized) 10/14/1895 

TAYLOR,              J. S., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/13/1895

TAYLOR,              Laura, (sued by Amer. Biscuit & Mfg. for $320.04-note) RMN 2/1/1895

TAYLOR,              Leonard, (suit against Denver Cable Ry.-dismissed) DP 4/3/1895

TAYLOR,              Lillie E., to SPARLING, George N., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/21/1895

TAYLOR,              Mary E., (county court case called-Estate of Mary E. Taylor, # 3721) RMN 10/7/1895

TAYLOR,              Mortimer, (one of the incorporatiors of Golden Sunset Mining) DP 4/3/1895

TAYLOR,              Samuel, (school board member-killed @ Como-see * Radcliff, Benjamin) RMN 5/7/1895

TAYLOR,              (vs Taylor-US Courts dismissed-failure to prosecute)DP 1/2/1895

TAYLOR,              Walter Scott, and BLESSING, Mary Louise, RMN 2/5/1895 (ML)

TAYLOR,              Walter Scott, to BLESSING, Mary Louise, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/6/1895

TAYLOR,              W. H., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TAYLOR,              William, to SHANK, Ada, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/24/1895

TAYLOR,              William M., (Geo. M. Fassnacht of Stuttgart, Germany writes mayor for info on financial standing-Hard Money

                                Mining Co. & Wm. Taylor) DP 7/8/1895

TEAGUE,               John, (listed under “Saloons” @ Central City) Colorado Business Directory

TEBEAN,               Austin, 8 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/29/1895

TEBEAN,               George, (leaves for St. Louis to join Cleveland team) RMN 3/16/1895

TEBEAU,               Austin, ( see * TEBEAN, s/o George Tebeau, residence of S. J. Sargent, 2515 Curtis, 6/28) RMN 6/27/1895 (FN)

TEBEAU,               Austin, (father George Tebeau, Denver ball player @ Cleveland reports death of son, ag 8, meningitis) RMN 6/14/1895

TECK,                    (vs Sylvester, District Court case #22163, case called) RMN 10/22/1895

TEETOR,               S. L. (Mrs.), (letter to city -states show "Living Pictures" questionable morality-nude art) RMN 1/15/1895

TEGLAR,               Charles, (is Trustee at Town of Valverde) Denver City Directory

TEHAN,                 William, (listed under “Saloons” @ Cripple Creek) Colorado Business Directory

TELEPHONE         COMPANY, The Colorado, (connected Trinidad with all principal towns in Colo., extends to Raton, N. M.)RMN 1/4/1895

TELFORD,             child of T. J., (stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 11/26/1895

TELIN,                   Knute, 30 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 1/9/1895

TELLER,                J. C. ENVELOPE Co.(incorporates w/Willard Teller and L. C. Pierce) RMN 3/7/1895

TELLER,                Ida, (Miss), (suffering from temp insanity taken home) DP 4/9/1895

TELLING,              Oscar L., to DAWSON, Lillie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/14/1895

TELZLAFF,           child of E. A., 3/12, int Riverside Cemetery 9/23/1895

TEMPLE,               James S., (sued by George H. Hobson, Judge Butler grants plaintiff 12 days to amend complaint) DP 4/20/1895

TEMPLE,               child James, (male), int Fairmount Cemetery 9/1/1895

TEMPLE,               Lydia, (2), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TEMPLE,               N. D., (is Trustee at Town of Globeville) Denver City Directory

TEMPLETON,      Margaret A., to DRYSDALE, John T., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/30/1895

TEMPLETON,      Margaret A., to DRYSDALE, John T., Highlands) RMN 6/25/1895 (ML)

TENNEY,               Nellie, to NEWELL, Thomas, RMN 1/9/1895 (ML)

TENSAW,             John N., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 6/22/1895

TEN WINKEL,      August, (sued by George Berger-$863.93 due on notes) RMN 6/6/1895

TEN WINKEL,      (sued by Berger, District Court, case #22684, case called) RMN 10/22/1895

TERLINDER,         Theodore, to STOUDER, Charlotte Emma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/6/1895

TERRILL,               Minnie, to HARRY, Alfred, (see * Harvey, Alfred, Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/1/1895

TERRILL,               Minnie, (of Guston, Colo), to HARVEY, Alfred RMN 6/2/1895 (ML)

TERRY,                  Audrey J., 60 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/8/1895

TESCH,                  C. F., (listed under “Saloons” @ 518 18th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

TESCH,                  C. F., (on jury in murder trial of Christopher Schramm-see *Schramm) RMN 5/22/1895

TESCH,                  Robert, Liquor Co., (listed under “Saloons” @ 1000 15th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

TESCHLER,           Wanda, (see *Schiller, Pearl Anna) Salem Church Record 11/23/1895 (Bp)

TESCHELDORF,  baby, 1/12, (female), int Fairmount Cemetery 5/25/1895

TESTA,                  Peter, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

TETCLOFF,           Julius, to OLSON, Selma, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/27/1895

TETERS,                M. J., (rec'd building permit-$5,000) 4/20/1895

TETRAULT,         Richard, (is on foreign mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TEXTER,               Della, @ Farming, Iowa, d/o Emma Texter, RMN 3/9/1895 (D)

TEXTER,               Ella, 7 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery, 3/10/1895

THADY,                George H., to UHL, Mary A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/20/1895

THATCHER,         Alonzo G., to COUCH, Ann, (Mrs.), (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/18/1895

THATCHER,         J. A., (is Pres. Denver Natl Bank-advertisement) RMN 4/9/1895

THATCHER,         Joseph A., (elected director, and president-The Denver Natl Bank) DP 1/9/1895

THATCHER,         M. D., (Mrs.), (elected corresponding secretary of Woman's Guild) DP 4/6/1895

THATCHER,         M. D., (elected director First Natl Bank) DP 1/9/1895

THAYER,              Aaron A., to VAN FLEET, Isabelia C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

THAYER,              A. E., (Rev.), (of La Grange, IL, to VAN FLEET, Mrs. I. C. of Boulder, @ Denver, 4/23/1895)

                Boulder Cnty News abstracts 4/28/1895

THAYER,              John W., to Mc NANY, Katherine, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/15/1895

THAYER,              William, 37 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/23/1895

THAYER,              William, (age 37, d. 6/19/1895, funeral from residence 827 Lawrence St.), RMN 6/23/1895 (D)

THAYSE,               W. B., (is listed under Mining, @ Carson) Colorado State Business Directory

THEDINGA,          John A., (one of incorporators of Golden Link Mining, capital stock $1,000,000-El Paso Cnty) RMN 6/30/1895

THOELDEN,         Julius, (listed under “Saloons” @ 4001 Market, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

THEORS,               George, (trial of James Pippin for theatening Theors' life)DP 4/16/1895

THEUERSBACHER, N. N., (Mrs.), 66 yrs, w/o Conrad, from Farmer & Hale’s Undertaking, dod 9/14/1895 RMN 9/16/1895 & 9/15/1895 (D)

THIEL                    DETECTIVE SERVICE CO., (case #21140, vs Beckwith, et al-District Crt-case called) RMN 6/8/1895

THIES,                   Felix, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1524 Blake, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

THIES,                   Felix, (saloon proprietor, testifies about misunderstanding between M. B. Worrall and William H. Dalton) RMN 4/6/1895

THIES,                   Felix, (claims right to occupy bldg @ 407 16th, over objections of landlord, armed guards remove belongings and

                                fixtures to sidewalk) RMN 7/9/1895

THIES,                   Felix, (defends attachment of wife’s birds & ring, by Court, by Western Laundry for $10, pays bill-gets

                                back ring, see News Articles page) RMN 10/13/1895

THIES,                   Fritz, Jr., (claims he saw Peter Fidel, candidate, handing out money @ precinct-surrounded by many men) RMN 4/13/1895

THIES,                   Mike, (killed instantly-fell down shaft at Durant Mine) DP 4/5/1895

