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Excerpts of Vital Statistics Notices, Lists

And Selected General News Excerpts Appearing In

Denver And Surrounding Areas.


Newspapers, Post Offices, City & Business Directories, Cemetery Listings, Marriage Listings

Probate Indexes and Naturalization Records

For The Year




d/o=Daughter of                                  int=Interment location                         FN=Funeral Notice

s/o=Son of                                            Marr.=Married                                      ML=Marriage License

m/o=Mother of                                     f/o=Father of                                         dod=Date of death

Ob=Obit(brief)                                      Bp=Baptized                                         h/o=Husband of

D=Death notice                                    B=Born                                                  b/o=Brother of


                  RMN=Rocky Mountain News                                           DP=Denver Post                 


This information is provided free and may not be reproduced in any format for profit. All items have been transcribed and there are no electronic reproductions in this listing. The transcriber, prior to inclusion in this listing, has transcribed from source books, indexes,

microfilm, original ledgers and card files. When available, original source documents have been viewed as a verification of indexes.

Copyright © 2000 Rita’s Colorado Genealogy Clues


WACHTER,          Charles, to KRUEGER, Johanna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/31/1895

WACHTEL,          & CO., (listed under “Saloons” @ S. 17th & Champa) Colorado Business Directory

WACKER,             J. A., (listed under “Saloons” @ Canon City) Colorado Business Directory

WADDELL,          Susan, 50 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 10/13/1895

WADDY,               Ned, to BURTHONG, Annie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/16/1895

WADE,                  Annie R., 30 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/12/1895

WADE,                  Johnson, to WALKER, Lizzie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

WADE,                  Michael, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1961 Market St., Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WADE,                  Ora Minta, to MELLOR, Joseph Hubert, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 1/22/1895

WADLEY,             William H., to HINSDALE, Frederika, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/6/1895

WAGERMAN,     Ethel S., to CREHAN, Willoughby M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/9/1895

WAGGENER,        Alonzo, to JOHNSON, Ida F., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 3/6/1895

WAGNER,             Becky, (Russia-Notice of intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 7/3/1895

WAGNER,             an 8 ˝ lb daughter, to wife of Charles Wagner, of Villa Park RMN 6/7/1895 (B)

WAGNER,             Frank (@Nederland, killed by Hugh McDougal-trial @ Boulder see *McDougal) DP 4/15/1895

WAGNER/WAGGONER, Frank, (see *McDougal, Hugh, sentenced to 8 yrs w/Andrew Osborn) RMN 5/3/1895

WAGNER,             Herman, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/2/1895

WAGNER,             Ida B., to HAMILTON, Thomas S., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/11/1895

WAGNER,             J. B., (saloon is wrecked after firecracker thrown inside, crowd bolts) DP 7/8/1895

WAGNER,             John B., (listed under “Saloons” @ 901 Larimer, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WAGNER,             John, 66 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/19/1895

WAGNER,             John A., of Golden, to JUCHEM, Flora B., of Arvada, (Witnesses: Leon Wagner & Frank Rand)

Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 6/12/1895

WAGNER,             William, 43 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/21/1895

WAGNER,             William, 43 yrs, (services from Waters & Simpson undertaking parlors, 8th Av. & Santa Fe) RMN 7/21/1895 (FN)

WAHL,                  A., (real estate trsf from L. M. Petididler) DP 4/22/1895

WAHL,                  E. N., (real estate transfer to D. B. Crites) DP 2/20/1895

WAID,                   Kitty, (from Orin, marr. Denver, 7/1/1895, El Paso Cnty, #5139) Colorado State Divorces 7/31/1900

WAID,                   Orin, to BASHAN, Kittie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/1/1895

WAILE,                 Peter, (@ Greeley, is tried for insanity, claims left Denver, w/$50 was robbed, see News

Article page) RMN 9/29/1895

WAITE,                 Henry, (alias-Frank Hamilton, arrested on warrent from CA. for grand larceny) DP 4/9/1895

WAITE,                 Henry, (released from Ca. warrant-freed) DP 4/11/1895

WAITE,                 Jennie, (does piano solo @ Evans Club meeting) DP 4/12/1895

WAITE,                 Lida M., of Florissant, to WILSON, Sidney, 11/9/1895 @ Boulder, Boulder Cnty News abstracts 11/13/1895

WAITE,                 May, (Miss), (d/o of Gov. Waite, w/sister Mrs. B. Clark, registered at the Brown from Aspen) RMN 12/31/1894

WAITE,                 Sala M., to WILSON, Sedney, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/9/1895

WAKEMAN,        Margaret, @ residence of Mrs. O’Keefe, 2736 Larimer, services from Sacred Heart, to Littleton RMN 9/19/1895

WAKEMAN,        Margaret, int Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, CO (Littleton Cemetery Office Records) 9/20/1895

WAKEFIELD,       Elizabeth, (nee Ryland), (from Willis A., marr. Denver 6/17/1895, divorce Denver, #39294) Colorado State

                                Divorces 7/9/1907

WALBACH,         Ella L., to MILLER, William R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/19/1895

WALCHER,          (Mrs.), (family of 4, rec’d $10.00 in groceries) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895 & 8/1895

WALCHER,          (Mrs.), (family of 5, rec’d $10.00 in groceries) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 9/1895

WALDHART,      Joseph, (listed under “Saloons” @ Black Hawk) Colorado Business Directory

WALDO,               Isabel M., (nee Casey, from Harvey S., marr. Denver 3/7/1888, divorce Denver #23374) Colorado State

                                Divorces 7/24/1895

WALDO,               John, (applies for pardon-Otero-grand larceny-3 yrs) DP 4/16/1895

WALES,                Laura M., to KELLY, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/20/1895

WALIN,                 Louis L., 46 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 7/6/1895

WALKEMEYER, Walter B., age 7, and Howard, age 9, ch. of Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Walkemeyer, (funeral private) RMN 3/16/1895 (D)

WALKEMEYER, Walter B., age 7, and Howard, age 9, ch. of Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Walkemeyer, from McGovern’s

                                Parlor, DP 3/17/1895 (FN)

WALKER,             Charles, (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WALKER,             C. H,. (Mrs.), w/o pastor of Beth Eden Baptist Ch. to attend  Woman's Foreign Baptist  Missionary

convention) DP 4/15/1895

WALKER,             Dove, (from Mae, marr. Grand Junction 12/15/1894, divorce, Gunnison, #2537, ch. Nellie, 9) Colorado State

                                Divorces 12/6/1907

WALKER,             Elizabeth, (see *Walker, John B.) Colorado State Divorces 10/4/1923

WALKER,             Elizabeth, (Miss), (is elected Supt. of Schools, Mesa Cnty, see News Article page) RMN 11/24/1895

WALKER,             Florence E., (files for divorce from George, marr. in Kansas, 9/1889, left her 8/1890 not seen him since) RMN 8/9/1895

WALKER,             Florence, (from Geo., marr. Lenora, KS, 9/15/1890, divorce Denver #24264) Colorado State Divorces 6/27/1896

WALKER,             F. R. (accuses F. W. Muloch /assault-claims Muloch too attentive to his inamorita @ Pueblo) RMN 3/26/1895

WALKER,             George, (see *Walker, Florence) Colorado State Divorces 6/27/1896

WALKER,             George, to WARBURTON, Adelaide, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/28/1895

WALKER,             George M., (listed under “Saloons” @ 1515 Curtis, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WALKER,             Herbert A., (see *Walker, Sara B.) Colorado State Divorces 6/24/1896

WALKER,             Hirai, (from Rosy S., marr. unknown date, divorce Denver, #14740) Colorado State Divorces 5/8/1894

WALKER,             Harold, int Calvary Cemetery 8/29/1895

WALKER              HOUSE, THE, (@ Silverton, destroyed by fire, see News Article page) RMN 11/24/1895

WALKER,             James, (seated as juror in Demady murder trial-*see Demady) DP 4/19/1895

WALKER,             James, (former policeman-had not formed opinion on Demady) DP 4/19/1895

WALKER,             James, (on jury in murder trial of Christopher Schramm-see *Schramm) RMN 5/22/1895

WALKER,             James W., 27 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 11/25/1895

WALKER,             Jennie, (#33849, of Pueblo), Women in the Colorado  State Penitentiary 9/17/1895

WALKER,             John B., (from Elizabeth, marr. Junction City, KS, 8/8/1895, divorce Denver # 2769) Colorado State Divorces 10/4/1923

WALKER,             Lettie S., (nee Lewis, from Samuel, marr. Salida, CO., 4/10/1895, divorce Denver) Colorado State Divorces 10/27/1904

WALKER,             Linwood W., to BELT, Gertrude, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/24/1895

WALKER,             Lizzie, to WADE, Johnson, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

WALKER,             May, (from William C., marr. Coal Creek, TN, 11/1/1895, divorce Huerfano Cnty, Bk III, pg 253, ch. Samuel, 12,

                                George, 11, Jos. 9, Theodore 7) Colorado State Divorces 1/25/1912

WALKER,             Martha R., to LOCKE, Edgar R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/26/1895

WALKER,             Rosy S., (see *Walker, George) Colorado State Divorces 5/8/1894

WALKER,             Sam, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1860 Curtis, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WALKER,             Samuel, (see *Walker, Lettie S.), Colorado State Divorces 10/27/1904

WALKER,             Sara B., (from Herbert A., marr. Denver, 7/13/1896, divorce Denver, #26503) Colorado State Divorces 6/24/1896

WALKER,             William, (chrgs DIXON, H. E. w/malicious mischief on his saloon) RMN 3/7/1895            

WALKER,             William C., to HAMILTON, Emily A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/7/1895

WALL,                   Charles, to SEALEY, Sarah Wilhelmine, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/17/1895

WALL,                   D. K., (on Chamber of Commerce Committee to nominate new officers for next year) RMN 1/6/1895

WALL,                   Ellen M., (Mrs.), (age 56, 825 Bell Av.), RMN 6/25/1895 (D)

WALL,                   Ellen M., (Mrs.), (from residence to St. Patrick’s Church, int Mt. Olivet) RMN 6/26/1895 (FN)

WALL,                   Hattie, (from Joseph, marr. Monument, 6/28/1894, divorce El Paso Cnty, #6249, ch. Clyde 6, Leo 4, Lucy 2)

                                Colorado State Divorces 2/7/1902

WALL,                   Helen Marie, age 2, d/o Mr. & Mrs. James H. Wall, int Mt. Olivet, RMN 3/26/1895 (D)/(FN)

WALL,                   Helen, age 2, d/o James H. & Agnes Wall, dod 3/24/1895, RMN 3/25/1895 (D)

WALL,                   Helen Marie, age 2, d/o Mr. & Mrs. James H. Wall, int Mt. Olivet, DP 3/26/1895

WALL,                   J. C., (@ Castle Rock-mysteriously disappears-no apparent reason) DP 4/27/1895

WALL,                   Joseph, (see *Wall, Hattie), Colorado State Divorces 2/7/1902

WALL,                   Louis M., (from Sarah, marr. Barry, MO 4/8/1895, divorce Pueblo, #14047, ch. Flossie, 16, Blanch 13, Ethel, 11,

                                Louis, 9) Colorado State Divorces 11/27/1914

WALLACE,          A. C., (see *Wallace, Marion P.) Colorado State Divorces 6/22/1918

WALLACE,          Andrew, (see *Wallace, Mary A., (Mrs.) RMN 11/12/1895 (D)

WALLACE,          Emma, (nee Gisbon, from Williams, marr. Pueblo, 4/1/1891, divorce Pueblo, #3419) Colorado State Divorces 11/15/1895

WALLACE,          child George, (female), int Fairmount Cemetery 10/7/1895

WALLACE,          George B., (see *Wallace, Rebecca J., nee Posley) Colorado State Divorces 4/27/1895

WALLACE,          Gertie, (see *Wallace, Joseph B.) Colorado State Divorces 7/10/1924

WALLACE,          Harrit M., (nee Phelan, from Robert E., marr. Denver 10/2/1895, divorce Denver #30534) Colorado State

                                Divorces 4/19/1900

WALLACE,          J., (Mrs.), (listed under “Saloons” @ 1937 Market, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WALLACE,          James B., (from Gertie, interlocutory, marr. Stoddart Co., MO., 7/25/1895, divorce Lincoln Cnty, #880) Colorado

                                State Divorces 7/10/1924

WALLACE,          John, 33 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/1/1895

WALLACE,          Julia, (robbed H. Parsons of $115) DP 3/16/1895

WALLACE,          Julia Helen, to LAMBERT, Lewis, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/30/1895

WALLACE,          Kitty May, (near Lafayette, int Columbia Cem.) Boulder Cnty Deaths 9/6/1895

WALLACE,          Lewis R., (of Denver, rec’s diploma from State School of Mines) RMN 6/7/1895

WALLACE,          Marion P., (from A. C., marr. Buena Vista, 10/9/1895, divorce Chaffee, #2860, ch. George Morse, 13, Andrew

                                Crawford, 17) Colorado State Divorces 6/22/1918

WALLACE,          Mary A., (Mrs.), d. 11/10, @ home, 11 W. 10th, Winnipeg & London papers pls copy RMN 11/11/1895 (D)

WALLACE,          Mary A., (Mrs.), w/o Andrew Wallace, services, from residence RMN 11/12/1895 (D)

WALLACE,          Mary A., (Mrs.), w/o Andrew Wallace, from residence 11 W. 10th Av. RMN 11/13/1895 (D)

WALLACE,          Mary A., 50 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/13/1895

WALLACE,          Mary E., to McMILLAN, Uriah W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/21/1895

WALLACE,          Mary E., (has H. Albert, a peddler arrested for careless driving, she was thrown from buggy, wants

damages, see News Article page) DP 7/6/1895

WALLACE,          Minnie E., to DECKER, John F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/5/1895

WALLACE,          Minnie, to DECKER, John F., RMN 2/6/1895 (ML)

WALLACE,          Rebecca J., (nee Posley, from George B., marr. Topeka, KS 11/17/1883, divorce Denver, #22981) Colorado State

                                Divorces 4/27/1895

WALLACE,          R. F., to PHELAN, Hattie M., both of Salida, Chaffee Cnty, (Witnesses: Mr.

