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Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Resource Kit

FrontPage MMC Snap-in

The FrontPage MMC Snap-in Replaces the Fpsrvwin Utility: Discover the Differences

If you used earlier versions of the FrontPage Server Extensions, you may have used the Fpsrvwin utility to administer them. Fpsrvwin was a utility used to perform administrative tasks such as installing, checking and fixing, and removing the server extensions from a Web server.

The FrontPage MMC snap-in provides the most frequently used functions of Fpsrvwin, plus you can:

  • Set web properties, such as performance, e-mail options, scripting permissions, and authoring logs.
  • Create subwebs.
  • Add an administrator.
  • Convert folders to subwebs, and vice versa.
  • Delete subwebs.
  • Open a web in FrontPage (if FrontPage is installed on the same computer as the web).
  • Specify a default scripting language.
  • Log authoring actions.
  • Recalculate hyperlinks.



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