THIES,                   Paul, (Wm. O'Neil suspected of burglarizing his saloon) DP 4/22/1895

THOMAS              (see *McGuuinell & Thomas, saloon keepers) Colorado Business Directory

THOMAS,             Anna, (Miss), 49 yrs, of 3547 Humboldt RMN 11/12/1895 (D)

THOMAS,             Annie, 49 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 11/13/1895

THOMAS,             Annie, to WALTON, William M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/8/1895

THOMAS,             baby, (female), 9/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/26/1895

THOMAS,             B. B., (Mrs.), services from residence 1131 Columbine St., int Riverside (see *Thomas, Phoebe) RMN 9/19/1895

THOMAS,             Benjamin Prosser, to BILLINGS, Marcia Lorraine, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/14/1895

THOMAS,             B. P. and BILLINGS, Miss Marica L., (Marr.) 1/14/1895, RMN 1/15/1895

THOMAS,             Clara L., (granted divorce from John L. of Wyo, cruelty, alimoney denied, counter claim of misreprentation)

                                RMN 6/30/`895

THOMAS,             C. E., (see suit by *Jennie Elliott, to recover $4050 damages in furniture deal) RMN 7/27/1895

THOMAS,             C. F., (appointed a fireman) DP 3/26/1895

THOMAS,             C. F., (on committee to form silver forces) DP 4/19/1895

THOMAS,             Charles F., (a fireman-testifies @ Demady trial-Frank Hall’s reputation is shakey) RMN 5/3/1895

THOMAS,             Charles S., (address Denver Single Tax Club) DP 4/16/1895

THOMAS,             Emma, to SKEWES, Richard, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/29/1895

THOMAS,             Emma, to SKEWES, Richard, @ bride’s sister’s Mrs. John Meyn, (marriage delayed-storms on Atlantic crossing

                                from Glasglow, Scotland on the “Ethiopia) marr. 11/29/1895 Boulder Cnty News abstracts 12/4/1895

THOMAS,             Fayette, (young man arrested for concealed .45 caliber revolver, fined $25, will serve time on chain gang) RMN 6/30/1895

THOMAS,             G. C., (listed under “Mining” @ Lamartine) Colorado Business Directory

THOMAS,             Genetta A., to DIETRICH, Leonard H., (Boulder County Marriages) 11/27/1895

THOMAS,             George, 53 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/21/1895

THOMAS,             Harlan, to PARTRIDGE, Edieth D., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I)3/21/1895

THOMAS,             Harold W., to FERGUSON, Henrietta, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/5/1895

THOMAS,             Helen M., (speaks @ Arapahoe Cnty Teachers Assoc.) DP 4/5/1895

THOMAS,             Henry, @ Trinidad,(sentenced to 13 years in prison for criminal assault on

                                Florence Millias and burglary) DP 3/24/1895

THOMAS,             James, (county court case called-Estate of James Thomas, # 1064) RMN 10/7/1895

THOMAS,             John, (@ Greeley, thrown from cart and dragged by horse-worked @ David Pardee ranch)RMN 5/19/1895

THOMAS,             J. A., by Steam Engineers’ Protective Union #5703, int Fairmount RMN 11/6/1895 (D)

THOMAS,             John A., 33 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/6/1895

THOMAS,             John A., to LOWRY, Sadie E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/19/1895

THOMAS,             John L., (of Wyo., divorced by Clara L., counter claim of misreprentation, alimony denied) RMN 6/30/1895

THOMAS,             Joseph, 7 1/2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/22/1895

THOMAS,             Lew Grant, to COBB, Kate, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/6/1895

THOMAS,             Lew, of Ward, to COBB, Kate, of Salina, 11/6, @ home of Mrs. Rowen, Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Cobb stood up

                                for couple, sister of bride is one Mrs. Wood, Boulder Cnty News abstracts 11/6/1895

THOMAS,             Louis, to ATKINSON, Mary V., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 1/6/1895

THOMAS,             Lucille, (see *Emerson, Geo. W. & Sarah-Adoption) Denver City & County Probate Index 7/26/1900

THOMAS,             Mary B., to PATTERSON, Alex H., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 10/31/1895

THOMAS,             Mary E., to HOWBERT, D. Todd, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/27/1895

THOMAS,             Phoebe Emeline, 42 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/20/1895 (see *Thomas, Mrs. B. B.)

THOMAS,             P. J., (is elected recording secty. of Rocky Mountain Athletic Club) RMN 11/15/1895

THOMAS,             Richard, to CLARK, Mattie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/30/1895

THOMAS,             Tillie, to LAHR, George L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/13/1895

THOMAS,             Thomas J., to SPAID, Cora M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

THOMAS,             William, (drowns, see *Sleepy Hollow Mine, 14 die, bucket filler, leaves wf/1 child) RMN 8/30/1895

THOMAS,             William H., to RENFRO, Eva May, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/31/1895

THOMLINSON,   Charles J., 2/365, int Riverside Cemetery 8/2/1895

THOMPSEN,        Thomas, to NEILSON, Ann, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/20/1895

THOMPSON,        A. B., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

THOMPSON,        Annie, (chgd w/larceny, to be given trial-West Side Court) RMN 11/15/1895

THOMPSON,        Annie, (#3907, of Arapahoe County), Women in the Colorado  State Penitentiary 11/21/1895

THOMPSON,        Bert, (age 10, accused of stealing tools from a shop in Haish Bldg) RMN 8/3/1895

THOMPSON,        Bob, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Victor) Colorado Business Directory

THOMPSON,        Daniel T., to SNYDER, Jessie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/9/1895

THOMPSON,        David, 24 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 8/4/1895

THOMPSON,        David D., to DOYLE, Lulu E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/18/1895

THOMPSON,        D. T., (Private, Co. A. 7th infantry, 1 yr in prison, dishonorable discharge & forfeiture of pay &

allowances due) DP 3/30/1895

THOMPSON,        E., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Thomasville) Colorado Business Directory

THOMPSON,        Edna, 5 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 3/26/1895

THOMPSON,        Fannie E., to BARNETT, Jos., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 7/2/1895

THOMPSON,        Fred A., (& Alexander H. Martin-sued by People's Bank for $615 note) DP 4/20/1895

THOMPSON,        G. A., (listed under “Saloons” @ Creed-Town) Colorado Business Directory

THOMPSON,        G. W., (member of Ancient Scottish Rite Masons) DP 4/20/1895

THOMPSON,        Gussie, to DANDRIDGE, Richard, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/2/1895

THOMPSON,        Gussie, to DANDRIDGE, Richard) RMN 1/3/1895 (ML)

THOMPSON,        J. A., (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 166, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 1/25/1895

THOMPSON,        James, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

THOMPSON         & JAMESON, (see *Jameson & Thompson) Colorado Business Directory

THOMPSON,        J. H., (listed under “Saloons” @ Kremmling) Colorado Business Directory

THOMPSON,        James S., (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

THOMPSON,        L. A., and Annie Shearer, (will be married Thanksgiving Eve,  @ St. Elizabeth’s Church) RMN 1125/1895

THOMPSON,        Lee, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

THOMPSON,        Leslie A., to SCHERER, Anna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/27/1895

THOMPSON,        Madeleine, to SMITH, Dudley, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/13/1895

THOMPSON,        Mary A., (graduates kindergarten-Denver Normal & Preparatory School) RMN 6/3/1895

THOMPSON,        Maud A., to LEWIS, D. Mayne, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/1/1895

THOMPSON,        Mrs., (@ Greeley, from residence 1013 9th, to Colorado in 1870) RMN 7/18/1895 (D)

THOMPSON,        Richard, (fined $200 and vagged (??)for 90 days, no sympathy from pardon board, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons)

                                RMN 1/5/1895

THOMPSON,        Richard, (caught breaking a window #17th & Market at 1:am, recently pardoned) DP 1/10/1895

THOMPSON,        R. J., (requests pardon-5 yrs/forgery-Arapahoe County) DP 4/11/1895