                                & Mrs. W. R. Herrick), @ Denver, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 10/2/1895

WALLACE,          Robert E., (see *Wallace, Harrit M.) Colorado State Divorces 4/19/1900

WALLACE,          Sam H., to CAMPBELL, Ella B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/13/1895

WALLACE,          Thomas, 54 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/7/1895

WALLACE,          W. H., (elected Sr.warden @ St. Marks Church) DP 4/16/1895

WALLACE,          Williams, (see *Wallace, Emma) Colorado State Divorces 11/15/1895

WALLEN,             Stella, (from William, marr. Wantango, OK, 12/4/1895, divorce Garfield Cnty, #1839) Colorado State Divorces 1/18/1917

WALLER,              Margaret, (from Miles, marr. Louisville, KY, 3/7/1895, divorce Denver, #44836, ch. Nonnie 4) Colorado

                                State Divorces 7/1/1908

WALLER,              Miles, (see *Waller, Margaret) Colorado State Divorces 7/1/1908

WALLGREEN,      Huldah, to STROMSOE, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/28/1895

WALLING,            Steward, (Mrs.), (chairperson for reception for H. Bland)DP 4/5/1895

WALLIS,               D. H., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Trinidad) Colorado Business Directory

WALLPOLE,         N. S., (is listed as Dept. Sup. Insurance @ Pueblo) Colorado State Business Directory

WALLS,                Sarah J., to GRENFELL, Richard, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 6/12/1895

WALLUM,            Agnes, (nee Thompson, from Fred F., marr. Long Praire, Minn., 6/6/1895, divorce Arapahoe Cnty, #161)

                                Colorado State Divorces 10/6/1904

WALLUM,            Fred F., (see *Wallum, Agnes) Colorado State Divorces 10/6/1904                           

WALLWORTH,   E., (listed under “Saloons” @ Canfield) Colorado Business Directory

WALPERT,           Elias, (see *Walpert, Sarah) Colorado State Divorces 1/23/1895

WALPERT,           Sarah, (from Elias, marr. unknown, divorce, Denver #22494) Colorado State Divorces 1/23/1895

WALROD,            Frank, (death in bldg explosion) RMN 2/3/1895 (FN)

WALROD,            Frank, 42 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/3/1895

WALROD,            Frank, RMN 2/4/1895 (Ob)

WALROD,            Frank, (description of services, see Obits page) RMN 2/4/1895

WALROD,            Frank C., (probate bond of Kate Walrod, adm. $800 approved) RMN 2/6/1895

WALSH,                Ellen, (#3779, of Lake County), Women in the Colorado  State Penitentiary 5/25/1895

WALSH,                Frank, (listed under “Saloons” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

WALSH,                child of J. C. 5/365, int Calvary Cemetery 7/22/1895

WALSH,                Mary, (52 yrs, w/o Peter Walsh, services from residence to Annunciation Church) RMN 8/29/1895 (D)

WALSH,                Mary, 52 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 8/29/1895

WALSH,                Phil, (tough bartender, runs amuck w/razor, cuts Mike Tarpin, Emma Robinson & Deputy I. L. Frank) RMN 8/9/1895

WALSH,                Phil, (is accused of assault to murder, given until 8/31 to plead in West Side Court) RMN 8/28/1895

WALSH,                Tom, (ex-policeman chrgd w/highway robbery, w/ John McKinley & Rolly Bingham, by Jim Harkins) DP 4/3/1895

WALSH,                Tom, (ex-policeman catches J. W. Husemann, saloon keeper as “Peeping Tom”at Walsh home) RMN 6/6/1895

WALSH,                Walter, (* see Pueblo Dry Goods, Inc.) DP 4/3/1895

WALSWORTH,   Clarissa, 84 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 7/6/1895

WALSWORTH,   Clarissa, (Mrs.), (Aunt Clar), from Farmer & Hales , int Riverside, Herkimer Cnty, NY & Huron Cnty, Ohio, papers

                                please copy. RMN 7/6/1895 (D)

WALSWORTH,   Clarissa, 84 yrs, on 7/5/1895, NY & Huron Cnty, Ohio papers pls copy) DP 7/7/1895

WALTER,             Edward, (see Burnett, Della, see *Flieter, Henry) RMN 10/21/1895

WALTER,             child of John, (stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 11/22/1895

WALTER,             Mary E., to RICHMOND, Charlie L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/31/1895

WALTER,             R. H. (@ Colo. Spgs.-convicted -adding women to Midland Rd workforce-keeping their paychecks) DP 4/15/1895

WALTERS,           Agnes F., to ELLISON, Fred A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/18/1895

WALTERS,           Jennie F., to SRATTON, Chester E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/10/1895

WALTERS,           Jessie, to SPENCER, Sherman A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/29/1895

WALTERS,           Samuel, (see *Walters, Tillie) Colorado State Divorces 2/19/1901

WALTERS,           Tillie, (from Samuel S., marr. Denver 11/5/1895, divorce Denver, #31169) Colorado State Divorces 2/19/1901

WALTHERS,        Dora Marguerite, to HOLLINGWORTH, Edward D., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/8/1895

WALTON             & LLOYD,  (listed under “Saloons” @ Canon City) Colorado Business Directory

WALTON,            Moses D., to MELLON, America E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/21/1895

WALTON,            William M., to THOMAS, Annie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/8/1895

WALTON,            William M. to KNISELY, Elsie RMN 4/9/1895 (ML)

WALWORTH,     Eva Dunn, (see *Walworth, James J.) Colorado State Divorces) 5/24/1898

WALWORTH,     James J., (from Eva Dunn, marr. 6/5/1895, Telluride, divorce Denver, #28644) Colorado State Divorces 5/24/1898

WANDER,            Emma I., 48 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/6/1895

WANLESS,           Clarence E., (from Hattie, marr. 9/26/1886, Brighton, CO., divorce Denver, #23354, ch. Nellie Adelma, 7, Nora, 6)

                                Colorado State Divorces 7/26/1895

WANLESS            vs WANLESS, (case called in county court, # 23289-decree of divorce) RMN 7/27/1895

WANLESS,           Clarence E., (rec’d divorce from Hattie, desertion, marr. Brighton, CO., 1886, rec’d custody of  2 children) RMN 7/27/1895

WANLESS,           Hattie, (see *Wanless, Clarence E.) Colorado State Divorces 7/26/1895

WANSON,            Oscar A., to YOUNG, Sarah E., (Mrs.), (in Boulder, 8/11/1895) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 7/25/1895

WARBURTON,    Adelaide, to WALKER, George, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/28/1895

WARD,                  Alfred, (see *Ward, Maud) Colorado State Divorces 3/25/1920

WARD,                  Calvin T., (from Mary C., marr. Denver 1/25/1894, divorce, Adams Cnty, #295, ch. Calvin E., 10) Colorado

                                State Divorces 1907

WARD,                  Charlie (addresses People's Party meeting) RMN 3/14/1895

WARD,                  child, Mrs., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/10/1895

WARD,                  child of, Mrs., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/10/1895

WARD,                  Clyde, 4 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/11/1895

WARD,                  Dora, (Mrs.), w/o W. T. Ward, remains to Georgetown, her former home RMN 11/28/1895 (D)

WARD,                  E., (listed under “Saloons” @ Erie) Colorado Business Directory

WARD,                  Edmund, to FRYBERGER, Elizabeth, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/13/1895

WARD,                  Edmund, of Denver, to FRYBERGER,  Elizabeth, of Cleveland, Ohio RMN 6/14/1895 (ML)

WARD,                  Edward Francis., (age 1 month, s/o Edward F. & Anna M., from residence 2135 Marion St.) RMN 7/3/1895 (FN)

WARD,                  Edward F., 1/12, int Riverside Cemetery 7/3/1895

WARD,                  Elinor, (husband Robert to convey residence 2255 Lincoln to her. Thos. B. Adams, appt to take rents until matter

                                is settled, perpetual restraining order to Mr. Ward, re: divorce case) RMN 6/11/1895

WARD,                  Elsie, (displays art work @ Artists Club) DP 4/1/1895

WARD,                  Fannie, 2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/18/1895

WARD,                  George, (fatally injured in fall at Minnie mine, Breckenridge), DP 3/22/1895

WARD,                  George M., (see *Ward, Molly) Boulder Cnty Deaths 1/8/1895

WARD,                  H. C., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WARD,                  James, 19 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/18/1895

WARD.                  Mary, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WARD,                  Mary C., (see *Ward, Calvin T.) Colorado State Divorces 1907

WARD,                  Maud, (from Alfred, marr. 9/14/1895, NY, divorce, Denver, #69880) Colorado State Divorces 3/25/1920

WARD,                  Molly, (blood poisioning-w/o George M. Ward, near Longmont) Boulder Cnty Deaths 1/8/1895

WARD,                  Pearly, 5 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/8/1895

WARD,                  Robert, (see *Ward, Elinor) RMN 6/11/1895

WARD,                  W. T., (see *Ward, Dora) RMN 11/28/1895 (D)

WARD,                  William, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

WARD,                  William, (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 178, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 11/30/1895

WARD,                  William M. W., (graduates from Denver University School of Law) RMN 6/5/1895

WARD,                  William M. W., (sued by Bowler, #21522, Division III, District Court, case being heard today) RMN 10/7/1895

WARD                   (vs Ward, District Court, case #22262, case called) RMN 10/22/1895

WARD,                  W. S., (is elected Pres. of new Denver Business Men’s League) RMN 1/8/1895

WARDWELL,      Annie L., (from Willie M., marr. Denver 4/24/1895, divorce Denver #38248, ch. Ethel J., Willie A., 7) Colorado

                                State Divorces 3/17/1905

WARDWELL,      William, to SANDBERG, Annie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/24/1895

WARDWELL,      Willie M., (see *Wardwell, Annie L.) Colorado State Divorces 3/17/1905

WARE,                  Eugene, @ San Francisco (mysteriously killed) s/o H. T. Ware of Newcastle, CO. RMN 4/21/1895

WARE,                  Harry, 35 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 1/13/1895

WARGIN,              Razmer, 14 months, int Calvary Cemetery 5/22/1895

WARHURST,       W. R., (@Florence, fire damage hardware stock, $1,000) DP 4/15/1895

WARNE,               Samuel, (from Sarah Ann, marr. Central City, CO. 4/15/1889, divorce Jefferson Cnty #1414, ch. Aleta 5) Colorado

                                State Divorces 10/28/1895

WARNE,               Sarah Ann, (see *Warne, Samuel) Colorado State Divorces 10/28/1895

WARNECKE,       Elizabeth C., to HARVEY, Horace G., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/7/1895

WARNECKE,       H., (of 315 37th Av., held up & robbed, loss was small) RMN 8/3/1895

WARNER,             C. A., (2), (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WARNER,             Carrie, 27 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/12/1895

WARNER,             Edward, age 25, dod 3/25/1895, RMN 3/27/1895 (D)

WARNER,             Edward, age 25, from Walley & Rollins DP 3/27/1895 (FN)

WARNER,             Edward, 25 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/27/1895

WARNER,             Fred, (app'td as patrolman) DP 4/16/1895

WARNER,             Grace M., to HOKE, Ernest G., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/14/1895

WARNER,             George, (in row w/wife, 2053 Lawrence, rec’d head wound, claims collided w/cable car, Mary Smith &

                                D. M. McFarland, shoemaker involved, all arrested) RMN 7/1/1895

WARNER,             Frank E., (see *Warner, Mary, nee Weber) Colorado State Divorces 10/2/1895

WARNER,             Herbert E., (from Rosa Ann, marr. Glenwood Springs, 12/25/1895, divorce Garfield Cnty #2614, ch. Ana, 18,

                                Grace 16, Thelma, 13) Colorado State Divorces 11/23/1932

WARNER,             Howard E., 6/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/30/1895

WARNER,             wife of J. F. Warner, @ 516 Garnet st., Highlands RMN 6/11/1895 (D)

WARNER,             J. F., (Mrs.), services from residence RMN (FN)

WARNER,             Mary, (nee Weber, from Frank E., marr. Denver 5/13/1891, divorce, Denver, #23275) Colorado State Divorces 10/2/1895

WARNER              vs WARNER, (at county court, #23275-case description not given) RMN 7/27/1895

WARNER,             Ollie, (attempts suicide after quarrel w/friend Fred Harris) DP 4/29/1895

WARNER,             Ora, to TREADWELL, Wilbur Augustus, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 12/29/1895

WARNER,             Rosa Ann, (see *Warner Herbert E.) Colorado State Divorces 11/23/1932

WARRACK,         James, age 62, heart trouble, @ 1728 California st. RMN 6/14/1895 (D)

WARREN,             A. A., (Mrs.), (@ Colorado Spgs, long time resident-presents plaque at celebration of  town) RMN 7/5/1895

WARREN,             Alan I., to FRANKEBERGER, May L., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 2/6/1895

WARREN,             A. I., (Denver atty, to FRANKEBURGER, Mae, of Boulder, 2/6/1895, d/o J. L. Frankeburger,

to live in Denver) Boulder Cnty News extracts 2/6/1895 (Marr.)

WARREN,             Maggie, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WARREN,             Ollie, (testifies in trial of Chas. Appel) DP 4/6/1895

WARREN,             Richard G., (Great Britain, Declaration of Intent) Gilpin Cnty Naturalizations 1863-1910 12/9/1895

WARREN,             Ruth, (Miss) (well known soprano, to sing at YMCA) 3/23/1895

WARRINER,         Wilfred H., 5 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 7/13/1895

WASCHA,            Marie, to CERNIK, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/16/1895

WASHBURN,       Cora, age 18, d/o Richard & Alice DP 4/16/1895 (D)

WASHBURN,       Cora, 13 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/16/1895

WASHBURN,       Gussie, (Miss), (sister of Mrs. C. W. Sanborn, heart failure) Boulder Cnty Deaths 4/12/1895

WASHINGTON,  Fannie C., (from Richard H., marr. Denver, 10/15/1894, divorce Denver #25726) Colorado State Divorces 6/8/1897

WASHINGTON,  Richard H., (see *Washington, Fannie C.) Colorado State Divorces 6/8/1897

WASKER,             child of Gus, 21??, int Riverside Cemetery 9/11/1895

WASLEY               & BIRKLE,  (see *Birkle & Wasley) Colorado Business Directory

WASSON,             Samuel B., to HUNTER, Eva F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/4/1895

WATERHOUSE,  Viola J., to GORDON, George W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/30/1895

WATERMAN,     Arthur, 8 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/13/1895

WATERMAN,     C. H., (60 Good block, is listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WATERMAN,     Charles Howard, to VAN DEUSEN, Almira Reed, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/27/1895

WATERMAN,     Charles H.T., (see *Waterman, Clara E.) Colorado State Divorces 3/23/1898

WATERMAN,     Clara E., (from Charles H. T., marr. Denver 6/1/1893, divorce, Denver, #20723) Colorado State Divorces 3/23/1898

WATERMAN,     Emma, (from Urban, marr. Souix City, IA 8/15/1895, divorce, Denver, #53523, ch. George, 16, Urban, 11) Colorado

                                State Divorces 4/18/1917

WATERMAN,     Frank B., 10 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/13/1895

WATERMAN,     Guy, 3 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/13/1895        

WATERMAN,     Urban, (see *Waterman, Emma) Colorado State Divorces 4/18/1917

WATERS,             Edith M., to GOODMAN, Henry C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/2/1895

WATERS,             Eliza J., 75 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/22/1895

WATERS.,            F. S., (enters 5 mile handicap bike race for Rexiegh field day sports contests) RMN 5/14/1895

WATERS,             Guy, 16 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 11/15/1895

WATERS,             Jane, (from Theodore, marr. NY, 11/12/1895, divorce, Denver #40932, ch. Theodore H., 12) Colorado

                                State Divorces 7/1/1909

WATERS,             Lee, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WATERS,             Richard Cornish, to BRIGHT, Annie May, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/4/1895

WATERS,             Rosa B., 6 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/8/1895

WATERS,             Theodore, (see *Waters, Jane) Colorado State Divorces 7/1/1909

WATERS,             Susana, age 40 (injured by runaway horse @ 21st St) DP 3/27/1895

WATERS,             Wm. B., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/4/1895

WATKINS,           Cass I., (see *Watkins, Ella S.) Colorado State Divorces 5/28/1930

WATKINS,           Charles L., (see *Watkins, Jessie A.) Colorado State Divorces 10/13/1895

WATKINS,           Ella S., (from Cass I., marr. Cronsey, IL, 1895, divorce Cheyenne Cnty, #674, ch. Violet, 18, Ella,12, Tillie, 6)

                                Colorado State Divorces 5/28/1930

WATKINS,           Etta, (from Samuel, marr. Astoria, OR., 12/29/1895, divorce Arapahoe Cnty, #150) Colorado State Divorces 3/21/1904

