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Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Resource Kit

Remote Administration

Remote Administration Overview

In the distributed environment of the Internet, it is not always possible to have local access to a Web server machine. Even while they're traveling, administrators may be required to create a new FrontPage-extended web, change permissions for a FrontPage author, or perform some other administrative task. Sometimes it is the Web server that is traveling. FrontPage-extended webs stored on servers on commercial ships are remotely administered from shore using the FrontPage remote administration tools running over the Internet.

You can remotely administer the FrontPage Server Extensions from any computer connected to the Internet by using the FrontPage Server Extensions HTML Administration Forms, a set of Web pages that allow you to administer the FrontPage Server Extensions remotely. You can also administer the FrontPage Server Extensions from a Windows or Windows NT PC using the command-line Fpremadm utility (which is based on the server extensions administration utility, Fpsrvadm). Because remote administration is inherently less secure than direct administration on the Web server computer, you should take the security precautions outlined in this topic when remotely administering the FrontPage Server Extensions.


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