THOMPSON,        R. J., (convicted of forgery, claims set up by wife to get divorce, pardon denied, *see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons)

                                RMN 8/22/1895

THOMPSON,        Robert A., to AMSDEN, Fannie M. (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/23/1895

THOMPSON,        R. W., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/16/1895

THOMPSON,        Thomas, England, Notice of Intent 7/24/1895, naturalized 3/6/1902 (Boulder County District Court)

THOMPSON,        Silas, (appointed as fireman) DP 3/26/1895

THOMPSON,        W., (listed under “Saloons” @ 3828 Blake, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

THOMPSON,        W. F., (Mrs.), @ 2160 Downing av., int. @ Greeley RMN 6/7/1895

THOMPSON,        W. H., (injured by contact w/bike rider-cut eye) DP 3/27/1895

THOMPSON,        William, age 17 (w/Abe Taylor-caught stealing oats-Taylor kills marhal-see *Taylor, Abe, and

                                Emerson, Chas H.-Wm. gets 8 yrs) RMN 5/19/1895

THOMPSON,        William H., (Mrs.), (see *Smith, Amy) Boulder Cnty Deaths 12/13/1895

THOMPSON,        William R., 40 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/21/1895

THOMPSON,        William, to RALL, Sophia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/11/1895

THOMPSON,        W. R., (posts letter to Greeley  W. Whiteford regarding electon fraud case-including statements

from voters) RMN 4/13/1895

THOMS,                Emma, to EVANS, George W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/21/1895

THOMS,                Emma E., of Mankoto, MN, to EVANS, George, of Boulder, @ Denver, 11/21/1895 Boulder Cnty

                                News abstracts 11/27/1895

THOMSON,          Charles I., (is Associate Judge-Colo State Court of Appeals) Denver City Directory

THOMSON,          James A., to WILLIAMS, Mattie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/21/1895

THOMSON,          Secretary (of Humane Society, makes report for the year 1894 of cases helped and refused) DP 1/9/1895

THORKILSON,     Albert R., (b. 4/5/1891) Niwot Cemetery Records 11/27/1895

THORKILSON,     Lillie I., (age 9/12), Niwot Cemetery Records 12/18/1895

THORKILSON,     Walter A., (b. 4/8/1893) Niwot Cemtery Records 11/23/1895

THORN,                 Clifton B., to GRAY, Marion, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/24/1895

THORN,                 Hazel, 22 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/26/1895

THORNBERG,      J. C., (Mrs.), (heart failure, lost her children earlier) Boulder Cnty Deaths 2/6/1895

THORNBURG,      William H., (graduates from Denver University School of Law) RMN 6/5/1895

THORNBURG,      William H., 25 yrs, son of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. W., from residence 1550 Downing RMN 11/26/1895 (D)

THORNBURG,      Wm. H., 24 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/26/1895

THORNE,              T. W., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/16/1895

THORNTON,        Charlie, (applies for pardon-Arapahoe-burglary-5 yrs) DP 4/1/1895

THORTON,           Charles, (applies for pardon-Arapahoe Cnty-5 yrs-November, 1895, see Scoundrels page, *Pardons)

RMN 6/4/1895

THORNTON,        Charles, (pardon denied-serving 5 yrs-burglary-Arapahoe Cnty) RMN 6/8/1895

THORNTON,        H. E., (Private, Co. C 11th infantry, 90 days prison, forfeit  $5 per month of pay) DP 3/30/1895

THORP,                 Caleb G., (is Police Magistrate at Town of Valerde) Denver City Directory

THORP,                 Dina, to NELSON, Christian, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/16/1895

THORP,                 Madison, (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

THRANE               & ROBERTSON, (listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

THRASHER,         Betty, 30 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/2/1895

THRESHER,          George, (see *Perry, Daniel-damage suit) RMN 8/21/1895

THRESHER,          P. B., (see *Perry, Daniel-damage suit) RMN 8/21/1895

THROBECK,         Nellie, 5 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/19/1895

THUERSBACKER,Augusta A., 66 yrs, see *Theuersbacher, N. N. (Mrs), int Riverside Cemetery  RMN 9/15/1895

THUIT,                  infant, (buried county grounds) Golden Cemetery Records 4/5/1895

THURSTON,         Lewis, (accused of stealing small articles, case discharged, no evidence to hold him) RMN 8/3/1895

THURSTON,         Charles A., 25 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/24/1895

THURSTON,         Maud M., (Mrs.), w/o John R. Thurston, from residence 1516 Blaine Av., Highlands RMN 9/14/1895 (D)

THURSTON,         Maud M., 27 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/14/1895

THURSTON,         William F./Milliom H., to ORGAN, Ester, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/14/1895

THUTRAP,           William, (is on foreign mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TIBBETS,              W. F., (considered one of best railroad men, on trial in August to determine if he is sane or not) RMN 7/26/1895

TIBBS,                   Alice, to JONES, Louis, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/12/1895

TICKET                 SCALPERS ASSOC. (protest city licensing requirements) DP 4/19/1895

TICKNOR,             F. C. (real estate transfer to E. Hewitt) DP 3/23/1895

TIEGE,                    Herman, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TIEMAN,              A., (& Mrs. Tieman, were thrown from their buggy, he has concussion of brain, taken home 2947 Williams) RMN 8/9/1895

TIEROW,               George A. (Justice of the Peace @ Elizabeth-chgd w/carrying

                                concealed weapon-dismissed-considered rural justice) DP 4/20/1895

TIERNOW,            George A. (Justice of the Peace, Elizabeth-arrested for concealed

                                weapon-precaution of rural justice-Judge release him) DP 4/19/1895

TIGHE,                   Martin, (listed under “Saloons” @ 2245 Larimer, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

TIGHE,                   Martin, saloon keeper ("flimflamed" by Frank Moore) RMN 4/10/1895

TIGLMAN,            Benjamin C., (sues Lombard Inv. Co., for $7965 due on note) RMN 6/4/1895

TILDEN,                H. R., (appointed sub-fireman-failed to qualify-appt’ withdrawn) RMN 5/3/1895

TILDEN,                Nina, w/o A. F. Tilden, services St. Mary’s Cathedral, Stout St. RMN 5/22/1895 (D)

TILDEN,                Nina, 48 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery, 5/25/1895

TILDEN,                Horace H.., to FOWLER, Kitty C. (@ Jefferson Cnty), (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/11/1895

TILDEN,                Horace H., of Denver, to FOWLER, Kitty C., of Fort Wayne, Ind. RMN 8/13/1895 (Marr)

TILNEY,                 Frank W., (to JEROME, Kittie J., (@  Colo. Spgs., 1/28/1895, to live in Cripple Creek) Boulder

                                Cnty News abstracts 2/6/1895 (Marr.)

TILNEY,                 M. W., (to DILLEY, Zoe, at home of bride’s mother in Atlantic, IA., to live in Manitou, CO., from

                                Cripple Creek, (appeared in the Cripple Crk. Journal) 5/28/1895) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 6/6/1895

TILTON,                C. H., (robbed by Mamie/May Biglow, he is held on bond to secure appearance, see Biglow, Mamie) DP 1/5/1895

TIPPETH,              Josiah, (Great Britain, Declaration of Intent) Gilpin Cnty Naturalizations 1863-1910 10/6/1894

TIMBERLAKE,    Maguerite, (@ Montrose., elected Pres. Colorado Rebekaha assembly) RMN 10/18/1895

TIMM,                   Emmet E., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/2/1895

TIMM,                   Ervin, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/2/1895

TINCHER,             John R. ((arrived @ Ft. Logan enlisted for Troop I 2nd cavalry, from Springfield, IL) DP 3/25/1895

TINK,                     E. Maude, to SMUTZ, L. B., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 7/8/1895

TINKER,                Chauncey B., (takes exam for admission to Yale, to academic course) RMN 6/28/1895

TINLEY,                 J. B., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TINSLEY,              J. W., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Villa Grove) Colorado Business Directory