WATKINS,           C. A., to VALLEJO, Carrie, (Mrs.), (@ Elk County, Nevada, Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/12/1895

WATKINS,           Jessie A., (nee Ewing, from Charles L., marr. Denver 9/18/1890, divorce Denver) Colorado State Divorces 10/13/1895

WATKINS,           Marion Ethel, to SPANGBERG, Victor, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/6/1895

WATKINS,           Nannie, to KING, Sadd, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/13/1895

WATKINS,           Samuel, (see *Watkins, Etta) Colorado State Divorces 3/21/1904

WATROUS,          Daisy B., (nee Jackson, from Elmer H., marr. Canon City, 12/30/1895, divorce Denver) Colorado State

                                Divorces 6/11/1896

WATROUS,          Elmer H., (see *Watrous, Daisey B.) Colorado State Divorces 6/11/1896

WATROUS,          & Quay, (listed under “Saloons” @ 918 16th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WATRUS,             George, (appointed to the detective dept) DP 3/30/1895

WATRUS,             Glendora, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WATSON,            Albert, (see *Watson, Jennie M.) Colorado State Divorces 7/1/1895

WATSON,            Annie, (applies for pardon-Arapahoe-conspiracy-10 yrs) DP 4/1/1895

WATSON,            David S., (Dr.), @ Telluride, dod 1/11/1895, see Obits page) RMN 1/14/1895 (Ob)

WATSON,            Dudley S., (dies @ home of mother in Pasadena) DP 4/15/1895

WATSON,            George, (arrested, suspected of gang burglary's) RMN 4/4/1895

WATSON,            George S., (@ Cripple Creek, 11/7, 39 yrs, s/o Jos. W., from Trinity Mem. Church, int Riverside) RMN 11/11/1895 (D)

WATSON,            Geo. S., int Riverside Cemetery 11/11/1895

WATSON,            Gertrude A., to HOPKINS, Barton A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/18/1895

WATSON,            James, to PETRIE, Agnes, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/20/1895

WATSON,            Jennie M., (from Albert, marr. Pueblo, 5/30/1886, divorce Pueblo, #4641) Colorado State Divorces 7/1/1895

WATSON,            Jessie S., to GRAVES, James, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/25/1895

WATSON,            J. W. (@Talequah-barn fire-destroys bldgs, homes) DP 4/16/1895

WATTENBERG,  Fred, to FICKIN, Anna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/18/1895

WATTS,                C. L., to PERKINS, Janie, (of N. Denver), @ Golden, (Witnesses: Mrs. R. L.

                                Douglas and R. L. Douglas), Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 9/22/1895

WATTS,                Clarence, (from Jennie, marr. Golden, 9/22/1895, divorce Denver #35171, ch. Fred Clifton, 5) Colorado State

                                Divorces 4/22/1903

WATTS,                Jennie, (see *Watts, Clarence) Colorado State Divorces 4/22/1903

WATTS,                Mrs., (@ Florence, damage to dining room from fire @ $1,200) DP 4/15/1895

WATZKE,             Alice C., (from Rudolph E., marr. Omaha, NB, 5/8/1895, divorce, Denver) Colorado State Divorces 2/28/1906

WATZKE.             Rudolph E., (see *Watzke, Alice C.) Colorado State Divorces 2/28/1906

WAUSON,            Oscar Alfred, to YOUNG, Sarah Ella, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 8/11/1895

WAXEN,               Emelia, to REID, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/1/1895

WAXENBERGER, Joe, (from Salida-honest man visits sweeheart-to marry-robbed of $265 by suspect Minnie Sheridan) DP 4/2/1895

WAY,                     baby, (stillborn-female), int Fairmount Cemetery 5/21/1895

WAY,                     E., (Mr. & Mrs.), (see *Blair, Mary Elizabeth-D) RMN 3/5/1895

WAYBRIGHT,      Sarah, 57 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/29/1895

WAYCOTT,          Lillian B., (from Richard, marr. Calif. 2/9/1895, divorce Jefferson Cnty, #2688) Colorado State Divorces 8/11/1915

WAYCOTT,          Richard, (see *Waycott, Lillian B.) Colorado State Divorces 8/11/1915

WAZER,                W. S. (elected Chaplin-Ft. Sherman lodge #12) DP 4/12/1895

WEATHERS,        John, (life sentence-from 7/1886-murder-Araphhoe) DP 4/11/1895

WEAVER,             Charles David, to DAWSON, Mata Elizabeth, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 9/1/1895

WEAVER,             David H., to BASHOR, Mabel, @ Boulder Cnty, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/28/1895

WEAVER,             Elizabeth, to COCHRAN, James W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/21/1895

WEAVER,             Harry Audley, to MILLER, Julia Augusta, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 7/2/1895

WEAVER,             John, (buried city grounds-Industrial School) Golden Cemetery Records 5/1/1895

WEAVER,             Mary E., to BRADBURY, Samuel J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/6/1895

WEBB,                   Albert L., int Fairmount Cemetery 8/22/1895

WEBB,                   Catherine A., 14 months, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/2/1895

WEBB,                   child, John (female), 6/365, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/29/1895

WEBB,                   John S., (b. 5/12/1858, “Pioneer of Colorado, Mary R. on same stone, marr. John S.1895) (no death date listed),Golden Cemetery Records 1895

WEBB,                   Mary R., (b. 11/25/1866, marr. John S., 1895, see *Webb, John S.) Golden Cemetery Records 1/17/1941

WEBB,                   Newton J., to SCHUTT, Melissa M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/21/1895

WEBBER,              D. E., (is Police Magistrate of Denver Police Court) Denver City Directory

WEBBER,              Ernest Melvin, 9/12, s/o Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Webber,(see Weber, Earnest M), from residence 1445 S. 10th, RMN 8/23/1895 (D)

WEBBER,              Ethel Marguerite, d/o Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Webber, (see *Weber, Margaret E.)buried 8/19/1895 Fairmount  RMN 8/23/1895 (D)

WEBBER,              George W., 38 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/24/1895

WEBBER,              John, (choir member of Asbury church-robbed) DP 3/26/1895

WEBER,                 Bertha, to SCHICK, Martin, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/23/1895

WEBER,                 Ernest M., 9/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/22/1895

WEBER,                 Hyman, to HADLER, Sarah, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/1/1895

WEBER,                 Margaret E., 8/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/19/1895

WEBER,                 Phil, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

WEBSTER,            G. R., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WEBSTER,            James Hay, to Mc KINNON, Teanie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/26/1895

WEBSTER,            Joseph, (daughter), (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 176, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 10/4/1895

WEBSTER,            Lizzie M., to KING, J. N., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 11/28/1895

WEBSTER,            Minnie Mary, to WILLAMSON, David, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 12/25/1895

WEBSTER,            Norman E., to REZEAN, Ella Rose, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/17/1895

WEBSTER,            R. C., (member of Ancient Scottish Rite Masons) DP 4/20/1895

WEBSTER,            Tillie L., (Mrs.) (Pullman car porter-dies suddenly from hemorrhage-w/o Grant Webster) DP 3/29/1895

WECOWACKA, Ann, to HOMYAK, Panko, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/13/1895

WEDEL,                 C., (Park Cnty, pardon refused by board, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons) RMN 1/5/1895

WEDELL,              (vs Wedell, County Court, case # 28482, case called) RMN 10/22/1895

WEDEMEYER,     Ernest, (applies for timber culture certificate at U. S. land office) RMN 7/9/1895

WEDLAKE,          Susie, (?), to GROSS, Christopher Columbus, (Boulder County Marriages) 8/18/1895

WEDOW,              C., (Mrs.), (advertises care for ladies in confinement) RMN 1/3/1895

WEDOW,              Lizzie, to JOHNSON, Charles Chester, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

WEFING,               Julius, to LEHRER, Carrier, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/2/1895

WEFING,               Julius and LEHRER, Carrie, (marriage witnesses: Lehrer, Wm. & Lampert, Theresa),

Salem Church Record 3/2/1895 (Marr.)

WEFING,               Julius, (marriage witness-see *Lehrer, Wm.) Salem Church Record 4/3/1895

WEED,                   Lyman G., (app'td chief centurian of Colo. for Century Road Club) RMN 3/16/1895

WEEKS,                 Edith, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WEESE,                 Hermann, (marriage witness-see *Graef, Henry L.) Salem Church Record 9/24/1895

WEGER,                 Alta, to SHAW, Ulysses, 11/7/1895 by Justice Robinson, Boulder Cnty News abstracts 11/13/1895

WEGER,                 Alta, to SHAW, Ulysses, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/7/1895

WEGERT,              Henriette, (marriage witness-see *Graef, Henry L.) Salem Church Record 9/24/1895

WEHRHAN,         Diedrick Ludvig, to EIBS, Emma A., (Mrs.), @ New York, NY, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/17/1895

WEICHANT,        Eliz., (see *Wolf, Maria Elisabeth) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/9/1895 (Bp)

WEICHANT,        Johannes, (s/o Johannes & Elizabeth, b. 1/24/1895, sponsors: M. Yeager, J. Reusbich, M. Klaus, K. Wolf,

                                Eva Schneider) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 1/27/1895 (Bp)

WEICKER,            Robert V., to HOLADAY, Florence, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/7/1895

WEID,                    a daughter, to wife of Otto Weid, @ 231 22nd, 9/29  RMN 10/3/1895 (B)

WEIDERREICH,   H. E., (watch stolen by J. O. Zimmer) DP 3/18/1895

WEIDMAN,          baby, int Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, CO (Littleton Cemetery Office Records) 1/3/1895

WEIDMAN,          Emile, to AKERS, Mary Elizabeth, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I)12/28/1895

WEIGAND,           S. R., (is Trustee at Town of Valverde) Denver City Directory

WEIGEL,                Phillip F., (Dr.), (from residence 22 Lincoln Av., @ 5:40 PM, 6/29/1895) RMN 6/30/1895 (D)

WEIGELE,             William A., to COAD, Beatrice E., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/5/1895

WEIMER,              S. J. (resigns from police department) DP 3/27/1895

WEINBERGER,     & WOHL, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1329 16th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WEINBERGER,     (et al, vs Burchinell, District Court Division I, # 21584, case to be heard today) RMN 10/7/1895

WEINBERGER,     Simon, (listed under “Saloons” @ Idaho Springs) Colorado Business Directory

WEINER,               Lewis M., (Mrs.), (see *Schumacker, Annie, employed as domestic for Mrs. Weiner, returns to Hungary) DP 1/1/1895

WEIR,                    Charles L., to HANSON, Genevieve G., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/8/1895

WEIR,                    Edward, @ Central City, (killed in explosion-Alps mine) DP 3/6/1895 (D)

WEIR,                    Mollie, to CROFOOT, William W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/23/1895

WEISS,                  & KESSLER, (listed under “Saloons” @ Dear Trail) Colorado Business Directory

WELCH,                Charles C., (one of the incorporators of Vulcan Coal) DP 4/13/1895

WELCH,                Edith M., to BLAKESLEE, Allen D., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/10/1895

WELCH,                Frank, and BRAZIL, Anna, RMN 2/7/1895 (ML)

WELCH,                John, (sec. Of Gilpin Cnty Base Ball Nine, cancels game with Denver Sandens) RMN 6/1/1895

WELCH,                Mrs., (listed under “Saloons” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

WELCH,                P. F., (listed under “Saloons” @ Meeker) Colorado Business Directory

WELCH,                Tom, (ex policeman charged with highway robbery, see *Walsh, Tom) DP 4/3/1895

WELL,                    E. M., (is elected Treasuer of first Florence Chamber of Commerce) RMN 1/4/1895

WELL,                    William, (& family attend costume ball-Feast of Purim) RMN 3/11/1895

WELLE,                 Peter, (@ Greeley, cuts throat, put in county hospital, later shoots & kills self, had stated home was

Lansing, Michigan) RMN 10/13/1895

WELLER,               N., (Miss), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WELLMAN,         Henry L., (congestion, @ Longmont-b. 12/28/1821 New Milford, Pa., Colo. pioneer w/ brothers)

                                Boulder Cnty Deaths 12/10/1895

WELLS,                 Albert, (child), (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 171, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 5/15/1895

WELLS,                 Allie, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WELLS,                 Anna M., to LLOYD, William H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/13/1895

WELLS,                 Benjamin T., (age 70, from residence 1567 Emerson) RMN 5/31/1895 (D)

WELLS,                 Benjamin T., 70 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/1/1895

WELLS,                 C. H., (of Pueblo-appointed by Gov. to Board of Pharmacy) DP 3/26/1895

WELLS,                 E., (Arapahoe Cnty, pardon refused by board, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons) RMN 1/5/1895

WELLS,                 E. F., (@ Colo. Spgs.-expelled from stock exchange-investigation of cutting commissions) RMN 5/12/1895

WELLS,                 E. P., (nominee for mayor of Highlands to speak) DP 3/29/1895

WELLS,                 FARGO EXPRESS, (robbed of $16M, posse of 500 pursue robbers @ Cripple Crk.) DP 4/11/1895

WELLS,                 H. A., (is elected Vice-President of Silver Knights of America @ Georgetown) RMN 7/26/1895

WELLS,                 Harry B., (fugitive-forgery-found by Charles B. Woodruff-who searched for him for 4 yrs) DP 3/27/1895

WELLS,                 Harry B. (rec'd telegram F. H. Dey, of Rico, congradulates him on jail sentence, hopes they keep

him long time) DP 3/28/1895

WELLS,                 Henry, 4/12, int Calvary Cemetery 6/14/1895

WELLS,                 Laura D., (Mrs.), age 65, DP 1/16/1895 (D)

WELLS,                 Laura D., age 65, (of paralysis), RMN 1/16/1895 (D)

WELLS,                 Laura D., 64 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/16/1895

WELLS,                 Lou, to DUNCAN/DUNEAN, Christopher, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/2/1895

WELLS,                 J. W., (one of the incorporators of Gough Mining Co.) DP 4/20/1895

WELSH,                 Patrick, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

WELTE                  (see *Zumtobel & Welte) Colorado Business Directory

WELTMAN,         A. S. L., (listed under “Saloons” @ 1300 Market, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WENBERG,           Martin, to PETERSON, Ida, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/3/1895

WENNBERG,        John, Norway/Sweden, came as minor 9 yrs ago, in Colo. 5 ˝ yrs, naturalized (Boulder Cnty Dist. Crt) 3/16/1895

WENNBERG,        Martin, Norway/Sweden, Notice of Intent, 3/16/1895, naturalized 4/6/1903 (Boulder County District Court)

WENNERSTEN,   Axel, to OLSON, Caroline, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/4/1895

WENSTRUM        & FORSTRUM, (see *Forstrum & Wenstrum) Colorado Business Directory

WENTLING,         Evelyn, to WHITEHEAD, Daniel, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/13/1895

WENTZ,                Frederick E., to BOWERS, Daisey, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/5/1895

WERDEN,             F. H., (Mrs.), (her pupils give musical @ 1725 California) RMN 5/28/1895

WERLEY,              Emmett Day, (pneumonia, heart trouble, age 14, s/o P. J. & Nellie Werley) Boulder Cnty Deaths 3/18/1895

WERLEY,              P. J. and Nellie, (see *Werley, Emmett Day) Boulder Cnty Deaths 3/18/1895

WERLEY,              P. J., (listed under “Saloons” @ Boulder) Colorado Business Directory

WERNERT,           Hattie, @ residence 1319 S. 12th, w/o Charles Wernert, sister-in-law of Mrs. J. A. Osner, from residence to St. Elizabeth’s

