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Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Resource Kit

FrontPage Server Extensions and FrontPage Client Compatibility

The FrontPage Server Extensions exist for FrontPage client versions 1.1, FrontPage 97, FrontPage 98, and FrontPage 2000. Each FrontPage client release is accompanied by a new Server Extensions release that supports the new features of the client. For example, the current release, FrontPage 2000, is accompanied by a new FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions release. It is always best to use the most up-to-date versions of the FrontPage client and the server extensions.

The FrontPage 2000 server extensions are backward-compatible with FrontPage 97 and later client versions, and they support FrontPage functionality at each earlier level. For example, a FrontPage 98 client can open and edit a FrontPage-extended web from a Web server that has the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions with no loss of functionality in the FrontPage 98 client. However, the FrontPage 98 client cannot use new server extensions functionality added for the FrontPage 2000 client, such as applying categories to a page or creating a nested subweb.

A FrontPage 2000 client can open and edit FrontPage-extended webs on a Web server containing the FrontPage 97 and later server extensions. However, the client canít use any newer features designed for it, because they are not be supported by the earlier version of the server extensions.

Bug fixes and patches are occasionally issued for the current released version of the server extensions. Older versions of the server extensions are not updated. However, any patch to the current version of the server extensions will work with FrontPage 97 and later client versions.


  Last Updated June 1999
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