TIRSWAY,            Laura G., dod 2/10/1895 RMN 2/11/1895 (D)

TIRSWAY,            Laura G., 23 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/12/1895

TITCOMB,            Jeremiah H., int Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, CO (Littleton Cemetery Office Records) 12/11/1895

TITLEY,                 Carrie, (Mrs.), 19 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/12/1895

TITLEY,                 T. M. (Mrs.) RMN 4/9/1895 (D)

TITLEY,                 T. M. (Mrs.) int Riverside RMN 4/11/1895 (FN)

TITSWORTH,      Frederick Sheppard, (of Denver, rec’s diploma from State School of Mines) RMN 6/7/1895

TITUS,                   Campbell D., (was candidate for director of school district #2, lost to John C.Kennedy) RMN 5/7/1895

TITUS,                   Charles, (is member of Morey Society, votes positive on resolution, “Resolved, That the United States ought to

                                assume a protectorate over the Western hemisphere.”, Manual Training School) RMN 12/31/1894

TITUS,                   Lucy, infant d/o Clyde & Lida Titus, services from residence 138 West Atlantic RMN 8/4/1895

TITUS,                   Lucy E., 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/5/1895

TITUS,                   W. J., (Mrs.), (to host non-partisen Woman's Club meeting) DP 2/28/1895

TOBIAS,                 (crt case vs Burchinell-atty W. S. Decker in near physical altercation with  John P. Taylor) DP 4/19/1895

TOBIAS,                vs Burchinell, (in court again, goods or cash of $5000 in question) RMN 6/5/1895

TOBIAS,                (sued by Van Schock, County Court, case #22342, case called) RMN 6/8/1895

TOBIN,                  John, (@ Leadville, s/o James Tobin, shift boss at the Henriett, fatally shot by W. C. Maupin,

suspected of taking goods from his store window,betw. 3-4 am.) RMN 6/8/1895

TOBIN,                  Maggie, to LAMBIE, Alexander, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/19/1895

TOCHACHTLI,    Mathilda, (see *Forster, Frank Wilhelm) Salem Church Record

TOCKER,               Alexander, (male), int Fairmount Cemetery 5/19/1895

TODD,                   (vs AYR, et al-case #21011-verdict-plaintiff) RMN 2/6/1895

TODD,                   Arthur G., 18 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/24/1895

TODD,                   Arthur Golding, s/o Waldo P. and Mary S., b. New Orleans, 5/20/1876, age 18 8/12,

dod 1/23/1895, New Orleans papers pls copy, DP 1/24/1895 (D)

TODD,                   Elizabeth A., to LEE, Samuel, (Boulder County Marriages) 7/2/1895

TODD,                   Ella, (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/10/1895

TODD,                   Ella A., (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/14/1895

TODD,                   Helen, (age 11, d/o S. B. Todd, @ Rifle, thrown from burro, dies, cast a gloom over community) RMN 6/30/1895

TODD,                   Mary Catherine and ANDERSON, George, of Cripple Crk. RMN 4/4/1895 (ML)

TODD,                   Mary H., to ANDERSON, George, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/3/1895

TODD,                   Samuel, to BRUBAKER, Emma B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/19/1895

TODD,                   Thomas H., @ Canon City (serving 8 yr, assault to murder-escapes, $200 reward for his capture) DP 3/6/1895

TODD,                   W. D., (elected director The Union Natl Bank) 1/9/1895

TODESKIE,           Joe, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Silverton) Colorado Business Directory

TOGART,              W. H., (listed under “Mining)” @ Eureka) Colorado Business Directory

TOLIVER,              John W. A. L., to SMITH, Mattie A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/6/1895

TOLLES,                William H., to ORAHOOD, Annetta M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/15/1895

TOM                      BOY MILL, (San Miguel County, new vanner room just about completed) RMN 7/18/1895

TOMLINSON,      Patrick, ( & Glomean Pace die at Aguillar mine accident) mine insp. John D. Jones investigates) DP 4/4/1895

TONEY,                 Al, (@Victor, Colo., @ Last Dollar Mine, large rock falls, killing him, leaves wf/4 ch) RMN 9/13/1895

TONG,                    Elisa, to MAXWELL, Frank A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/19/1895

TONG,                    Yee, 28 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 12/14/1895

TONGE,                 Thomas (of Mfg. exhange, apptd to committe) DP 1/17/1895

TONGUE,              Myrtle, (#7655, adoption, Adeline Harris) Denver City & County Probate Index 1865-1895  10/27/1902

TONNESON,         Lars, (Sweden-Notice of intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 6/5/1895

TOOLE,                  Louisa, 7/12, int Calvary Cemetery 3/16/1895

TOOMBS,             Marie F., 38 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 2/10/1895

TOPE,                     baby, (male), int Fairmount Cemetery 9/2/1895

TOPLIFF,               J. J. (Mrs. Dr.), (declared insane-sent to Pueblo Asylum ) Boulder Cnty Deaths (Insane section) 3/21/1895

TOPLIFF,               Joseph Jerome, (Dr.) (Bright’s Disease-born Bridgewater, Va. 1832, physician) Boulder Cnty Deaths 5/12/1895

TOPLIFF,               Minerva C., age 62 (w/o Dr. Topliff,  @ Longmont, jury expected to disagree  on her sanity) RMN 3/14/1895

TORELL,                Charles, Norway/Sweden, Notice of Intent, Bannock Cnty, ID, 12/31/1894, naturalized 10/22/1904 (Boulder

                                County District Court)

TORSTENSON,    John, Norway/Sweden, Notice of Intent to become a citizen (Boulder County District Court) 8/24/1895

TORT,                     F., (real estate trsf to C. A. Raymond) DP 4/22/1895

TOSH,                    Lundy O., to WISSMAN, Ann J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/14/1895

TOSH,                    Lundy O., to WISSMAN, Ann J., (on 11/14 @ parsonage Trinity M. E. Church, by Rev. McIntyre RMN 11/16/1895 (Marr.)

TOWER,                Arthur, of Akron, CO. (arrested for impersonating a deputy U. S. Marshall-demanding money) DP 3/16/1895

TOWN,                  Judson, to Mc LEAN, Florence, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/17/1895

TOWSEND,          Cora B., to McNERNY, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/24/1895

TOWSEND,          Henry C., (purchaes land from Lydia Cowell-est. Wm. Cowell)DP 4/16/1895

TRACY,                 Claudus B., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 6/28/1895

TRACY,                 Robert A., to HASKETT, Maria J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/30/1895

TRACY,                 William, to HUBBARD, Bessie, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 9/3/1895

TRACY,                 William, to HUBBARD, Bessie, 9/4/1895 Boulder Cnty News abstracts 9/5/1895

TRAIL,                   James R., to WOOD, Mattie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/22/1895

TRAMM,              Peter, (see *Roethenbach, Friedrich Peter) Salem Church Record 12/8/1895 (Bp)

TRANSUE,            Mary, 39 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/25/1895

TRASK,                 Marion M., to SMITH Sidney S., both of Denver, (Witnesses: Wm. C. Matthews & Joseph Mann),

@ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 6/10/1895

TRASK,                 W. H., (elected cashier, The Union Natl Bank) DP 1/9/1895

TRASK,                 W. H., (app'td by gov. to review state treas. records) DP 4/11/1895

TRASK,                 W. H., (is judge @ Decoration Day bike race) DP 4/29/1895

TRATHESE,          John, to BALLARD, Ida N., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 12/27/1895

TRAUT,                 Louise, to CLENNAN, Thomas, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/27/1895

TRAUT,                 Peter V., to ZIMMERMAN, Dora, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/26/1895

TRAVERSEL,        Samuel B., 64 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/27/1895

TRAVIS,                A. H., (Rev. D. D.), of Boulder, returns from attending Presbyterian convention) RMN 6/8/1895

TRAYNOR,           Thomas, (w/J. J. O’Toole, arrested in Denver at request of California authories) RMN 1/3/1895