                                Church, Toledo & St. Louis papers pls copy RMN 11/19/1895 (D)

WERNS/WERUS, Samuel, to NORTON, Bessie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/3/1895

WERNTZ,             Jennie and SNIDER, Henry, RMN 2/1/1895 (ML)

WERNTZ,             Jennie, to SNIDER, Henry, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/3/1895

WERRY,                Minnie, (will be in court during August on trial to determine if she is sane or not) RMN 7/26/1895

WESLERKAMP,  Annie Mae, (d/o Mr. & Mrs. August Weslerkamp, @ residence, Retreat Park) RMN 12/25/1895 (FN)

WETHERBEE,      Cora A., 31 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/15/1895

WEST,                   Carrie G., (Mrs.), (is Town Clerk at City of Highlands) Denver City Directory

WEST                    DENVER CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, (Rev. G. E. Paddock, Pastor, 11th cor S. 11th St.) Denver City Directory

WEST,                   Emily F., 3 1/2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/23/1895

WEST,                   Emily Frances, 3 6/12, second daughter of Robert J. & Genefra A. West RMN 5/25/1895 (D)

WEST,                   H. T., (member of Union Colony Organization of Greeley) DP 4/21/1895

WEST,                   Mable, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WESTERGAARD,James, (Denmark-Notice of intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 5/6/1895

WESTERKAMP,  Anna May, 14 months, d/o August & wife, (abscess) (Salem Church Record)12/23/1895 (D)

WESTERKAMP,  Anne May, 14 months, int Riverside Cemetery 12/25/1895

WESTFORD,        Chas., (Greeley crook, escaped from Marshall Camp, not found as yet) RMN 5/12/1895

WESTHAVER,     Evelina E., to EISNOR, Alvin J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/21/1895

WESTLAKE,        G., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WESTLAKE,        Margaret H., 41 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/10/1895

WESTLAKE,        Margaret Hall, d/o Rev. John G. Hall, Cleveland, OH., w/o Geo. R. Westlake, residence 1940 Lincoln RMN 9/10/1895 (D)

WESTON,             A. S., (sued by Wm. Patrick et al-Sup. Crt. #3186-Lake Cnty) DP 4/1/1895

WESTON,             Everett A., (of Buena Vista, to EGGLESTON, Inez A., d/o Geo. W. Eggleston, Boulder pioneer,

                                groom is “near relative to late Amos Bixby, to live in Buena Vista) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 4/4/1895

WESTON,             Everett Adelbert, to EGGLESTON, Inex Adelia, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 3/31/1895

WESTOVER,         John Weldon, to ENGLEBERTSON, Tillie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/11/1895

WETHERELL,       Ida Kathleen, to LAPPING, James J., both of Colorado Spgs, (Wit: F. J. Broad & Mrs.

A. M. Broad), @ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages, Vol II 10/8/1895

WETSON,             child of A., 1/12, int Riverside Cemetery 9/9/1895

WETTENGEL,      Mariah, (Mrs.), 75 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/5/1895

WETTENGEL,      Maria, (county court case called-Estate of Maria Wettengel, # 3926) RMN 10/7/1895

WETZEL,              C. E., (@ Delta, CO, San Miguel Cattle Co., ships  20 carloads of beef to Chicago) RMN 9/29/1895

WEYBRIGHT,       Sarah, 56 yrs, of Bright’s Disease, on 10/25 RMN 10/30/1895 (D)

WEZEL,                 Louis, and HARMS, Gesina, (witnesses: Schmidt, Mrs. G. A., Nordloh, Emma), 1/1/1895,

Salem Church Record (Marr.)

WEZEL,                 Louis, to HARMS, Gesina, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/1/1895

WETZELL,            A. D., (male) 36 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/5/1895

WEYMOUTH,      Edith, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WHALEN,             Thomas, 64 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/16/1895

WHALEY,             E. E., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WHATLEY,          William, (Great Britain/Ireland-Notice of intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe Cnty Court 3/20/1895

WHATTLEY,        Charlotte, to PARSONS, Alonzo, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 1/1/1895

WHEATCROFT,  Samuel I., (tried in court on several possible “scams”, first arrested 10/1893 obtaining money by fraud) RMN 8/9/1895

WHEATLEY,        Robert Maurice, to GODBEY, Cordelia, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 5/23/1895

WHEATON,         Frank, (Brigadier General-to assume command of the department of Colorado) RMN 5/3/1895

WHEELER,            Allie, to McCAULEY, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/27/1895

WHEELER,            B. A., (Dr.), (reads paper Hahnemahn’s Organion, at meeting of Denver Homeopathic Club) RMN 8/13/1895

WHEELER,            Clayton B., to POWELL, Nettie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/12/1895

WHEELER,            Dewey E., to CULVER, Henrietta, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/14/1895

WHEELER,            Elsie, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WHEELER,            Lou, to SUTTON, David H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/24/1895

WHEELER,            Mary C., (displays art work @ Artists Club) DP 4/1/1895

WHEELER,            S. C., (listed under “Mining” @ Hesperas) Colorado Business Directory

WHELLENS,         Jessie M., to BEATTIE, William, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/8/1895

WHELLENS,         Jessie M., to BEATTIE, William, RMN 1/9/1895 (ML)

WHIPPLE,             Ethel F., 2 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/21/1895

WHIPPLE,             Isabella, 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/14/1895

WHITAKER,        A. S., (listed under “Saloons” @ Ft. Collins) Colorado  Business Directory

WHITAKER,        S. F., (Lt. of fire department engine #1 resigns) DP 3/25/1895

WHITE,                 Bertha, (Mrs.) (to rec' award from Central Business College)  RMN 1/3/1895

WHITE,                 Carrie, to SCRIBNER, John, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 12/23/1895

WHITE,                 Charles, 4 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/24/1895

WHITE,                 Charles F., (pardoned-serving 7 yrs for forgery) DP 3/25/1895

WHITE,                 C. M., (3206 Gilpin st., fined $2 for beating Frank J. Koch, White admits it in court) RMN 6/5/1895

WHITE,                 D. M., (chrgs J. M. Richter w/assault-White was drunk-case dismissed) DP 4/19/1895

WHITE,                 Edward C., to WINER/MINER, Laura, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/27/1895

WHITE,                 E. W., (is listed under Mining, @ Breckenridge) Colorado State Business Directory

WHITE,                 F. K., (is elected Secretary of first Florence Chamber of Commerce) RMN 1/4/1895

WHITE,                 Florence, to JAMES, John H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/18/1895

WHITE,                 Frank, @ Pueblo (3 1/2 years for robbery-H. B.Synder was acquitted-White was in control) RMN 2/3/1895

WHITE,                 Hannah, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WHITE,                 Harper C., to Mc GEE, Mary I., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/19/1895

WHITE,                 Horatio Nelson, to BLATHERWICK, Mary Alice, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/8/1895

WHITE,                 J., (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 176, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 10/7/1895

WHITE,                 James L., (Crt of Appeals #974-motion of supersedeas granted-bond filed-sheriff of Pueblo

Cnty refused to approve bond offered) DP 4/23/1895

WHITE,                 Jennie C., (of Arap.Cnty), to BAKER, John C., (of Longmont), (Wit: Andrew Baker &

Harison White), Jefferson Cnty Marriages, Vol. II 10/13/1895

WHITE,                 John, (listed under “Saloons” @ 2452 19th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WHITE,                 John J., (graduates from Denver University School of Law) RMN 6/5/1895

WHITE,                 John L., to BRIERLEY, Emma, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 7/10/1895

WHITE,                 L. G., (Miss), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WHITE,                 L. N., (Deputy Mine Inspector, returns from Cripple Creek, output could be $15 million w/out new mines)

RMN 11/24/1895

WHITE,                 L. N., (listed under “Mining” @ Navadaville) Colorado Business Directory

WHITE,                 Manuel F. E., to MYERS, Berta Mary, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/1/1895

WHITE,                 Mary Augusta, to WILKINS, Arthur, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/16/1895

WHITE,                 Patrick, @ Victor (wins second prize in drilling contest) DP 3/18/1895

WHITE,                 Peter W., to MOTE, Nora, @ El Paso Cnty, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/11/1895

WHITE,                 child of  S. J., (stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 10/30/1895

WHITE,                 S. L., (Mrs.), (at La Porte, & Detroit, m/o Mrs. P. L. Armstrong, of La Porte & Miss L. I. White, Denver

RMN 12/3/1895 (D)

WHITE,                 Thomas, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WHITE,                 Willie, 11 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/9/1895

WHITEHEAD,      Charles Benton, to CURTIS, Harriet, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/23/1895

WHITEHEAD,      Daniel, to WENTLING, Evelyn, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/13/1895

WHITEHEAD,      John A., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/4/1895

WHITELAW,       Bertram, 26 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/10/1895

WHITEMAN,       H. C. (trial for stealing $5 watch from Perry Inman-discharged) DP 3/30/1895

WHITEMAN,       John F., (is elected to Board of Trustees for State Normal School @ Greeley) RMN 6/6/1895

WHITFORD,         Greeley W., (District Atty reviews electon fraud case) RMN 4/13/1895

WHITFORD,         Greeley W.,(DA-requests press be barred from Demady trial-see *Demady) DP 4/19/1895

WHITFORD,         Greeley W.,(DA-in Demady trial-says defense protecting morals of witnesses at Richard Demady

trial-*see Demady, Richard) DP 4/27/1895

WHITING,             Celia, to DORAN, Henry, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/18/1895

WHITING,             C. M., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WHITING,             D. W., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/16/1895

WHITLOCK,         Inez, to GRACE, Willliam A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/7/1895

WHITLOCK,         Lou A., to KIMBALL, Ernest, (Boulder County Marriages) 9/29/1895

WHITLOCK,         Lou, to KIMBALL, Ernest, (@ home of bride’s parents on Maine St., Boulder, 9/29/1895)

                                Boulder Cnty News abstracts 10/3/1895 (Marr.)

WHITMORE,        Frank H. to COOK, Mamie, RMN 6/2/1895 (ML)

WHITMORE,        Frank H., to COOK, Mamie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/2/1895

WHITNEY,            John @ Leadville, (run over & killed by train) DP 3/19/1895

WHITNEY             MOORE & CO., (listed under “Saloons” @ Anaconda) Colorado Business Directory

WHITNEY,            S. W., (listed under “Saloons” @ Kokomo) Colorado Business Directory

WHITNEY,            Wm. & Richard (sued by Johnson & W. W. Chalfant #830, court case dismissed) DP 4/8/1895

WHITTAKER,      Eugene C., to GIBBONS, Daisy F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/8/1895

WHITTAKER,      E.C.F., of Canon City, to GIBBONS, Daisey F., d/o I. C. Gibbons, of Ohio, wit: Mrs. Gibbons &

                                F. Walter Barlow RMN 5/9/1895 (Marr.)

WHITTEMORE,   G. A., (see * Feely, Kate) Denver City & County Probate Index 1/15/1895

WHITTMORE,     Edward F., to NORTH, L. Florence, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

WHYTE,                John McD., (is elected pres. of Rocky Mountain Athletic Club) RMN 11/15/1895

WHYTE,                Laura, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WICK,                    child John, (female), int Fairmount Cemetery 1/30/1895

WICKENS,            Jennette A., to GARROW, Albert L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/27/1895

WICKENS,            William, to SHUFFLEBARGER, Louie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/13/1895

WICKHORST,      Mary E., to STOLZ, John H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/28/1895

WIDHALM,          Sophie, to LEHNERZ, Joseph, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/29/1895

WIENING,             Augusta Mary, to KLINK, Fred, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/25/1895

WIGGINS,             Frankie, 3/12, int Riverside Cemetery 8/9/1895

WIGGINS,             Martha, 65 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/18/1895

WIGGINS,             Mary A., 36 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/13/1895

WIGGINS,             Mary A., age 36, from 3737 Wewatta st., Quincy, Il. papers pls copy RMN 6/12/1895 (D)

WIGHTMAN,       Wm. H. (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

WIGMORE,           Henry J., 50 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/26/1895

WIKFORS,            Andrew F., 6 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 2/3/1895

WIKSTEDT,         John, (Sweden/Norway-Notice of intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe County Court 3/11/1895

WIKSTEDT,         John, Sweden/Norway naturalized 10/3/1904, (Boulder County District Court)

WILBUR,               Alice, WILCOX,   C. F., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WILBUR,               C. E., (funeral from C. M. Miller Undertaking, Harmony Lodge #61, A.F. & A. M.) RMN 12/17/1895 (FN)

WILBUR,               Charles, (is taken to Canon City prison, for having burglars’ tools) RMN 6/3/1895

WILBUR,               Curtis E., 37 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/17/1895, b. 12/14/1854, Gravestone Photo,

Fairmount Modem/DSL

WILBUR,               Stella J., (d. Aug. 25, 1905, 50 yrs, same gravestone as Curits E. Wilbur) Fairmount Cemetery Photo

WILDERSIN,        B., (listed under “Saloons” @ 1600 S. Evans, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WILCOX,              C. F., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WILCOX,              Charles, (on jury in murder trial of Christopher Schramm-see *Schramm) RMN 5/22/1895

WILCOX,              O. B., (is appointed deputy district attorney @ Colo. Spgs. by H. M. Blackmer) DP 7/8/1895

WILCOX,              Orrin W., to ASHFORD, Effie C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/18/1895

WILDE,                  Oscar, (treasurer Denver Steno. Assoc.) DP 4/3/1895

WILDER,               Fred William, to ROYER, Anna, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/13/1895

WILDER,               George, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/2/1895

WILDER,               O. C., (testifies in the Albert Mc Lain case) RMN 4/6/1895

WILDERSON,       B., (w/ Fred VanGesen & Jas. F. Bond-incorp. Overland Park club-devoted to amusements of social nature)DP 4/12/1895

WILEY,                  Arthur L., 9 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/11/1895

WILEY,                  Arthur L., 9 yrs, s/o F. M. Wiley, 3136 Downing, youngest son, services Walley & Rollin’s Undertaking

RMN 9/11/1895 (D)

WILEY,                  J. E., (listed under “Saloons” @ 2062 Market, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WILEY,                  Maggie, to LEWIS, Edmund H. C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/14/1895

WILEY,                  M. B., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WILFORD,            John B., 49 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/10/1895

WILFORD,            Ruth, age 2, d/o B. F. & M. A. Wilford DP 3/30/1895 (D)

WILFORD,            Ruth, 2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 3/31/1895

WILHELM,           Carl, 2 6/12 yrs, s/o Christ Ammer & Louise (Hindelang),(scarlet fever), int Riverside Cemetery

4/14/1895 Salem Church Record (D)

WILHELM,           Max (sued by estate of Wm. Cowell to set aside sales) DP 4/16/1895

WILHELM,           Nicholas, 72 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 1/10/1895

WILKE,                  Anton, (listed under “Saloons” @ 1421 17th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WILKINS,             A. C., (listed under “Mining” @ Lamartine) Colorado Business Directory

WILKINS,             Arthur, to WHITE, Mary Augusta, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/16/1895

WILKINS,             Edward, 11 1/2 months, int Riverside Cemetery 10/9/1895

WILKINS,             Fred, (@ Akron, is robbed of $160-several arrests made) DP 4/27/1895

WILKINS,             Inez (Mrs.) (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

WILKINS,             Inez B., (see *Wilkins, W. E., Jr.) RMN 10/9/1895 (D)

WILKINS,             Mamie, to HANNEN, Owen, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/28/1895

WILKINS,             Thomas, to CUMMINGS, Mary A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/11/1895

WILKINS,             W. E., Jr., 12 yrs, (s/o W. E. & Inez B. Wilkins, from Roger’s Undertaking) RMN 10/9/1895 (D)

WILKINSON,       William T., to PRESSEU, Esther, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/10/1895

WILLARD,            Annie C., (Mrs.), (elected Supt. of Schools, Elbert Cnty) RMN 11/24/1895

WILLARD,            Hascal, (see *Willard, Annie C., (Mrs.) RMN 11/24/1895

WILLIAMS,          Alice M., to LONNSBURY, George F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/20/1895

WILLIAMS,          Alfred, (is Town Engineer for Town of Globeville) Denver City Directory

WILLIAMS,          A. J., (members of Colo. Pioneer request to attend funeral, from residence 1445 Welton) RMN 5/31/1895 (FN)

WILLIAMS,          A. J., (Colorado Pioneer request to attend, from residence 1445 Welton) RMN 6/1/1895 (FN)

WILLIAMS,          Alonzo A., to SLATER, Mary O., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/5/1895

WILLIAMS,          Andrew J., (sued by James Strickler-Judge LeFevre overruled the demurrer to the complaint) DP 4/20/1895

WILLIAMS,          Andrew J., 66 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/1/1895

WILLIAMS,          Annie, 34 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 1/11/1895

WILLIAMS,          A. S., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

WILLIAMS,          B. F., (Rev.), (see *Hutchins, Samuel S., to Hendricks, Maude C., grandfather of bride) RMN 10/21/1895 (Marr.)

