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Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Resource Kit

Advanced Administrative Tasks

Synchronizing a FrontPage-Extended Web with a Visual SourceSafe Project

Once you have installed Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 5.0 or later and established the user and group accounts that will have permissions to use the Visual SourceSafe project, you must synchronize the Visual SourceSafe project with your FrontPage-extended web.

  1. In the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), in the console tree, right-click the Web which you want to synchronize with a VSS project.
  2. Click Properties on the shortcut menu, and then click the Server Extensions tab.
  3. In the Version control box, click Use external.
  4. Enter the name of the Visual SourceSafe project you would like to use. Type $/ followed by a project name, as in $/rootweb.


If the project does not already exist in Visual SourceSafe, it is created and all files in the Web are checked in. If the project already exists, the FrontPage-extended web and the project are merged. Any file in the FrontPage-extended web that is in an ambiguous state (such as a file that has the same name as a file in the Visual SourceSafe project but that was never in the Visual SourceSafe database) remains checked out.

Once a FrontPage-extended web is synchronized with a Visual SourceSafe project, all files in the Visual SourceSafe project will be displayed in FrontPage with a green dot (to indicate that the file is checked in) or a red checkmark (to indicate that the file is checked out).


  Last Updated June 1999
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