TREADWELL,      Florence, (see *Ehrenkrock, Florence A., adoption) Denver City & County Probate Index 6/1/1906

TREADWELL,      Wibur Augustus, to WARNER, Ora, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 12/29/1895

TREASBAUER,    Christina, to SCHOELY, August A. RMN 9/29/1895 (ML)

TREAT,                 Charles A., (injunction granted against Frank W. Loveland, restraining sale of property

from Loveland estate) DP 4/3/1895

TREAT,                 Charles A., (receives injunction against Dvr Savings Bk and Frank W. Loveland to stop

sale of certain real estate) RMN 4/4/1895

TREFFEISEN,       John, (rec’d payment of $10.09 for meat supplies to Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895

TRENT,                  Prince, 75 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/15/1895

TRIEBER,              Elizabeth, (m/o see *Leichner, Lena Eliz.) (Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/23/1895

TRIEBER,              Liz, (sponsor-see *Leichner, Lena Eliz.) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/23/1895

TRIMBLE,             George W., (Leadville mining man visiting Denver) DP 4/20/1895

TRIMM,                Peter,(see *Tramm, Peter & Forster, Frank Wilhelm) Salem Ch. Record 7/7/1895 (Bp)

TRINITY                MEMORIAL CHURCH, (Rev. C. H. Marshall, Rector, Curtis cor 26th) Denver City Directory

TRIPLET,               Sidne, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TRIPP,                    Ray L., to SARGENT, Eva C., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I)1/4/1895

TRITCH,                (sued by Bartlett-case #16803-on court docket) 2/6/1895

TRITCH,                George, (sues Wm. W. Lewis for $818.78) RMN 4/9/1895

TRITCH,                George, (hardware dealer-testifies to Interstate Commerce Commission on rates) DP 4/23/1895

TRITCH,                George, (partition suit against Georgia A. Eckhart & others on jointly owned property) RMN 5/22/1895          

TRIUMPH             MINING CO, (421 Cooper block, is listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory

TROGA,                 Augusta, (see *Froge, Augusta), to GREEDY, Anton RMN 7/27/1895 (ML)

TROUNCE,            Minnie, to JONES, John A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/21/1895

TROUT,                 Peter, (case of cattle stealing against him, dismissed by Justice Howze, Cattle Growers’ Assoc. refused to

                                Prosecute) DP 1/1/1895

TROUTMAN,       G. H. (real estate transfer to E. Troutman-$6,000) DP 3/27/1895

TROXELL,             Lenetta to BEHN, Carl, RMN 2/17/1895 (Marr.)

TROXELL,             Lenetta to BEHN, Carl, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/17/1895

TROY,                    child, James, (female) int Fairmount Cemetery 1/24/1895

TROY,                    Joseph S., (@ Cripple Creek-secured claim in Poverty Gulch-profitable, abt 27 yrs old,

dod 5/19-int Clinton, Iowa) RMN 5/20/1895

TROY,                    Paul P., to EARENFIGHT, Minnie J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/3/1895

TRUDEAU            & HUNT, (listed under “Saloons” @ Georgetown) Colorado Business Directory

TRUESDALE,       Emery, (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TRUITT,                I. D., (@ Columbine Mining camp, dies of  heart disease after complaining of chest pains) RMN 8/6/1895

TRUITT,                I. D., 63 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 8/15/1895

TRUITT,                Charlie, (see death of *E. W. Carter and shooter *J. J. Ritchie) RMN 5/12/1895

TRUITT,                Emma C., to SPRINGSTEEL, Walter, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 12/22/1895

TRUMAN,            J. H.,Jr. (@ Cripple Crk.-incorporates Cripple Creek Belt RR) DP 4/11/1895

TRUMBULL,        Frank, (elected director The Union Natl Bank) DP 1/9/1895

TRUSDALE,         Alexander, (locked up w/G. A. Van Horn, for disturbance, Van Horn was hit w/birck) RMN 9/13/1895

TRUSDELL,          H. S., to PENROSE, Elizabeth, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

TRYER,                  M., (listed under “Saloons” @ La Junta) Colorado Business Directory

TRYON,                 Rex, 11/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/13/1895

TRYMAN,             B. W., (finished his 24 hour bike ride near Louisville, 406 miles, breaks previous record of 381 miles) DP 7/7/1895

TSCHACHTLI,     Mathilda, (see *Forster, Frank Wilhelm & Friederich Albert) Salem Church Record 7/7/1895 (Bp)

TUTTLE,               Albert, (h/o Emma M., f/o Geo. A. Tuttle, formerly of Boulder) Boulder Cnty Deaths 1/19/1895

TUTTLE,               Emma M., (see *Tuttle, Albert) Boulder Cnty Deaths 1/19/1895

TUTTLE,               George A., (see *Tuttle, Albert) Boulder Cnty Deaths 1/19/1895

TUBBS,                  C. C., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/13/1895

TUCKER,               Dora, to NICHOLS, William J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/4/1895

TUCKER,               Harry, (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TUCKER,               Maud A., to BURGESS, Fred A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/19/1895

TUERSCOTT,       Elizabeth, 60 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/14/1895

TUFFIELD,            Thomas, (is Trustee of Town of Barnum) Denver City Directory

TULLY,                  a daughter, to Mr. & Mrs. M. A. Tully, @ 148 W. Maple St., 9/6/1895 RMN 9/8/1895 (B)

TUMBLESON,      Susan, (Mrs.), (of Ward-declared insane by jury 6/20/1895) Boulder Cnty Deaths (Insane Section) 6/26/1895

TUNDALE,           baby, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/27/1895

TUOMY,                Mary Beatrice, to LICHTER, Anton, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/17/1895

TUPPER,                Francis W., (is U. S. District Court Clerk), Denver City Directory

TUPPER,                Kerr B. (Dr.) (to deliver address @ University Med. College DP 4/15/1895

TURK,                    child, H. M., (stillborn-female), int Fairmount Cemetery 2/21/1895

TURKEY                CREEK MINE (owners C. M McCabe and J. P. Jameson ready to work on large scale) RMN 5/12/1895

TURNBERG,         Ed (rec'd 1 yr in penitentiary for administering poison to mistress, Mollie Downer) DP 3/26/1895

TURNBULL,         Clyde, to SNYLANDT, Nora B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/10/1895

TURNER,               Agnes, (vs Alfred Filby, she states notes where a present to her to remember him by) DP 3/30/1895

TURNER,               Agnes, (sued by Georgiana Filby for $10,000 for "hypnotizing" her husband and

                                alienating his affections) DP 3/30/1895

TURNER,               Agnes, (vs Alfred Filby, case to jury, $2,005 on notes, Judge orders sealed verdict) RMN 4/6/1895

TURNER,               Agnes, (vs Alfred Filby, defendant files for new trial) RMN 4/9/1895

TURNER,               Agnes, (granted judgment against Alfred Filby-$2,225-full amount requested-

                                Filby's request for new trial-denied) RMN 4/9/1895

TURNER,               Annie, (divorced by John C. Turner, desertion, marr. 10/15/1888, Denver) RMN 6/30/1895

TURNER,               Arthur, to McCORY, Daisy Dean, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/6/1895

TURNER,               Arthur, to McCOREY, Daisy, both of Hygiene, 11/18/1895 Boulder Cnty News abstracts 11/7/1895

TURNER,               Flora Canbee, to DAVIS, Edwin Carlo, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/17/1895

TURNER,               Jack, (listed under “Saloons” @ Florissant) Colorado Business Directory

TURNER,               J. C., (sues for divorce from wife Annie) RMN 1/18/1895

TURNER,               John C., (rec’d divorce from Annie Turner, desertion, marr. 10/15/1888, Denver) RMN 6/30/1895

TURNER,               J. W., (alias of Billie Connors-arrested as suspect in robbery of the Silver Cliff saloon) DP 4/8/1895

TURNER,               Mae, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

TURNER,               Mary, (graduates from The Deaf Blind Institue, essay on “The New Woman”) RMN 6/5/1895