WILLIAMS,          Catherine, to KRATKE, Frank J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/21/1895

WILLIAMS,          Charles M., to SULLIVAN, Catherine I., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/24/1895

WILLIAMS,          Chas. L., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/10/1895

WILLIAMS,          D., (suspect member of "Larry King Gang" released) DP 4/3/1895

WILLIAMS,          Daniel J., to SMITH, Lizzie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/2/1895

WILLIAMS,          David, to WEBSTER, Minnie Mary, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I)12/25/1895

WILLIAMS,          Ed, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Ridgway) Colorado Business Directory

WILLIAMS,          E. P., (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

WILLIAMS,          Effie, to SOWERS, Clarence W., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 5/8/1895

WILLIAMS,          Effie, to SOWERS, C. W.,  (News has Sours, 1900 census has Sowers) Boulder Cnty

                                News abstracts (note on census from original author) 5/8/1895

WILLIAMS,          Ella, (to testify in Richard Demady trial-see *Demady) DP 4/29/1895

WILLIAMS,          Emma, WILCOX,  C. F., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WILLIAMS,          Frances A., (Mrs.), to CHALBERG, Andrew V., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/17/1895

WILLIAMS,          Fred A., (Denver City Attorney) Officials of Denver and COLO. 1858-1933

WILLIAMS,          George, (young boy chrgd-suspicion of burglary) DP 3/28/1895

WILLIAMS,          George, (vagrant-pleads guilty-6 hrs to leave town) DP 4/11/1895

WILLIAMS,          George, (Richard Vandergrift has him arrested for attentions to his niece for some time-met first in

                                Pueblo several years ago) RMN 6/5/1895

WILLIAMS,          George C., (see *Finney, Charles C. & Daisey I.) Denver City & County Probate Index 1/27/1914

WILLIAMS,          George F., (offered job as bookkeeper in Victor, ten yrs for attemp to steal clothing, not able to prove

                                didn’t do it, pardon request held over to next meeting, *see Pardons, Scoundrels page) RMN 1/5/1895

WILLIAMS,          George F., (pardon-case put off until Sept., see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons”) RMN 8/28/1895

WILLIAMS,          Georgia L., to EULER, Robert L., (of Sargent, 2/20/1895, to live in Boulder) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 2/21/1895

WILLIAMS,          Georgie L., to EULER, Robert L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/20/1895

WILLIAMS,          child G. M., (male), int Fairmount Cemetery 8/31/1895

WILLIAMS,          Humphrey, (graduates from Central City public school) RMN 6/9/1895

WILLIAMS,          Ida C., to DUMN, Hiram C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/26/1895

WILLIAMS,          Jennie M., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/2/1895

WILLIAMS,          Jennie, (Mrs.), 58 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 3/13/1895

WILLIAMS,          Jessie, 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/11/1895

WILLIAMS,          John, to NILSON, Julia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/24/1895

WILLIAMS,          John, (in poor house-lvs 2 sons-board votes to transfer them to Orphan’s Home Society) Boulder Cnty Deaths 5/25/1895

WILLIAMS,          John, (rec’d $8.00 in groceries from Poor House) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 7/1895

WILLIAMS,          John, (rec’d board at the Poor House, cost of $8.00) Jefferson Cnty Poor House Records 8/1895

WILLIAMS,          Joseph C., England, Declaration of Intent, (Jefferson County Naturalization Records)  10/19/1895

WILLIAMS,          Josephine, 1/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/31/1895

WILLIAMS,          Lelia F., to JEFFRIES, Ferdinand M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/11/1895

WILLIAMS,          Lella F., to JEFFRIES, Dr. Ferdinand M. of N. Y. RMN  3/14/1895 (Marr.)

WILLIAMS,          Lillian E., int Fairmount Cemetery 9/11/1895

WILLIAMS,          Lillie E., 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/11/1895

WILLIAMS,          Louisa A., to COOPER, Walter,(Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/17/1895

WILLIAMS,          Lynford M., (see *Williams, Susan A., applies for divorce, marr. 7/14/1893, Lancaster Cnty, PA) RMN 6/6/1895

WILLIAMS,          Maggie J., to HARRIS, Sherman T., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 9/20/1895

WILLIAMS,          Maggie, to SUTHERLAND, Elmer Abi, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/21/1895

WILLIAMS,          Maggie, to SUTHERLAND, Elmer Albi, at Boulder, 11/21/1895 Boulder Cnty News abstracts 11/27/1895 (Marr.)

WILLIAMS,          Marion, (requests pardon-2 1/2 yrs grand larceny-El Paso Cnty) DP 4/11/1895

WILLIAMS,          Mary, (tried on her sanity, says hospital people took $9.05, & box of bed clothes, jury adjudged her a lunatic,

see News Article page, *Insanity) DP 1/3/1895

WILLIAMS,          Mary, (Mrs.), 76 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 3/26/1895

WILLIAMS,          Mattie, to THOMSON, James A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/21/1895

WILLIAMS,          Maud, of Denver, to STANLEY, Emmon of Grand Lake, (Wit: Laura A. Parshall & Lena Pilkington),

@ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 6/17/1895

WILLIAMS,          Milton F., 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/11/1895

WILLIAMS,          Morton R., (applies for timber culture certificate at U. S. land office) RMN 7/9/1895

WILLIAMS,          Mrs., (Rev.), (suicide @ Erie, jumped into well, demented due to death in family) Boulder County Deaths 5/25/1895

WILLIAMS,          Nellie, (elected alumni secretary, class of ’94, State Normal School @ Greeley) RMN 6/6/1895

WILLIAMS,          Nora, (44 yrs, w/o J. C. Williams, from residence 12/19/1895) RMN 12/18/1895 (FN)

WILLIAMS,          Nora, 44 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/19/1895

WILLIAMS,          Oliver Strawbridge, to READ, Susan, (Mrs.), (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 6/18/1895

WILLIAMS,          Pauline M., to DAVIS, Harry Clayton, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/6/1895

WILLIAMS           & PENBERTHY, (listed under “Saloons” @ Idaho Springs) Colorado Business Directory

WILLIAMS,          Richard B., (Great Britain-Declaration of Intent-US 40yrs, 28 in Colo.) Gilpin Cnty Naturalizations 1863-1910 10/20/1894

WILLIAMS,          Robert, (killed Tom Phillips, La Plata Cnty, 1891, pardon denied, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons) RMN 8/28/1895

WILLIAMS,          Robert C., (LT 15th infantry, prelim exam to be promoted to second lieutenant)  DP 3/25/1895

WILLIAMS,          Shirley Louise, (youngest ch. of Mr. &  Mrs. C. Williams, from residence 337 Mary St. RMN 10/24/1895 (D)

WILLIAMS,          Shirley S., 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/24/1895

WILLIAMS,          Silas & Charles, (father & son-captured @ Palmer Lake-witnesses in murder trial of Christopher

                                Schramm-they heard quarrel see *Schramm) RMN 5/22/1895

WILLIAMS,          Susan A., (applies for divorce from Lynford M., one son, age 21, they marr. 7/4/1893, Lancaster Cnty, Pa. RMN 6/6/1895

WILLIAMS,          Susan A., (from Lynford M., marr. Lancaster, PA, 7/4/1873, divorce Denver # 23472) 4/24/1895

WILLIAMS,          Thomas, (drowns, *see Sleepy Hollow Mine, 14 die, trammer, leaves wife and one child) RMN 8/30/1895

WILLIAMS,          Thomas G., 8 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/18/1895

WILLIAMS,          Tillie (applies for pardon-Arapahoe-conspiracy-10 yrs) DP 4/1/1895

WLLIAMS            & VERCELLI, (listed under “Saloons” @ Rockvale) Colorado Business Directory

WILLIAMS,          William A., (from Louisa R., marr. Abilene, KS, 11/17/1895, divorces Denver, #34311) Colorado State Divoces 7/16/1902

WILLIAMS,          William J., to HENRICH, Mary, (Mrs.), @ Platte Cnty, Neb., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/14/1895

WILLIAMSON,    Anna, (w/ Emma Hatray, detectives search for “runaways”) RMN 8/22/1895

WILLIAMSON,    James, (from Annie, marr. Ohio, 9/29/1884, divorce Gunnison, #1954, ch. Robt 7, Jane 9, Agnes 6) Colorado

                                State Divorces 10/1/1896

WILLIAMSON,    Marcia, (of Niwot, attends church Reform platform meeting) RMN 6/5/1895

WILLIAMSON,    Mary Jane, 30 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 8/15/1895

WILLIAMSON,    Samuel, to CROZETT, Marcia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/24/1895

WILLIAMSON,    W. A., (larceny of his overcoat by Chas. D. Harrington) DP 4/5/1895

WILLNSKY,          Albert, to OBMEGER, Anna, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 5/24/1895

WILLIS,                 Alva H., (claims his name voted by parties unknown-he was refused right to vote at precinct-ejected

by policeman) RMN 4/13/1895

WILLIS,                 Charlotte, to DAY, Robert C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/11/1895

WILLIS,                 child of C. H., (stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 4/28/1895

WILLIS,                 Eliza L., 34 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/7/1895

WILLIS,                 Frank, (Mrs.), w/o Frank Willis of D R & G Express, from S. Braodway Christian Church RMN 7/7/1895 (FN)

WILLIS,                 Harry A., (from Ellen, marr. Denver, 3/8/1895, divorce Denver # 64708) Colorado State Divorces 10/11/1918

WILLIS,                 Henry Alexander, to SCHOYEN, Helen Ann, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/9/1895

WILLIS,                 Lillie E., (nee: Harbison), (from Frank B., marr Denver 2/25/1890, divorce El Paso) Colorado State Divorces 3/26/1895

WILLIS,                 Nicholas W., to LAFEVRE, Maggie, (Gilpin Cnty Marriages) 2/25/1895

WILLIS,                 Oliver, to JONES, Ida M., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 3/17/1895

WILLIS,                 R. W., (gives deposition concerning murder of B. F. Rhodes @ Boulder) RMN 5/19/1895

WILLISON,           Robert, to BRUNTON, Anne, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/4/1895

WILLITTS,            George, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WILLOUGHBY,    A. W., @ Greeley, (dies of bronchitis) DP 2/13/1895

WILLOUGHBY,    E., (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/13/1895

WILLOUGHBY,    Thomas B., (sues city for $715 back wages due large number of firemen for 12/1894) RMN 6/4/1895

WILLS,                  Edward H., to BOSWORTH, Georgia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/19/1895

WILLSON,            Mamie L., (from David N., marr. Mediapolis, IA, 11/6/1895, divorce Denver #61298, ch. Mary 13, Max 11) Colorado

                                State Divorces 11/18/1916

WILSON,               Alfred H., (vs Mary Barker Bates @ El Paso Cnty-decision affirmed) DP 4/20/1895

WILSON,               Angalina, (from Samuel, marr. Ontario, Canado, 11/4/1884, divorce Gunnison, #1875) Colorado State Divorces 10/21/1895

WILSON,               Annie B., 3/12, int Riverside Cemetery 9/2/1895

WILSON,               Belle, to CUNDIFF, George J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages)  6/1/1895

WILSON,               Benjamin H., (from Olive A., marr. Glasgow, MO, 5/271868, divorce Denver #20334) Colorado State Divorces 2/20/1894

WILSON,               C. B., (Colonel), (chief clerk of the house-presented with ebony handled cane by co-workers) RMN 4/2/1895

WILSON,               C. L., (real estate transfer from Fairmount Cemetery Association-$220) RMN 6/8/1895

WILSON,               Charley, (a resident of "the row", chrgd w/vagrancy) DP 4/19/1895

WILSON,               Charles, (pardon denied, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons”) RMN 8/28/1895

WILSON,               Clara, (domestic, has dream employer trying to poison her, reading bible day & night, jury adjudges insane

see News Article page, *Insanity) DP 1/3/1895

WILSON,               Clementina, (from George H., marr. Tioga, PA., 7/3/1874, divorce Huerfano Cnty, Book II, page 212, ch. Alexander, 20

Clementina, 18, Aggie, 13, Geo. Jas., 10) Colorado State Divorces 2/20/1896

WILSON,               Clotilda A., (from John, marr. Lima, OK., 5/21/1874, divorce Denver, #24837) Colorado State Divorces 12/15/1896

WILSON,               Cora, to OVERSTAKE, J. E., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 9/29/1895

WILSON,               C. W., (Denver Excise Commissioner) Officials of Denver and COLO. 1858-1933

WILSON,               D., (listed under “Saloons” @ Hugo) Colorado Business Directory

WILSON,               David, to SHAW, Cora, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 8/22/1895

WILSON,               E. H. (files motion for $3500 for atty fees) DP 4/4/1895

WILSON,               E. R., (papers issued to Wyo., for his return, wanted in Pueblo for series of clever forgeries) RMN 7/27/1895

WILSON,               Ethel, 9 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/17/1895

WILSON,               Geroge, (w/ Frank Bryan, tired for alledged burglary and larceny, stole tobacoo, pipes and cigars) DP 1/11/1895

WILSON,               George, (w/Frank Bryan, convicted of burglary, atty’s to file for new trial) DP 1/12/1895

WILSON,               Hattie E., (from Harry, marr. Omaha, NB, 8/14/1880, divorce Denver, #23654, ch. Harry F., 14, Florence E., 12,

                                Willie B., 7) Colorado State Divorces 2/28/1896

WILSON,               Hattie M., (from Chas. Edward, marr. Oswego, KS 2/18/1895, divorce Denver, #45648, ch. Cecrola Moude, 10)

                                Colorado State Divorces 8/24/1911

WILSON,               H. E., (real estate transfer from W. Painter) RMN 6/8/1895

WILSON,               Henrietta, (Miss), (elected Supt. of Schools, Larimer Cnty) RMN 11/24/1895

WILSON,               H. N., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WILSON,               James D., (applies for timber culture certificate at U. S. land office) RMN 7/9/1895