TURNER,               Oscar, (age 15, @ Fruita, stops James Grimes from further shots @ Al Billings, see *Billings, Al) RMN 8/22/1895

TURNER,               R. A., (Mrs.), (family of 6, rec’d $8.00 in groceries) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895 & 8/1895 & 9/1895

TURNER,               Robert, (Senator), (services from Capitol-int Chicago) DP 3/30/1895

TURNER,               Robert, (Senator), (services from Rogers Funeral Home) RMN 4/2/1895 (FN)

TURNER,               Robert H., 50 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/3/1895

TURNER,               Robert, (Senator) (description of funeral services) RMN 4/4/1895

TURNER,               W. J., (17 yr. street "faker" chrg by another "faker" C.C. Kelley that he was cursed at) DP 3/28/1895

TURRE                   & CUNEO, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1220 17th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

TWEED,                Maggie, (will be in court during August on trial to determine if she is sane or not) RMN 7/26/1895

TWINING,             Arthur B., of Delta Cnty, to SULLIVAN, Mary L., (Mrs.) of Jersey City, NJ,

                                @ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 7/26/1895

TWINING,             Clara, to BAIRD, Samuel M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/11/1895

TYLER,                  Effie R., to DOLBEE, Willard F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/11/1895

TYLER,                  J., (receives 60 head of cattle) DP 4/3/1895

TYLER,                  S., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/10/1895

TYRELL,                Lottie or Lillie May, 29 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/20/1895

TYNON,                 J., (received 22 head of cattle) RMN 6/8/1895

TYSON,                 John, (with Wm. DeMoss @ shooting of Giuseppe Cemin) 4/15/1895

TYSON,                 Henry, (sentence to hang 1889-adjudged insane-sane-says he should be free-laws have changed) DP 2/14/1895

TYSON,                 Henry, (Judge Butler to give decison in habeas corpus proceeding on Tuesday)   DP 3/18/1895

TYSON,                 Henry, (appeals to the US Courts to prevent carrying out of his death sentence)   DP 3/21/1895

TYSON,                 Henry, (sentenced to die, second week in April, claimed laws changed since 1889, should be freed, see

Scoudrels page) DP 3/19/1895

TYSON,                 Henry, (attempts to get release-nearly died in cell-solitarty confinement-Judge Hallett denies) DP 3/23/1895

TYSON,                 Henry,(applies for pardon-Arapahoe-murder-life) DP 4/1/1895

TYSON,                 Henry, (State Sup.Crt refuse to issue writ of habeas corpus-writ of supersedeas on error was issued) DP 4/1/1895

TYSON,                 Henry, (his attorney's showed error to Supreme Court) DP 4/13/1895

TYSON,                 Henry, (could go free, could be rearrested, most witnesses dead or left area) DP 4/15/1895

UECKER,               Mary, to McFARLAND, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/17/1895     

UEHLIN,                & VOLK, (see Volk & Uehlin) Colorado Business Directory

URBAN,                John, (listed under “Saloons” @ Gilman) Colorado Business Directory

UHL,                       Mary A., to THADY, George H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/20/1895

UHLAND,             Edward, to GEHERKERS, Mina, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/3/1889

UHLAND,             a daughter, to wife of J. A. Uhland RMN 4/15/1895 (B)

UHLAND,             a daughter, to wife of J. A. Uhland DP 4/16/1895 (B)

ULLERY,                Charles, (see Ullery, Flora, see * Lewis, Aaron) RMN 9/29/1895

ULLERY,                Flora, (Mrs.), (divorces Alonzo B., in 1885,  dies 9/20/1894, grandparents retain son, Aaron P. & Amy Lewis-

custody battle-with Alonzo-ongoing for 13 years) RMN 9/29/1895

ULMER,                 Banus, (@ Kingman, AZ-inflamation of stomach, d. 6/17/1895, re-interred @ Boulder-

                                5/15/1896) Boulder Cnty Deaths 6/17/1895

ULNER,                  baby, 3/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/21/1895

ULRICH,                Edgar Wallace, 22 yrs, on 12/7, @ St. Anthony’s Hospital RMN 12/10/1895 (D)

ULRICH,                Edgar W., 23 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/11/1895

ULRICH,                Edgar Wallice, 21 yrs, @ St. Anthony’s Hospital, from First Baptist Church, int Fairmount, Detroit

pls copy) RMN 12/11/1895 (D)

ULRICH,                Magdelena, to GOATMAN, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

ULRICK,                John, int Fairmount Cemetery, 7/1/1895

UNDERHILL,        Nellie, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

UNDERWOOD,    Emma Cobb, to COBB, Nelson B., 11/27/1895, Douglas Cnty Marriage Records, Colorado Genelaogist,Vol IV,

                                February 1943, #5 & 6.

UNDERWOOD,    Mrs., (Jacob G. Slaitz, of CA. writes searching for her) DP 4/19/1895

UNGER,                 Charles, (@ Montrose, clothing merchant (falls from ladder-resting comfortably) RMN 4/14/1895

UNGER,                 Charles, (@ Montrose, fell off step ladder-severely injured) DP 4/15/1895

UNION                   CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, (Rev. E. W. Rose, Pastor, es Cook betw 4th & 5th, Harman) Denver City Directory

UNION,                  DEPOT,  (ready for opening) DP 4/13/1895

UNION                   LEASING AND MINING CO., (listed under “Mining” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

UNION                   PACIFIC RAILWAY HOSPITAL, (L. E. Lemen, Division Surgeon)

UNITED                 STATES DISTRICT COURT, (meets first Tues in May & November) Denver City Directory

UNKNOWN,         child, (male), (stillborn), int Fairmount Cemetery 3/2/1895

UNKNOWN,         child, int Fairmount Cemetery, 6/6/1895

UNTHANK,           James J., int Fairmount Cemetery 7/10/1895

UPTON,                 William B., (of Montrose-drafting by-laws for new Montrose Cnty Fruit Growers Assoc.) RMN 4/21/1895

URBAN,                Jennie, (see *Forster, Frank Wilhelm) Salem Church Record 7/7/1895 (Bp)

URIE,                      Hattie M., to KENNER, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/26/1895

URTON,                 Edward, to WIRT, Bessie, (both of Denver), (Witnesses: C. B. Urton and R. N.

                                Urton), Jefferson Cnty Marriages, Vol II 10/19/1895

USHOLD,              Anna M., to JILBACHER, Baptist J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/14/1895

UTE                        COAL & COKE CO., (sued by U. S. for damages from digging out coal at Ft. Lewis reservation) RMN 1/8/1895

UTTER,                  Carrie, to NOBLE, Arthur, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/3/1895

UZZELL,                Parson, (has hard time getting into Senator's meeting)RMN 1/3/1895

UZZELL,                Parson, (celebrates 11th anniversary of his work in Denver) DP 2/7/1895

UZZELL,                Thomas, (Rev.) (speaks at funeral of Geo. F. Baker) RMN 2/4/1895

UZZELL,                Thomas, (Rev.), (starts campaign to rid area around church of  “women of French colony who trade upon

                                unnatural practices and bestiality-grand jury indictments aren’t helping) RMN 6/9/1895

VAIL,                     Susie, (from William, marr. Sheridan, Wyo, 11/22/1895, divorce, Pueblo, Docket #11290) Colorado

                                State Divorces 9/25/1917

VAKE,                    John, (buggy stolen by Nick Baily) DP 4/9/1895

VALDEZ                (see *Reekers & Valdez) Colorado Business Directory

VALDEZ,               Pacheco Erenia, (from Francisco, marr. 12/24/1896, Costilla, N. M. divorce Costilla Cnty, #316, (nee: Pacheco,

                                Erenia) Colorado State Divorces 1/14/1913

VALDEZ,               Pitacin, (from Antonio, marr. Taos, NM, 11/12/1871, Huerfano Cnty, #685, (nee: Pitacin, Archuleta) Colorado

                                State Divorces 3/4/1891

VALENTINE,        John, (is City Engineer at City of Highlands) Denver City Directory