WILSON,               Jessie S., to DWYER, Walter Romaine, (Boulder County Marriages) 6/6/1895

WILSON,               John H., (quietly, after servere illness) DP 4/5/1895 (D)

WILSON,               John H., 65 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/7/1895

WILSON,               J. R., 38 yrs, (male), int Fairmount Cemetery 5/24/1895

WILSON,               Joseph ((fined $150 for vagrancy & safekeeping-aka- "Kid Anderson")  DP 4/19/1895

WILSON,               L., (real estate transfer from Fairmount Cemetery Assoc. $80) DP 1/10/1895

WILSON,               Laura E., (from Charles F., marr. Pilot Grove, MO, divorce Arapahoe Cnty #562, ch. Raymond, 11) Colorado

                                State Divorces 7/31/1907

WILSON,               Martha E., (from Howard M., marr. Cheyenne, WY, 7/5/1895, divorce Weld, #1922) Colorado State Divorces 4/12/1902

WILSON,               Nellie (suspect w/ John Ritter in death of Det. Al Moore) DP 3/23/1895

WILSON,               N. H., (from Alice, marr. Vinita, OK, 5/2/1895, divorce Pueblo, #10692) Colorado State Divorces 2/8/1908

WILSON,               Norris E., (from Isabel W., marr. Washington, DC, 10/26/1895, divorce Denver, #44830) Colorado State

                                Divorces 4/25/1911

WILSON,               Paul, (applies for rebate of funds paid on lands in Pueblo Cnty, titles state had never secured) RMN 6/8/1895

WILSON,               Reba, 2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 1/28/1895

WILSON,               Roslie, (from Lewis, marr. Canon City, 1/18/1892, divorce Pueblo #3517) Colorado State Divorces 2/15/1896

WILSON,               a daughter, b 1/6/1895 to R. T. Wilson, RMN 1/8/1895 (B)

WILSON,               R. B., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WILSON,               R. T., (one of incorporators-Erie Gold Mining-in Park Cnty-*see ERIE GOLD) DP 4/22/1895

WILSON,               Samuel, (is Trustee of Town of Argo) Denver City Directory

WILSON,               Sedney, to WAITE, Sala M., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 11/9/1895

WILSON,               S. G., (Arapahoe Cnty, pardon refused by board, see Scoundrel’s page, *Pardons) RMN 1/5/1895

WILSON,               Sidney, to WAITE, Lida M., of Florissant, 11/9/1895, Boulder Cnty News abstracts 11/13/1895

WILSON,               Todd, 4 1/2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 10/22/1895

WILSON,               William H., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WILSON,               William R., to LEONARD, Margarette, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/12/1895

WILSSON,            John H., (quietly, after long severe illness) RMN 4/5/1895 (D)

WILSSON,            John H., RMN 4/7/1895 (FN)

WINANS,              Harry G., (from Pearl, marr. Denver 10/22/1894, ch.. Allen D., 10 yrs, Denver,# 38001) Colorado

State Divorces 10/2/1906

WIMBUSH,          H. A., (real estate transfer to E. Thomas) RMN 7/19/1895            

WINBUSH            & Powell, (11 Masonic Temple, listed under “Mining” @ Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WINDIATE           & SKIDMORE,  (listed under “Saloons” @ Salida) Colorado Business Directory

WINDLER,            Johnan, 3 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 2/27/1895

WINEGAR,           George A., (from Anna Francais, marr. Greeley, 6/5/1895, ch. Fred, 20, Marble, 17, Geo. M., 14, Weld Cnty #4129)

                                Colorado State Divorces 8/2/1917

WINER/MINER,   Laura, to WHITE, Edward C., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/27/1895

WINGARD,           Harry, to GALLIGAN, Nora, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 12/27/1895

WINGER,               S. F., to ECKART, Pauline, both of Denver, (Wit: Chas. Eckart & Mary Eckart), @ Golden,

 Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 4/9/1895

WINGERT,            Lennie, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WINN,                   Elizabeth M., (from Peter C., marr. Jackson, TN, 12/23/1869, divorce Pueblo #5123) Colorado State Divorces 10/2/1896

WINSCOM,          Minnie A., (from Charles L, marr. North Park, Colo. 12/19/1895, divorce #9258, Boulder Cnty) Colorado State

                                Divorces 1/3/1933

WINSETT,            Edward W., (from Minne, marr. Denver 2/21/1891, divorce #2714, Clear Creek Cnty) Colorado State Divorces 7/3/1896

WINSLOW,          Allie, to MARSHAL, James, (Boulder County Marriages) 9/24/1895

WINSOR,              Henry, 56 yrs, from residence, Louisana & S. 14th RMN 10/7/1895 (D)

WINSOR,              Henry, 56 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/8/1895

WINTER,               Gustave, (is election judge) DP 3/26/1895

WINTER,               Henry, (from Linda V., marr. NJ, 11/2/1893, Larimer Cnty, #1873) Colorado Divorces 12/11/1895

WINTER,               Mattie F., of Ft. Collins, to HUFFSMITH, Ed C., of Greeley, @ Golden,  Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 7/17/1895

WINTER,               Sarah A., 86 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/5/1895

WINTERS,            Annie, to CARROLL, John, RMN 7/27/1895 (ML)

WINTERS,            Annie, to CARROLL, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/29/1895

WIRICK,                Adriene (McAlister), (w/o O. P. Wirick, lvs baby-adopted d/o Wm. Clark & Mary Jane

                                McAllister) Boulder Cnty Deaths 1/7/1895

WIRICKY,             Simon, (Beligum-Notice of intent to become a citizen-Arapahoe Cnty Court) 11/16/1895

WIRT,                    Bessie, to URTON, Edward, (both of Denver), (Witnesses: C. B. Urton and R. N. Urton),

 Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 10/19/1895

WIRT,                    John W., (from Maude G., marr. Pueblo 3/4/1894, Denver Cnty, ch. Reynold S., 11, Herbert T., 9) Colorado

                                Divorces 11/12/1910

WIRTS,                  Henry G., to BROWN, Alice J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/3/1895

WIRTH,                 Louis F., to MARSHALL, Maggie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/17/1895

WIRZ,                    R., (listed under “Saloons” @ Del Norte) Colorado Business Directory

WISCH,                 William, (listed under “Saloons” @ Ernest-Cranmer Block) Colorado Business Directory

WISCOMB,           George, (shot by officer Peter Dailey, caught stealing coal) DP 3/30/1895

WISE,                     Apolonia, (from Henry B., marr. Pueblo 11/26/1895, Huerfano Cnty, ch. Henry, 3) Colorado Divorces 12/1/1899

WISE,                     B. S., (Mrs.), (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WISE,                     Charles H., to HAMILTON, Clara L., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

WISE,                     Charles S., of First Natl Bank, to HAMILTON, Clara L., of Louisville, @ Louisville, 9/25/1895

                                Boulder Cnty News abstracts 9/25/1895 (Marr.)

WISE,                     Elsie, (performs @ Atheneum program) DP 4/15/1895

WISE,                     Frank, (listed under “Saloons” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

WISE,                     Frank J., (drowned-brother Andrew Wise tries to save him, age 21) Boulder Cnty Deaths 9/17/1895

WISE,                     infant, (baby of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wise, diptheria) Boulder Cnty Deaths 10/14/1895

WISE,                     M., (listed under “Mining” @ Lamartine) Colorado Business Directory

WISE                      & POPOVICH, (listed under “Saloons” @ Leadville) Colorado Business Directory

WISEMAN,          Amanda, (from Anson J., marr. Herkmier Co., NY, 2/13/1878, Larimer Cnty #1898, ch. Mabel 10, Edan 7)

                                Colorado Divorces 11/7/1894

WISEMAN,          Edwin B., 19 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/12/1895

WISEMAN,          Nora M., to BRADY, James J., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/23/1895

WISEMAN           & HOUSE, (see *House & Wiseman) Colorado Business Directory

WISENBACH,      Chas., (sued by Annie M. Muse for $50,000 on breech of promise to marry her) DP 4/5/1895

WISEWALL,        William H., (Colorado pioneer) Boulder Cnty Deaths 4/22/1895

WISHART,           Elmer A., (from William W., marr. Chicago, 4/22/1890, Cheyenne Cnty #83) Colorado Divorces 5/1/1894

WISHART,           Espy Hattie, (from Samuel, marr. Golden, CO 5/2/1896, Denver Cnty #33368) Colorado Divorces 7/24/1903

WISMAN,             Bertha M. and CORRELL, Daniel, DP 1/23/1895 (ML)

WISMAN,             Bertha M., to CORRELL, Daniel, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/23/1895

WISSLER,             Anton, to MONSCH, Mauger/Manger, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/19/1895

WISSMAN,          Ann J., to TOSH, Lundy O., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/14/1895

WISSMAN,          Ann J., to TOSH, Lundy O., on 11/14, @ parsonage, Trinity M. E. Church, by Rev. McIntyre RMN 11/16/1895

WIST,                    Wolgeboren, (is on foreign mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WISWALL,           Cecil, (takes part in Miss Dodd’s School commencement exercises) RMN 6/6/1895

WISWELL,            Stephen, (applies for timber culture certificate at U. S. land office) RMN 7/9/1895

WITEMAN,          W. A., (listed under “Mining” @ Lake George) Colorado Business Directory

WITHERELL,        Mary L., (died in CA., will filed in Denver, leaves estate to 3 ch. of son Benjamin Witherell) RMN 7/26/1895

WITHERS,            C. A., (on coroner's jury-verdict of murder of Kroning by Peck-3/17/1895see *Kroning, Geo.) DP 3/23/1895

WITHRUP,            W. C., (witness John Donnelly chged w/perjury in Withrup case of fraud) DP 3/23/1895

WITKOUSKI,       Louis, (change name to Witney-dentist-name cumbersome) DP 4/11/1895

WITKOWSKI,      Aimee D., to SAUER, Arthur Ward, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/21/1895

WITKOWSKI,      Florence E., to ALDRICH, Harry L.,(Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/12/1895

WITNEY,               Louis ,(name change from Witkouski-dentist name cumbersome) DP 4/11/1895

WITTENBERGER, Mathias, to KLORE, Annie K., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/10/1895

WITTER,               Mary, (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/10/1895

WITTER,               Mary A., (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/14/1895

WITTICH,             Alice E., (from William F., marr. Butte Mt, 12/30/1895, Denver Cnty, nee: Harris) Colorado Divorces 7/25/1903

WITTSCHULK,    Herman, 25 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/1/1895

WIXE,                    Mamie A., (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WOEMPNER,       Charles, Germany, Notice of Intent to become a citizen (Boulder County District Court) 5/14/1895

WOEMPNER,       Charles, to PRASHAG, Caroline, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 5/14/1895

WOLCOTT,          Henry, (pres. of Overland Park Golf-forms tournament) RMN3/27/1895

WOLCOTT,          Henry R., (on of the incorporators of Denver Engineering Works, w/Wm. J. Miller, Lewis Searing,, Julian

                                A. Kebler, Frank E. Shepard, John L. Jerome and H. H. Dunham) RMN 6/2/1895

WOHL,                  & WEINBERGER, (see *Weinberger & Wohl) Colorado Business Directory

WOLF,                   Adam, to YOST, Amy, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/19/1895

WOLF,                   Adam, (see *Krieger, Johann Adam) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregation Church 6/9/1895 (Bp)

WOLF,                   A. M., (see *Leichner, Lena Eliz.) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/23/1895

WOLF,                   Christina E., to KILTHAN, John, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/6/1895

WOLF,                   George, 12 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 4/23/1895

WOLF                    & HERMANN, (see *Hermann & Wolf) Colorado Business Directory

WOLF,                   Jacob, to WOLF, Lizzie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/15/1895

WOLF,                   Jak, (see *Wolf, Joh Heinrich Adam) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 3/10/1895 (Bp)

WOLF,                   Johann George, (s/o Heinrick & Katherine, b. 3/9/1883 @ Norka, Russia) Globeville/Arvada First German

                                Congregational Church 4/21/1895 (D)

WOLF,                   Joh Heinrich Adam, (s/o Adam, Jr., & Margaretha, b. 10/27/1894, sponsors: J. Yost,  & J., W. & Jak Wolf,

                                H. R. Grunnewald) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 3/10/1895 (Bp)

WOLF,                   John W., to KILLGORE, Sallie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/23/1895

WOLF,                   John & Lawrence, (chattel mortgage sale by Richard A. Cullter, to settle $900 debt, hogs,

sheep, etc, see News Article page) DP 7/5/1895

WOLF,                   Julius, (listed under “Saloons” @ 2376 15th, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WOLF,                   Lizzie, to WOLF, Jacob, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/15/1895

WOLF,                   Louis, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

WOLF,                   Maria Elisabeth, (d/o Konrad & Magdalena, b. 4/14/1895, sponsors: Elis Schlitt, M. Honstein, M. Klaus,

                                Eliz Weihant) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/9/1895 (Bp)

WOLF,                   Oscar, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/1/1895

WOLF,                   Sarah A., 50 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 6/28/1895

WOLF,                   Leon C., 4 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 9/1/1895

WOLFE,                 Charles, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

WOLFE,                 C. K., (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 171, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 5/17/1895

WOLFE,                 Jakob, (see *Klaus, Jakob), Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 12/25/1895 (Bp)

WOLFE,                 John, (warrant for arrest-accused of stealing cattle from Chas. T. Prichard) DP 4/6/1895

WOLFE,                 Oscar, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery 7/1/1895

WOLFE,                 Richard, (chosen recruiting officer of Arapahoe Cnty. Peoples Party-questions sent to him

on organization) DP 4/11/1895

WOLFF,                 E. D., (advertises dry goods-1441 & 1443 Larimer St.) RMN 2/1/1895

WOLFF,                 Hiram G., (see *Wolff, Sara A.), RMN 6/28/1895 (D)

WOLFF,                 H. G., (Mrs.) (is asked to run for school board) DP 4/27/1895

WOLFF,                 Jennie, (age 14, @ Greeley-scarlet fever) DP 4/15/1895 (D)

WOLFF,                 John R., (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/14/1895

WOLFF,                 J. Robert, (member North Side H. S. graduating class) DP 4/12/1895

WOLFF,                 L. E., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Silver Cliff) Colorado Business Directory

WOLFF,                 Robert, (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/10/1895

WOLFF,                 Sara A., (age 50, w/o Hiram G. Wolff, peritonitis, from residence 15th & Dawson, Highland) RMN 6/28/1895 (D)

WOLFF,                 Sarah A., (Mrs.), (nee Carter, of Pioneer society, came in 1871, leaves 4 sisters, mother) RMN 6/28/1895 (Ob)

WOLFF,                 Willis F., (graduates from Denver University School of Law) RMN 6/5/1895

WOGAMAN,       Daniel M., (from Alta, marr. Quincy, OH, 10/3/1895, Garfield Cnty #1326) 2/26/1910 Colorado Divorces

WOLKING,           child of J., (stillborn), int Riverside Cemetery 7/13/1895

WOLLESTON,      Annie C., (signs letter to city officals-claims show "Living Pictures" is of questionable morality

due to nude art, committee appointed to go see show and decide) RMN 1/15/1895

WOLSKI,               Peter, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Silverton) Colorado Business Directory

WOLTER,              Alfred, 1 1/2 months, int Riverside Cemetery 6/11/1895

WONDERLY,        C. W., (listed under “Saloons” @ La Junta) Colorado Business Directory

WON der HAAY, W. A., (is on foreign mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WOOLEY,             Guy, @ Brighton, (injured in runaway accident) DP 3/18/1895

WOOD,                  Charles E., from Myrtle E., marr. Ft. Collins, 6/26/1895, ch. Chas E. 13, Frederick J., 9, Ada E., 6, Larimer Cnty Crt.