VALERO,               Stephen, (drowns, see *Sleepy Hollow Mine, 14 die, miner, west slope, single) RMN 8/30/1895

VALIANT,            Robert H., (from Leona B., marr. Telluride, Colo., 9/6/1896, San Miguel Cnty, #1338) Colorado State Divorces


VALIANT,            Tillie, (from June, marr. Glenwood Spgs, Colo., 5/17/1891, Mesa Cnty, #757,  (nee: Tillie Oaren) Colorado State

                                Divorces 3/24/1897

VALIQUETTE,     John B., (from Salin T., marr. St. Jerome, Canada, 5/20/1877, ch. Jos., 12, Louis, 10, Delilia, 7, divorce, Pitkin

                                Cnty, #1422) Colorado State Divorces 4/18/1891

VALITON,             Fred, (from Angie, marr. Hermosa, Colo, unknown, 1891, ch. Beaulah, divorce San Juan Cnty) Colorado

                                State Divorces 3/6/1897

VALK,                    Jennie, (from Alexander, marr. Adams Co., Nebr., 6/7/1884, divorce Washington Cnty, #5) Colorado State

                                Divorces 5/9/1893

VALLERO,            Stephen, (@ Central City, body discovered @ Sleepy Hollow Mine disaster of 8/29, see *Sleepy Hollow

Mine, see News Article,) RMN 9/29/1895

VALLERO,            & EBLI, (listed under “Saloons” @ Central City) Colorado Business Directory

VALLIANT,          William, (listed under “Saloons” @ Durango) Colorado Business Directory

VAL PANDO,       Aulida, (from Felix, marr. Pueblo, Colo., 8/23/1895, ch. Don, 13, Gavino, 12, Eva, 10, divorce, El Paso Cnty,

                                #8206) Colorado State Divorces 6/2/1910

VAN ALLEN,        William, (fined $150 for vagrancy & safekeeping) DP 4/19/1895

VAN ALSTINA,   Florence A., (from Alonzo L., marr. Ft. Collins, Colo., 7/2/1887, divorce, Denver Cnty Crt, #35963) Colorado

                                State Divorces 6/9/1906

VANATTA,          J. K., (one of the incorporators of Gough Mining Co.,) DP 4/20/1895

VAN BUREN,       Catherine, 82 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/2/1895

VANCE,                 Austin B., to RANK, Ida F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/30/1895

VANCE,                 James W., (Pres. of Keeley Inst. for alcoholics) DP 4/5/1895

VANCE,                 Minnie C., (from William H., marr. Denver, 9/6/1890, ch. Leon Harvey, 4, divorce, Denver, Dist. Div. #3, #23145)

                                Colorado State Divorces 3/20/1896                  

VAN COURT,       Ida C., from Andrew, marr. Lexington, Nebr., 4/4/1894, divorce Denver, Diest Div. #2, 51356) Colorado State

                                Divorces 7/8/1911

VAN CULLEN,     T., (member of Ancient Scottish Rite Masons) DP 4/20/1895

VAN CULIN,         Minnie, (from William, marr. Denver, 10/16/1889, ch. William T., 7, Traube, (??), 4, county crt #26680) Colorado

                                State Divorces 5/24/1899

VANDERBILT,     Joe, (listed under “Saloons” @ Osier) Colorado Business Directory

VAN DEREIN,      Ernest, 40 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/22/1895

VAN DEREN,        Frank, (to LIPSEY, Maggie, @ home of bride in Lafayette, 7/23/1895, to live in Marshall-long article

                                about gifts & givers, (per original author) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 7/25/1895

VAN DEREW,      Frank Wallace, (see *Van Deren, Frank), to LIPSEY, Maggie, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 7/23/1895

VANDERGRIFT, Richard, (see *Williams, Geo., arrested for attention to Vandergrift’s niece-first met in Pueblo years

                                ago) RMN 6/5/1895

VANDERLINDER, W. Rosa, to JONES, Richard W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/18/1895

VANDERLIP,        A. B., int Riverside Cemetery 4/11/1895

VANDERLIP,        Edith, 19 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 3/21/1895

VANDERLIP,        Edith R., d/o John S. & Mary E. Vanderlip RMN 3/16/1895 (D)

VANDERLIP,        Edith R., services from residence-int Riverside Cemetery RMN 3/20/1895 (FN)

VANDERLIP,        Edith R., int Riverside, DP 3/20/1895 (FN)

VANDERLIP,        John D. A., int Riverside Cemetery 4/11/1895

VANDERVORK,   Florence, to ATZ, Julius, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 4/17/1895

VANDER WERF, Henry Gustaaf, to HALVERHOUT, Wilhelmina A. S., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 8/14/1895

VANDER WEYDEN, (sued by city, County Court #23352, case called) RMN 6/8/1895

VANDER WEYDEN, William, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1401 Larimer & 976 S. 7th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

VANDERWATER/VANDEVENTER, Mary, (d. 1866 reburied) Fairmount Cemetery 6/22/1895

VAN DEUSEN,     Almira Reed, to WATERMAN, Charles Howard, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/27/1895

VAN DUSEN,       S. A., (60 Good block, is listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory

VANDEVER          (vs Rarick, et al, District Court case # 13151, case called) RMN 10/22/1895

VANDINE,            C. B., @ Greeley (horse stolen-thief stays at "Wild Horse Jerry camp) RMN 4/14/1895

VANECK,              Thomas, (arrested @ Trindad for robbing train) RMN 4/14/1895

VANECK,              Louis, (@ Cripple Crk-suspect in train robbery) DP 3/26/1895

VANECK,              Louis, (@ Trinidad to Colo. Spgs. chgd with robbing Thomas Cook, merchant @ El More) DP 4/15/1895

VAN EDGAR,       Edgar B., to FIELDS, Cora, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/6/1895

VANELLA,            John, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Ouray) Colorado Business Directory

VAN ETTEN,        James D., 57 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/9/1895

VAN ETTEN,        James D., (@ Denver, Civil War Vet) 7/8/1895 Boulder Cnty Deaths 7/8/1895

VAN ETTEN,        James D., age 57, from residence 622 36th Av., Meadeville & Union City, Pa, papers please copy RMN 7/9/1895 (D)

VAN FLEET,         I. C., (Mrs.), (of Boulder, to THAYER, A. E., (Rev.), of La Grange, IL, @ Denver, to live in

                                La Grange, 4/23/1895) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 4/28/1895

VAN FLEET,         Isabelia C., to THAYER, Aaron A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

VAN GESEN,        Fred, (w/ B. Wilderson & Jas. F. Bond, incorporate Overland Park social club for amusements

of social nature) DP 4/12/1895

VAN GESEN,        Fred, to COOK, Fannie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/16/1895

VAN HAINN,       Clarence, 3 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/2/1895

VAN HORN,         G. A., (is knocked out w/brick, locked up w/Alexander Truesdale for disturbance) RMN 9/13/1895

VAN HORN,         Mayor, (vetoes supplementary appropriation bill) DP 3/29/1895

VAN HORN,         M. D., (& Sam Ecker & W. L. Bates, purchase "Hotel Bulletin" to

                                be known as Hotel Bulletin Publish.) DP 4/3/1895

VAN HORN,         Marion D., 58 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/17/1895

VANHOVE,           John, (of Arapahoe Cnty, 7 yrs, burglary, for Denver U. student, receives clemency, through

intercession of Representative Carnahan, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons) RMN 1/5/1895

VANNATTA,       J. K., (see *Acme Consolidated Gold Mining Co., El Paso Cnty) RMN 11/26/1895

VAN NESS,           Alonzo C., to ARMSTRONG, Ella V., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/6/1895

VAN NESS,           G. H., (rec'd contract to build bike track) RMN 3/9/1895

VAN NEST,           Lela, (performs @ benefit-accompanied by Mathilda Johnstone) DP 3/29/1895

VAN NEST,           Lela, (Miss) (student of Mathilde Johnstone-to sing) DP 4/1/1895

VAN NEST,           Lela, (sings @ charity concert) DP 4/8/1895

VANOLL,              John, @ Ouray, CO., owner Gold Belt Dance Hall, (shoots Ed LEGGETT, recovery doubtful) RMN 4/2/1895

VAN ORDEN,       Lafayette, to HAINOS, Kattie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/1/1895

VANORSDALE,   U. H., (Hon.), (@ Lamar, suddenly of heart disearse, to Larmar, 5/24/1886, see Obit page)

RMN 1/8/1895 (Ob)

VAN SCHOCK,    (vs Tobias, County Court, case # 22342, case called) RMN 6/8/1895

VAN SLYKE,        Jennie, to POLWOSKY, Hyman, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/21/1895

VAN STONE/VANSTONE, Herbert J., to BAILEY, Jessie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

VANSTONE,         Ellen G.,  DP 4/8/1895 (D)

VANSTONE,         Ellen G., 38 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/9/1895

VAN VLEET,         Albert H., to BIRSS, Mary Evelyn, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/17/1895

VAN WORMER,  Ruth M., to MILLER, William B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/27/1895

VARCHAY,           Paul, 8/365, int Calvary Cemetery 6/26/1895

VARELLO,            Petro, (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 179, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 12/13/1895

VARGONDI,         Anna, to KILIAN, Martin, (Boulder County Marriages) 3/30/1895

VARIA,                  Jim, (listed under “Saloons” @ New Castle) Colorado Business Directory

VARNEY,              Elizabeth S., to McCARROLL, Robert, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 2/19/1895

VARNEY,              Florence, (sued by James B. Grant, et al, Supreme Crt #3049-stipulation  for briefs) DP 4/20/1895

VARNUM,            C. W. (elected Commander Ft. Sherman lodge #12) DP 4/12/1895

VARUM,               C. G., (to address Silver Dollar Republican League) DP 2/13/1895

VASSELLER,        D. B., (Rev.), (of Loveland, attends church Reform meeting) RMN 6/5/1895

VAUGHN,             Ada, (aka Mrs. Kirby, actress-suspected of abducting 14 yr old d/o Mrs. Mary H. Shanks of Laclede, MO.)

RMN 4/2/1895

VEEDER,                Joseph C., (graduates from School of Theology @ Denver University) RMN 6/6/1895

VELLEJO,              Carrie, (Mrs.), to WATKINS, C. A., (@ Elk County, Nevada, Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/12/1895

VENABLES,          Ada M., to COLE, Albert W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/20/1895

VERCELLI             & WILLIAMS,  (see *Williams & Vercelli) Colorado Business Directory

VERDECKBERG, Edward, (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

VERHOFSTAD,    Clara, age 6, @ residence of parents, RMN 3/7/1895 (D)

VERHOFSTAD,    Clara, age 6, @ residence of parents, DP 3/7/1895 (D)

VERLING,              Eva N., int Fairmount Cemetery 6/22/1895

VERLING,              Frank C., int Fairmount Cemetery 6/22/1895

VERT,                     R. F. (requets pardon-5yrs-burglary-Pueblo) DP 4/11/1895

VERTREES,           Maggie B., to MARYATT, George, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/11/1895

VESPER,                Lester, to PRESSON, Annetta Ione, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/23/1895

VESEY,                   Hazel, age 7 weeks, on 11/3 @ 3 a. m., d/o Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Vesey, funeral private RMN 11/3/1895 (D)

VESEY,                   Hazel, 2/12, int Riverside Cemetery 11/3/1895

VEST,                     George W., to LUNDGREN, Chrissie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/18/1895

VETTEN,               A., (real estate transfer from K. Lieberknect-$350) DP 3/30/1895

VICKERS,              Edith, (graduates kindergarten-Denver Normal & Preparatory School) RMN 6/3/1895

VICKERS,              J. A., (elected second asst cashier First Natl Bank) DP 1/9/1895

VICKERS,              Minnie H., to GRISWOLD, William W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/15/1895

VIDDEL,                Henry, (charged by T. J. Burns w/larceny of person, discharged) RMN 6/5/1895

VIDELIUS,             John, (and Charlotte, rec’d $8.00 in groceries from Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 8/1895

VIDELIUS,             John, (& wife, rec’d $5.00 in groceries from Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records) 9/1895

VIEG,                      Albert G., to HUMPHREY, Blanche, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/5/1895

VIEIRA,                 Joseph A. (performs @ Atheneum program) DP 4/15/1895

VIEIRA,                 Joseph A., to ROSE, Ethel G., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/7/1898 (*just happened on this one)

VIELE,                    James B., Jr., (consumption, b/o Mrs. Frederick W. Kohler, Sr., s/o Jas. B. & Lucinda (Emerson)

                                Viele, b. 10/20/1850) Boulder Cnty Deaths 11/7/1895

VIELE,                    James B., Sr., (pneumonia, age 86, f/o Mrs. Fred Kohler, Sr., b. 5/30/1810, NY) Boulder Cnty Deaths 12/22/1895

VIELE,                    Lucinda, (w/o James B., Sr., age 61, typhoid pneumonia) Boulder Cnty Deaths 5/15/1867

VIGUS,                   Nicholas, (drowns, see *Sleepy Hollow Mine, 14 die, trammer, leaves wife and family) RMN 8/30/1895

VILET,                    David, w/brother Lewis and friend Frank Summer, arrested, runaways from Pueblo, see News

                                Article page,) RMN 11/25/1895

VILLA                    PARK CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, (Rev. A. G. Upton, Pastor, 11th Av. nw cor Bates, Colfax) Denver City Directory

VINCE,                   George, (@ Platterville, herding sheep-heart disease, s/o Mrs. Black) Boulder Cnty Deaths 12/7/1895

VIRDEN,                Henry, (age 19), to BEAN, Eva May, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 12/24/1895

VIRDEN,                Henry, (age 19), to BEAN, Eva May, age 15, (parents gave consent) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 12/26/1895

                                (also spelled Verden, by news reports).

VITAL                    STATISTICS, (Sewall questions Atty General Carr on possible fines for clerks not filing vital statistic info

                                at the county level, he wants to  issue blank forms to be returned.) RMN 5/24/1895

VITULLA,             S., to SWISHER, Maud P., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/4/1895

VOGEL,                  Charles, Germany, Declaration of Intent, Arapahoe Cnty, 7/13/1891, (Jefferson County Naturalization

Records-Naturalized) 10/19/1895

VOGEL,                  Jacob & Judith, (#6511, Ida & Laura Halt, adoption) Denver City & County Probate Index 1865-1965 1/21/1901

VOGELER,             Sophia A., (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

VOGT,                    Fritz, (listed under “Saloons” @ Globeville) Colorado Business Directory

VOKE,                    W. S. (sentenced 10 years for criminal abuse, taken to Canon City) DP 3/18/1895

VOLK                     & UEHLIN, (listed under “Saloons” @ 818 17th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

VOODRY,              Gilbert L., to PROVANCHER, Cecilia M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/7/1895

VOORHEES,          a daughter, to Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Voorhees, b. 3/22/1895, RMN 3/23/1895 (B)

VOORHIES,           Eliz E., (Mrs.), (aged widow of Geo. W., of Grand Junction, has romantic wedding in Jacksonville, Il. to

                                brother of Geo. W., her first lover) RMN 2/13/1895

VOORHIES,           John H. P., to SWEENEY, Georgie H., (Mrs.), (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/14/1895

VONTELIUS,        Lily, 4 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 11/24/1895

VON WYCK,         Edward A., to FARRELL, Nellie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/13/1895

VOSBURGH,         N. O., Jr. (elected vestreman @ St. Marks Church) DP 4/16/1895

VOSE,                     Edward of Hastings, Minn., at residence of C.H. Stevenson, int. Minn.  DP 4/4/1895 (D)

VOTE,                    A. Bernice, (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

VOUGHT,              Tenie E., 4/365, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/19/1895

VULLIET,              Vivian T., 2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/24/1895