                                #4305) Colorado Divorces 6/26/1910

WOOD,                  D., (is listed under “Mining” @ Cripple Creek) Colorado Business Directory

WOOD,                  Frank O., (of Colorado Springs, see *THE LILLIE MINE, @ Cripple Creek) RMN 7/27/1895

WOOD,                  Frederick G., to ARTHUR, Elizabeth S., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 12/6/1895

WOOD,                  Georgia E., (see *Wood, John W.) Colorado Divorces 6/26/1895

WOOD,                  G. L., (will be in court during August on trial to determine if he is sane or not) RMN 7/26/1895

WOOD,                  Harry C., to MILLSAP, Nellie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/30/1895

WOOD,                  John E., age 45, native of Peterhead, Scotland, dod 3/25/1895, int Riverside RMN 3/26/1895 (D)

WOOD,                  John E., dod 3/25/1895 int. Riverside DP 3/26/1895

WOOD,                  John E., 45 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 3/27/1895

WOOD,                  John W., (from Georgia, marr. Pueblo, 12/16/1890, Pueblo Dist. Crt. #4645) Colorado Divorces 6/26/1895

WOOD,                  Mattie, to TRAIL, James R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/22/1895

WOOD,                  Maude, to CUMMINGS, J. C., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 10/15/1895

WOOD,                  Olive Tressine, to ADAMS, Wilber Fisk, (Arap. Cnty Marriages) 9/14/1895

WOOD,                  Rose E., 46 yrs, w/o Theodore L. Wood, from residence 2839 High St RMN 8/6/1895 (D)

WOOD,                  Rosa E., 45 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 8/6/1895

WOOD,                  Rosanna E., (b. Mar. 8, 1849, d. Aug. 5, 1895) Gravestone Photo, Fairmount Modem/DSL

WOOD,                  Sarah M., (see *Wood, Walter J.) Colorado Divorces 4/6/1894

WOOD,                  Sarah, (county case called-Estate of Sarah Wood, # 4028) RMN 10/7/1895

WOOD,                  Theodore L., (b. Jan. 14, 1845, d. Jan. 5, 1916) Gravestone Photo, Fairmount Modem/DSL

WOOD,                  Thomas E., to Mac DONALD, Jeanne M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/2/1895

WOOD,                  Thomas E., of Aspen, to MacDONALD, Jeanne Marie, @ residence of Mrs. C. D. MacDonald, 1204 Evans,

10/1/1895 RMN 10/4/1895 (Marr.)

WOOD,                  Walter, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WOOD,                  Walter J., (from Sarah M., marr. Denver 12/24/1891, Div. II, Cnty Court, #21016)  Colorado Divorces 4/6/1894

WOOD,                  William S. & Mattie A., (#13117, adoption, Chester B. Hart) Denver City & County Probate

Index 1865-1895 1/17/1910

WOODBURY,       Benjamin, (removed from City Cemetery to Fairmount Cemetery) 7/13/1895

WOODBURY,       J. A., (member of Union Colony Organization of Greeley) DP 4/21/1895

WOODBURY,       R. W., (is Pres. Union Natl Bank-advertisement) RMN 4/9/1895

WOODBURY,       R. W., (real estate transfer from SMITH, Elizabeth Wise) RMN 6/14/1895

WOODBURY,       R. W., (elected director & pres. of Union Natl Bank) DP 1/9/1895

WOODEND,         Stelia M., (from Herbert P., marr. Fremont Cnty, 11/20/1895,  2 ch., Denver Cnty, #46251) Colorado

Divorces 11/28/1911

WOODHAM,       Mary A., (from William H.), (marr. Osage City, OK, 11/13/1895, 6 ch. ages 3-20, Denver Cnty #52357) Colorado

                                Divorces 8/15/1915

WOODIE,              Mr., (int Alvarado Cemetery), page 168, Georgetown Cemetery Records Index 4/13/1895

WOODMAN,       L. H., (is Town Marshal at Town of Fletcher) Denver City Directory

WOODMAN,       Luella, (eldest d/o Mr. & Mrs. W. D., pupil @ East Denver HS, 1893-94, a member of West Denver HS)

RMN 8/4/1895 (D)

WOODMAN,       Luella, services from residence 24 S. Sherman RMN 8/5/1895 (FN)

WOODMAN,       Luella, 16 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery, 8/5/1895

WOODMAN,       Winnie R., to MACK, Laura A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/20/1895

WOODRING,        Florence M., (from Andrew S., marr. Fruita, 5/2/1895, ch. Charles, 19 months, Mesa Cnty, #805) Colorado

Divorces 1/13/1898

WOODROW,        Frank B., to LAWRENCE, Lillie M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/9/1895

WOODRUFF,       Chas. B., (swears out fugitive warrant for Harry B. Wells for forgery) RMN 3/26/1895

WOODRUFF,       Chas. B., (finds fugitive Harry B. Wells after a 4 yr search) DP 3/27/1895

WOODRUFF,       Everett S., 6 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 5/21/1895

WOODRUFF,       Z. V., (from W. D., marr. Quincy, IL 8/29/1895, El Paso Cnty, #5989) Colorado Divorces 1/31/1901

WOODRUFF,       (sued by Edmonds, District Court, default & judgement $52.80) RMN 6/6/1895

WOODS,               A. Caddie, to GIBERSON, William T., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/7/1895

WOODS,               Charles W., to BILLOW, Carril W., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/7/1895

WOODS,               Ed, fought 7 rounds w/ Biddy Bishop, sheriff says illegal, fightis held in private, knocked

out in 7th) RMN 3/30/1895

WOODS,               George, to BURNELL, Frankie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/28/1895

WOODS,               Horace, of Salida to SMITH, Miss S. (@ home of Mrs. Lizzie Tallman) RMN 3/13/1895 (Marr.)

WOODS,               Horace P., to SMITH, Laura, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/11/1895

WOODS,               J. K., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WOODS,               Leo, to SNOW, Lucy A., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I)2/13/1895

WOODS,               Lucy A., from Leo A., marr. Ft. Collins, CO 2/13/1895, divorce Denver #69685, ch. Aieme M., 19, Mary E., 15,

                                William E., 11) Colorado State Divorces 2/25/1920

WOODS,               Lydia, to BREVICK, Baard Albert, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/8/1895

WOODS,               Nettie, to DRAKE, William L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/18/1895

WOODS,               Virginia L., to DAVIS, William B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/20/1895

WOODSIDE,         May M., (from George S., marr. Denver, 12/5/1894, divorce Denver #59941) Colorado State Divorces 6/26/1915

WOODWARD,    B. F., (on committee to form silver forces) DP 4/19/1895

WOODWARD,    Cora E., 26 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/28/1895

WOODWARD,    F. L., (given referee power to hear witness in Polk Mfg vs Sperry Cycle Co.) RMN 4/9/1895

WOODWARD,    Frank, 10/12, int Riverside Cemetery 1/11/1895

WOODY,               James O., to ODELL, Lela M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/8/1895

WORCESTER,      Katherine, (from Herbert S., marr. San Francisco, 8/29/1887, divorce Denver #22619) Colorado Divorces 12/27/1895

WORCESTER,      R. W., (services @ 1905 Ogden St., friends invited) RMN 12/17/1895 (FN)

WORCESTER,      Russell W., 58 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/18/1895

WORDEN,             A. G., (chief engineer to testify about building explosion) RMN 2/3/1895

WORK,                  Joseph W., (see *Fish, Mercah) Denver City & County Probate Index 5/17/1897

WORK,                  W. H., (rec'd 42 head of cattle) DP 3/26/1895

WORKIE,              ….., (is third baseman on Central City Baseball team) RMN 6/1/1895

WORKING            BOYS HOME (fire damage to bldg $400-1415 Blake St.) DP 4/15/1895

WORKING            MEN & WOMEN’S POLITICAL CLUB, (has 278 members-to take part in school elections) RMN 5/3/1895

WORLEY,              Cath., (Mrs.) (see *Schmidt, Selma Marie) Salem Church Record 10/14/1895 (Bp)

WORLEY,              Hazel S., d/o John & Kate, age 3, DP 1/15/1895 (FN)

WORLEY,              Hazel S., d/o John & Kate, age 3, RMN 1/15/1895 (D)

WORLEY,              Hazel, 2 11/12, d/o John & Kate (Nordloh) Worley, 3241 Lawrence St., (scartatina anginosa), b. 2/5/1892,

Denver, int Riverside Cemetery 1/15/1895, Salem Church Record (D)

WORLEY,              Hazel, 3 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 1/15/1895

WORRELL,           M. B., (misunderstanding @ saloon with William H. Dalton) RMN 4/6/1895

WORRICK,           O. P., (Mrs.), (@ Boulder, d/o Mr. & Mrs. George Lytle, suddenly, see Obit page) RMN 1/8/1895 (Ob)

WORSFOLD,        William George, (dies after several amputations of limbs after frostbite on his ankles) DP 4/27/1895

WORSFOLD,        William George, (funeral from Horan's) DP 4/27/1895 (FN)

WORSTFOLD,     William G., 32 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/28/1895   

WORTENDYKE, Edith, (Miss), (is chosen as teacher in Georgetown for 1895) RMN 6/5/1895

WORTH,               Emily, to KENT, William H., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/26/1895

WORTH,               Maggie, (arrested and charged with drunkeness) DP 3/17/1895

WORTH,               Milton M., 6/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/14/1895

WORTHY,             Robert, (gun he carried accidently discharged in his leg) DP 4/29/1895

WORTMANN,     H., (listed under “Saloons” @ 1430 Blake, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

WOTRING,           Maud Mary, to RAYMOND, Paul, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 6/26/1895

WRAY,                  E., (Mr. & Mrs.), (see *Blair, Mary Eliz.) RMN 3/5/1895 (D)

WRIES,                  Caroline, (from Edward, marr. Castle Rock, CO., 7/25/1895, divorce Arapahoe Cnty #19, ch. Edw., 7) Colorado State

                                Divorces 7/9/1903

WRIGHT,              child Albert E., (female), 2 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/29/1895

WRIGHT,              Alma F., (from Charles, marr. Buena Vista, 7/16/1895, divorce Garfield Cnty #1121) Colorado State Divorces 8/15/1905

WRIGHT,              Alpheum, (Judge) (to address People's party meeting) RMN 3/14/1895

WRIGHT,              Clara M., to TABOR, James M., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/24/1895

WRIGHT,              Charles, (rec'd physicians certificate) DP 4/3/1895

WRIGHT,              Dowance R., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WRIGHT,              E. D., (is listed under “Mining”, @ Aspen) Colorado State Business Directory

WRIGHT,              Edward, to HANCOCK, Elizabeth, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/4/1895

WRIGHT,              Eliza M., to PENGELLY, Henry, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/16/1895

WRIGHT,              Frank, to PENGELLY, Emma, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 9/28/1895

WRIGHT,              Frank H., to MOORE, Anna B., (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 3/19/1895

WRIGHT,              George, to BROWN, May,(see *Wright, May), (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/11/1895

WRIGHT,              Harry, (Chief of Umpires-Baseball-defines new rule) RMN 4/16/1895

WRIGHT,              Harry, (a jockey, arrested and charged w/burglarizing a saloon at 12th & California St.) RMN 8/9/1895

WRIGHT,              Ida Bell, to HERMAN, Charles, (@ home of bride in Boulder, 8/14/1895) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 8/15/1895

WRIGHT,              child J. D., (male), int Fairmount Cemetery 8/7/1895

WRIGHT,              J. J., (daring burglar, @ Montrose, escapes, recaptured by Deputy Sheriff D. E. Leslie) RMN 7/27/1895

WRIGHT,              John, (faints in street, suspected sunstroke, turned out to be several drinks, lives 3030 Larimer) RMN 7/26/1895

WRIGHT,              John A., Jr., to OLMSTEAD, Katie A., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/8/1895

WRIGHT,              John A., Jr., to OLMSTEAD, Kittie A., both of Cheyenne, RMN 1/9/1895 (ML)

WRIGHT,              Letus H., to RANDOW, Flora/Florence B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 1/3/1895

WRIGHT,              May, (from George M., marr. Denver, 9/11/1895, Denver Dist Crt, Div #1, #30955) Colorado Divorces 5/2/1900

WRIGHT,              Minnie, to HUGHES, Russell, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/11/1895

WRIGHT,              Nannie, (from Robert B., marr. Ogden, UT, 5/15/1895, ch. 3 sons, Gunnison Cnty, #2731) Colorado Divorces 12/11/1907

WRIGHT,              Robert, to PENGILLE, Eliza, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/7/1895

WRIGHT,              Sally, (is on mail waiting Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WRIGHT,              T. W., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

WRIGHT,              Zoda, 23 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 4/29/1895

WRIGHTMAN,    W. H., (of Highlands, attends Reform Party platform meeting) RMN 6/5/1895

WROCKLOFF,     F. Ernest, to JAMERSON, Ida F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/17/1895

WUETIG,               Babetta, (from Frederick, marr. Blue Island, IL, 1/14/1867, ch. 3 sons, #2703, Clear Creek Cnty) Colorado

Divorces 12/4/1895

WUNDERLIC,      Charles F., to BOGART, Anna B., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/3/1895

WUNDERLICH,   Bette, to SCHAFER, Fritz, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/2/1895

WURTZBACK,    Augusta, 1 1/2 months, int Riverside Cemetery 7/30/1895

WYANT,               Clarence, (member graduate Denver H.S. Class) DP 4/12/1895

WYANT,               Clarence Leslie, (graduates from Denver High School, Dist. #2) RMN 6/3/1895

WYATT                & DRENKEN, (listed under “Saloons” @ Montrose) Colorado Business Directory

WYATT,               Douglas, (shot by Ben Racliff-lives long enough to issue dying statement of what

happened-see *Wyatt, George D.) RMN 5/8/1895

WYATT,               George D., (school board member-killed with 2 others in Como-lives 4 hours and tells what

happened-see *Radcliff, Benjamin) RMN 5/7/1895       

WYATT,               Ellaner Lucas, (inst. of scarlet fever), s/o Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Wyatt,  int Riverside, RMN 2/17/1895 (D)

WYATT,               Elsner, 3 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 2/12/1895

WYATT,               J. C., (stock insp. Las Animas Cnty, to recover two horse thieves -stole 2 carloards of horses) DP 3/28/1895

WYATT,               J. J., (is on committee planning annual meeting of Denver Life Underwriters) DP 1/5/1895

WYATT,               Joe, (app'td to State Cattle Insp. Brd.-Las Animas) DP 4/15/1895

WYATT,               Minnie, (from Charles H., marr. 11/22/1890, place not listed, Denver Cnty #24374) Colorado Divorces 4/25/1896

WYATT,               Roy, (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

WYBRO,                May, to JACKSON, James, of Kansas City, MO., @ Golden, Jefferson Cnty Marriages Vol II 4/12/1895

WYCOFF,              Walter, (Dr. Frank Bartlett complains of disease infections in home shared with his family) DP 4/16/1895

WYCOFF,              (sued by Jamisin, County Court, case #23178, case called) RMN 6/8/1895

WYCKWARE,      Elizabeth H., (from George T., marr. Plainfield, NJ, 3/18/1891, nee: Laing, Denver Cnty #20676)

Colorado Divorces 4/18/1894

WYETH,                T. P., (sues husband Charles A. Wyeth for divorce, Judge orders Chas. to pay $10 per month alimony)

RMN 8/21/1895

WYETH,                T. P., (from Charles A., marr. Denver 12/25/1889, ch. Bertha May, Denver Dist.Div II, #22784)

Colorado Divorces 11/11/1895

WYETT,                J. S., (Mrs.) (thieves enter home-knock out boarder) DP 3/26/1895

WYMAN,              C. E., (county court case called-Estate of C. E. Wyman, #2583) RMN 10/7/1895

WYMAN,              Marie, (Mrs.), int Riverside Cemetery 9/16/1895

YAGER,                 J. U., (listed under “Saloons” @ 356 Gallup Av., Denver) Colorado Business Directory

YAPLE,                  Olivia, (from Archie E., marr. Stockville, NB 7/7/1888, nee: Boyle, Phillips Cnty, #576) Colorado

Divorces 1/21/1896

YARDLEY,            Jennie C., to HUBBARD, Henry S., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/3/1895

YARRINGTON,    Edith I., (from Benjamin, marr. Ottowa, KS, 6/30/1894, ch., 7 yrs old, Denver Cnty Court #33181)

 Colorado Divorces 6/8/1903

YATES,                  S. R., (is listed under “Saloons” @ Victor) Colorado Business Directory

YATES,                  Silas E., (to STARKEY, Daisy, 1/25/1895 at home of Mrs. Starkey, to live in Niwot) Boulder

                                Cnty News extracts 1/31/1895 (Marr.)

YCALAN,              J. A., (real estate transfer to J. Rylander) DP 3/28/1895

YEAGER,               Annie, (from John R., marr. Pueblo, 12/25/1896, ch, Lee, 3 yrs, Pueblo Dist. Crt., #6373) Colorado

Divorces 5/15/1900

YEAGER,               M., (see *Weichant, Johannes) Globeville/Arvada First Congregational Church 1/27/1895 (Bp)

YEOMAN,             Ves, (@ Colo. Spgs, split jury dismissed in his case of accessory to murder of Richard Newell, Jr., *see

article on Scoundrels page) RMN 6/3/1895

YERICK                 & Johnson, (listed under “Saloons” @ Victor) Colorado Business Directory

YERKS,                  Chas M., (from Aline, marr.Camden, NJ, 11/13/1894, Pueblo Cnty, #9906, ch. Norma K., 10, Chas. M., 6)

                                Colorado Divorces 5/25/1906

YESSEM,               Peter, int Fairmount Cemetery 6/25/1895

YOCKEY,               Charles, (one of the incorporators of El Dorado Mining Club, @ Boulder) RMN 7/26/1895

YOCKEY,               Elli, to HOOLEY, Agnes, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 6/29/1895

YOCUM,                Martha E., (from David W., marr. Rossalle, KS, 9/21/1882, Las Animas Cnty, #2171, ch. Claude, 14, Earl 12)

                                Colorado Divorces 10/25/1895

YOCKEY,               Hazel F., 6/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/1/1895

YOKOM,               Louisa P., (Mrs.), (elected Supt. of Schools Dolores Cnty) RMN 11/24/1895

YONKERS,            Herman E., to STAATS, Mary Annie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/4/1895

YONTXEY,            Cardelia, to COX, Homer D., (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 9/25/1895

YORK,                    Nina, (Kittie Emerson from Salt Lake-looking for her-last known to be passing through Denver) DP 4/29/1895

YOST,                    Amy, to WOLF, Adam, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/19/1895

YOST,                    Anna Marie, (d/o Johannes & Elisabeth, b. 2/14/1895, sponsors: A. M. Yost, A. M. Schmeer, Liz Wolf,

                                A. Kath. Wolf) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 3/17/1895 (Bp)

YOST,                    Conrad, (joined church - left 5/1897) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 4/14/1895

YOST,                    Mary E., (from William J., marr. Numan, WI 7/5/1870, El Paso Cnty, #4099, ch. Jas, 15) Colorado Divorces 2/2/1897

YOST,                    (whole Yost family left in 1897) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church

YOST,                    Ph., (see *Klaus, Jakob), Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 12/25/1895 (Bp)

YOUNG,                 Ada, (from Andrew, El Paso Cnty, #??, (nee: Armstrong), marr. Wallingsford, CN, 6/5/1891) Colorado Divorces 9/5/1894

YOUNG,                 Alexander R., (as of 4/1895-Alderman 9th Ward) Officials of Denver & CO. 1858-1933

YOUNG,                 Alice W., 5/12, int Fairmount Cemetery 7/24/1895

YOUNG,                 Augusta E., to COLLINS, John T., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/11/1895

YOUNG,                 B. F., (resigns as city herder) DP 4/16/1895

YOUNG,                 D. E., (in dispute with S. P Norton-over farmers fences) DP 4/8/1895

YOUNG,                 Ella, (from Henry, Larimer Cnty, #3213, ch. Walter 14 yrs, marr. Stockton, KS 5/6/1895) Colorado Divorces 3/16/1925

YOUNG,                 Ellsworth, (displays art work @ Artists Club) DP 4/1/1895

YOUNG,                 Ellsworth, to DUNCAN, Ada L., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/14/1895

YOUNG,                 Fannie Myrtle, to PENOCK, James Monroe, (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 10/30/1895

YOUNG,                 Fannie M., of Longmont, to PENNOCK, James M., of Niwot, 10/30/1895, to live in Niwot) Boulder

                                Cnty News abstracts 10/31/1895 (Marr.)

YOUNG,                 J. E., int Fairmount Cemetery 7/2/1895

YOUNG,                 J. S., (is on mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

YOUNG,                 Lewis W., (age 58, on 12/17, notices later) RMN 12/18/1895 (D)

YOUNG,                 Lewis W., (services from 2158 Lincoln, Philadelphia pls copy) RMN 12/19/1895 (FN)

YOUNG,                 Lewis W., 57 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 12/19/1895

YOUNG,                 Louise, (Mrs.), 623 Clifton av., card of thanks for assist in burying step-father, Fred Fisher RMN 6/7/1895

YOUNG,                 Minnie, 45 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 10/4/1895

YOUNG,                 Nathaniel, (appellant vs John H. Simpson-appellee-Logan Cnty) DP 4/1/1895

YOUNG,                 Nathaniel, (appellant, vs John H. Simpson, appellee, cnty court Logan Cnty, #3482, reversed, judgment directed)

                                RMN 10/22/1895

YOUNG,                 Perry, (app'td ambulance driver) DP 4/16/1895

YOUNG,                 R. A., (of Manufacturing Exhange, appointed to committe) DP 1/17/1895

YOUNG,                 Sadie Elwilda, (from Robert M., Conejos Cnty, #151, ch. Ross W. 10 yrs, Clyde Robert 7 yrs, marr., Harlon, IA

                                1/7/1882) Colorado Divorces 5/9/1894

YOUNG,                 Sarah Ella, to WAUSON, Oscar A., (Boulder Cnty Marriages) 8/11/1895

YOUNG,                 Sarah E., (Mrs.), to WANSON, Oscar A., (in Boulder 8/11/1895) Boulder Cnty News abstracts 8/15/1895

YOUNG,                 S. J., (on jury-see *Ronaldson murder trial) RMN 2/1/1895

YOUNG,                 William R., (sued by Olive Lyons to recover $230 in notes) (see:*Lyons, Olive) DP 4/10/1895

YOUNGBLOOD,   Mae, (performs @ Crittenton reception) DP 4/1/1895

YOUNKIN,            LuLu, to ANDERSON, Horace G., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 11/6/1895

YOUNT,                 Emma C., (from Daniel W., Weld Cnty, #2493, ch. Eroslla O. A. G. , 13 yrs, marr. Colo. Spgs. 4/1/1895)

Colorado Divorces 4/21/1909

YOUTSEY,            Mary F., (from Adam F., El Paso Cnty, #2925, ch. Nettie Siegfried, 20 yrs, Alva, 11 yrs, marr. Gallatin, MO.

11/30/1873) Colorado Divorces 7/17/1895

YULE,                     George, (of Newcastle, appointed to cattle board) DP 4/3/1895

ZACCHARRINNI,L., (male), 75 yrs, int Fairmount Cemetery 9/28/1895

ZADRA,                Guiseppa, to DALPEY, Paulo, (Gilpin Cnty Marriage Applications) 7/1/1895

ZAHN,                   A. B. (director of Denver Stenograher Assoc.) DP 4/3/1895

ZAISS,                   Herman G., to CAMILLER, Celia, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/22/1895

ZAISS,                   Walter W., 2 1/2 yrs, int Riverside Cemetery 5/3/1895

ZANG,                   Adolph, (vs Frank Adams, Supreme Crt #3477-stipulation for brief) DP 4/20/1895

ZANG,                   Phillip, to BUCK, Annie Barbara, (Mrs.), (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages), 10/18/1870

ZARN,                   Henry, (is listed under “Saloons” @ Pueblo) Colorado Business Directory

ZARSON,              William, (is seated as juror on Demady murder trial-*See Demady) DP 4/19/1895

ZBINDEN,             Christian, (Switzerland-Notice of intent to become a citizen) Arapahoe County Court 10/19/1895

ZEHMER,              Bertha M., (from Fred T., Arapahoe Cnty, #191, (nee: Taylor), marr. Flint, MI, 7/25/1895) Colorado Divorces 6/15/1904

ZEIGLER,               George E., (from Elouisa, El Paso Cnty, #???, marr. Tucson, AZ, 10/28/1890) Colorado Divorces 5/23/1894

ZEILER,                 Heinrich, (joined church) Globeville/Arvada First German Congregational Church 6/1895

ZEILOR,                 Mary, (from Harper, Clear Creek Cnty, #2621, ch. Albert Alonzo, 15 yrs, Louis Joshua, 14 yrs, Ida May, 8 yrs,

                                marr. Black Hawk, 5/16/1878) Colorado Divorces 8/9/1894

ZEITLER,               Charles, to COLE, Wilda, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 7/23/1895

ZEITO,                   child Louis, 5 hours, int Fairmount Cemetery 3/22/1895

ZEITZ,                   PROFESSOR (performs @ Crittenton reception) DP 4/1/1895

ZELL,                     Edward, (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/10/1895

ZELL,                     Edward S., (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/14/1895

ZELL,                     Walter, (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/10/1895

ZELL,                     Walter F., (graduates from North Side High School) RMN 6/14/1895

ZELLER,                Frances, (from Leonard, Denver Cnty, #49871, ch. Elmer W., 17 yrs, Myrtle, 15 yrs, Ruth, 12 yrs, marr. Denver,

                                5/22/1895) Colorado Divorces 12/4/1913

ZELLER,                Leonard, to SOUTHERLAND, Francis, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 5/22/1895

ZELLER,                Lillian E., to RANSOM, Harry S., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 10/30/1895

ZERBY,                  Albert G., to FRITZ, Mamie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 6/1/1895

ZERBY,                  Mamie, (from Albert G., Denver Cnty, #25338, (nee: Fritz), marr. Denver 6/1/1895) Colorado Divorces 3/3/1897

ZERNIES,              Mary M. and JONES, William J., RMN 2/2/1895 (ML)

ZEROBNECK,       Jake and ROSENBURG, Ettie, RMN 2/2/1895 (ML)

ZEROBNECK,       Jake, to ROSENBERG, Ettie, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/3/1895

ZIAJA,                   Mary, (from Anton, Denver Cnty, #16898, marr. Poland, Austria, 12/13/1880) Colorado Divorces 5/17/1892

ZIDANOWICS,    Zosija, to GESONIS, Matthew, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 4/22/1895

ZIELER,                 Mary A., (from George W., Pueblo, #6529, ch. Bonnie, 13yrs, marr. Pontiac, IL, 1883) Colorado Divorces 11/27/1900

ZIEMAN,              August Theodore, (from Kate, Gilpin Cnty, #2175, marr. Nederland, 11/29/1888) Colorado Divorces 9/5/1891

ZIEMER,                Archie, (@ Devils Lake, WI, was CU student in 1894) Boulder Cnty Deaths 10/23/1895

ZIETZ,                   Fred, (listed under “Saloons” @ 3401 Market, Denver) Colorado Business Directory

ZILTNER,              Anna, to INGLIN, Frank, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 12/19/1895

ZIMMER,              J. A., (arrested for stealing watch from H. W. Weiderreich) DP 3/18/1895

ZIMMER,              J. A., (tried on charge of larceny as bailee of watch owned by H. E. Weiderreich) DP 3/20/1895

ZIMMER,              Nellie, (pardon denied-serving 1 yr @ House of Good Shepard) RMN 6/8/1895

ZIMMERMAN,    Dora, to TRAUT, Peter V., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/26/1895

ZIMMERMAN,    Edward L., to MULLIKIN, Mary, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 3/30/1895

ZIMMERMAN,    Hulda, to OCHS, Richard F., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/25/1895

ZIMMERMAN,    John O., (from Matilda E., Pueblo, #11399, marr. Winona, MN, 12/10/1894) Colorado Divorces 5/29/1909

ZIMMERMAN,    Lena, to DUNCAN, William R., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 8/6/1895

ZIMMERMAN,    Mary, (from Edward, Denver Cnty, #2110, ch. Esther, 4yrs, marr. Larimer Cnty, 3/30/1895) Colorado Divorces 6/20/1900

ZIMPLEMAN,      John J., (Mrs.), (is on foreign mail waiting list, Advertised Letter List) DP 7/5/1895

ZINK,                     C. E., (real estate transfer from S. Barcus) RMN 6/8/1895

ZION                      BAPTIST CHURCH, (African), (Arapahoe St. betw 20th & 21st, Rev. Calvin M. Williams, Pastor) Denver

                                City Directory

ZIPF,                      Lizzie, (from Henry, Denver Cnty, #12488, (nee: Stuhlmann), marr. St. Louis, MO. 11/1/1884) Colorado Divorces 6/6/1890

ZIRMES,                Mary M., to JONES, William I., (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 2/1/1895

ZITT,                      Jessie (performs @ Crittenton reception) DP 4/1/1895

ZOHM,                  H. B., int Fairmount Cemetery 6/28/1895

ZOLLER,                Otto, (@ Colorado Spgs-chgd w/kidnapping two men during Bull Hill strike) DP 4/27/1895

ZOLLER,                T. J., (one of the incorporators of Bronson Patent Placer Mining, see *, Bronson, Dalzel & Homer) RMN 6/2/1895

ZOLLINGER,         Benjamin F., (sued by David R. Graham, $403.65 due on notes-US District Court) RMN 6/14/1895

ZOROBINK,          John, (loses leg in train accident in Calf., states he is a Denver runaway because of stepmother, dad is a

                                rag picker in the city) DP 7/6/1895

ZOTTMAN,          Frank W., to PETERS, Lillian, (Larimer Cnty Marriages Vol I) 3/27/1895

ZOVEN,                 John, 33 yrs, int Calvary Cemetery 9/14/1895

ZUMTOBEL         & WELTE, (listed under “Saloons” @ Creede-City) Colorado Business Directory

ZUNIC,                  George (arrested for threatening the life of James Grabian-threatened to knock  his brains out) DP 3/30/1895

ZUWELL,              Frederick W., 1 yr, int Fairmount Cemetery 1/2/1895

ZWANK,               John (@ Colo. Spgs. - robbed by Blanch Edward) DP 4/8/1895